Grab Your Wedding And Event Planning Business Names

Do you have a strong desire to start your own wedding planning business? Are you looking for creative names for a wedding planning company? A collection of wedding and event planning business names’, a step-by-step guide on how to name your business, and real-world examples of how other founders came up with the names of their businesses are all included in this article.

You may be interested in becoming a wedding planner if you like the romance and beauty accompanying weddings. It is a developing industry with a large number of young people who are interested in the romance and beauty that accompany weddings.

With millions of weddings taking place each year, the wedding planning sector is undoubtedly one that has a high level of consumer interest.

Wedding planning is a fantastic business opportunity for people who have been considering starting their own company. Since it will not only provide you with money, but it will also provide you with the pleasure of quenching your desire for creativity by expressing yourself creatively. You will also have a greater sense of pleasure from your job.

It is a wonderful moment full of anticipation, anxiety, and a to-do list that is a mile long, which includes deciding on a wedding planner’s names, of course. The name you choose for your event planning business has the potential to build or destroy your company’s reputation.

Wedding And Event Planning Business Names
Wedding And Event Planning Business Names

It serves as your calling card, so be sure it conveys the message you want it to. In addition to capturing attention, a great event company name defines the mood of your organization while also clarifying what your event design service is all about. 

Wedding Planner’s Names

We want every aspect of their event to be a pleasant and memorable experience, and we want to make that happen. We provide a variety of packages and services that are individually suited to the requirements of each couple.

As a result of our confidence in the success of this business endeavor, we anticipate that our net income will rise slightly by the second year.

Wedding preparation is a fun and engaging activity to participate in. As a wedding planner, you will be well aware that there is a great deal to accomplish when you are engaged in preparing a specific wedding.

There are various things to consider, ranging from decorations to music, that must be considered.

A wedding is made up of all of these elements. Remember to check this name list below for those considering starting your wedding planning firm or who already have a business idea in your head.

A Day to RememberEvents by Truly YoursPlanners Kit
A Series of Fortunate EventsEventually YoursNames Platinum
All of Us EventsExtraordinary EventsNambes
Black ClothFab FunctionsWedding Nifty
Cater MastersFor Love of LoveWedding Velocity
Down the AisleGorgeous GalasNames Wayfarer
Dreams to MeetHearts DesirePlanners Smart
ElevatedImmaculate EventsNames Precision
Enjoy EventsLemon Drops WeddingsPlanners Mane
Eventfully YoursLet’s RememberWedding Divine
Wedding VelocityNames RobePlanners Groove
Names WayfarerNames GlobalNames Apparel
Planners SmartNames SmileWedding Dynamite
Names PrecisionPlanners CraftyPlannersado
Planners ManeNamiumNames Robe
Wedding DivineWedding BufferNames Global
Planners GroovePlanners KinetoNames Smile
Names ApparelNames FirstPlanners Crafty
Wedding DynamiteWedding BrightDreams wedding
PlannersadoNames GoodWedding Buffer

What Should I Name My Event Planning Business?

In addition to capturing attention, a great event company name defines the mood of your organization while also clarifying what your event design service is all about. That’s a lot of work for a couple of hundred words.

You will almost certainly hit a snag once you get started: your favorite event planning name is already taken by a local company. A friend points out that your choice is too generic, or the clever name you came up with within the middle of the night strikes you as silly the next day.

Wedding Planner’s Names
Wedding Planner’s Names

Here are some suggestions to get you started: These snags are unavoidable, so start brainstorming business name ideas as soon as possible and seek inspiration everywhere you can.

Here is the list of your wedding planning business names

Man With a PlanThe Event CollectivePlanners Kineto
Moments of PurposeUnforgettable EventsNames First
One Mind StudioWedding ElementsWedding Bright
One Sweet SliceWedding GearPlanners Kit
Petals PromisesA Fare ExtraordinaireNames Platinum
Posh EventsA Splendid EventWedding Pros
Precious MemoriesAll About EventsWedding Nifty
Romantic WeddingsBeauty FeastLovely wedding
Start Your EventBlack Tie ProductionsPlanners Epic
The Dixie Bridal GuideBundle BridePlannersnest
Names BlingPlanners ForemanNamquipo
Wedding SwiftWedding ExecutePlannersara
Wedding FortifyNames DreamsNames Dynasty
Planners KickNames SlayPlannersocity
Wedding GroundNames EvolveWeddingonus
Wedding FaithPlanners VilleNames Recover
Wedding BeamPlanners SplendourPlanners Pix
Wedding SolveNamoramaPlanners Stonemason
Wedding StrikePlannersfluentWeddingium
Names SwankPlanners BareboneWedding Mebel

Wedding Venue Name Ideas

When starting a business in today’s market, it is more essential than ever to have an established foundation. Coming up with a memorable name for your company is the first and most significant step in this process

Finding a catchy name for your event planning company may be both enjoyable and stressful at times. If you want to discover a unique domain name that connects with your target audience, you should look for something available.

It is tough to develop anything that meets all three of these requirements, but it is possible.

The following list contains snappy, distinctive, and creative wedding venue name ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

Cleopatra CateringGolden AppealPlannersomatic
Destination WeddingsImagine That!Planners Topic
Dreamday WeddingsInspired EventsWedding Solution
Enchanted GardensLean on Me EventsPlanners Ally
Envisioned EventsLet Us EventsPlanners Digital
Events by SevenLuxurious EventsNames Pavement
Events That AmazeOn the AgendaPlannersegy
Exquisite EventsOn-Point PlanningWedding Delta
Fabulous BeginningsPetals FloristPlanners Attire
Flowers to GoPolka Dot WeddingPlanners Developed
Mane WeddingLaneway WeddingNamarc
VenuelyticalCurrent NameWedding Decoration
Spire NameFast NamePlanners Selfie
Barebone WeddingWeddingivaWedding Document
Castaway NameBalaclava VenuePink Wedding
Dev VenueAngora VenueStella Wedding
Supply WeddingAcumen VenueLinear Name
Sharp NameKin NameUnique Venue
Slick VenueNameluxScript Venue
Lo-Res WeddingWare WeddingBoulevard Venue
WeddingegyCorporate WeddingSprint Wedding

Catchy Names For Wedding Packages

It has been determined that you will be entering into the corporate event planning industry and that you will be searching for an appropriate name for your new enterprise.

A well-chosen wedding package name may assist you in achieving success as soon as possible. You might go with a lengthy descriptive name or a snappy one-word moniker that captures the essence of your company.

Catchy Names For Wedding Packages
Catchy Names For Wedding Packages

Before you run out and register that package name, take a look at some of these unique and attention-grabbing corporate names for Indian wedding package to get you started.

Rare AffairsWithout a HitchShutter Wedding
Rising Couple Memories360 Degree PlannerLapse Wedding
SerendipityA Little Party EventsWeddingnetic
Simple Elegance WeddingAll Ways EventsNest Wedding
Storybook WeddingsBe Our GuestSourced Names
Sweet Kiss EventBella FaireUrbane Wedding
The Creative’s LoftBlue Water WeddingsWrap Packages
Tickled Pink BridesBride & Groom ConnectionNamio
Two Loving Hand CompaniesChantilyBareback Packages
Wedding WondersChoreographed EventsVisual Wedding
Alaska WeddingMane ForCaliber Packages
Sway ForWeddingoramaCorporate Names
Don WeddingPosh NamesPavement Names
Fix WeddingFlip PackagesPeachy Wedding
Angora NamesDarkroom PackagesMisfits Packages
Dreams ForWeddingopediaWeddingium
Idol ForSwanky WeddingPhotocall Packages
NamishSlick PackagesWanderlust Packages
Fad NamesFine PackagesWeddinglada
Pepper WeddingBlank PackagesMugshot Packages

What Should I Name My Wedding Planning Business?

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s all about imagination and being creative. To be successful, you must pick a unique and inventive name for your specific niche market.

Only a proper business name for your wedding planning company will be able to attract the attention of potential clients.

To avoid confusion, bear this specific consideration in mind. Take a look at the names that we’ve listed below for inspiration. Choose the most appropriate for the services provided by your company and watch as more and more people get interested in your company.

Here are the creative wedding planner names for your company

Cupid’s ArrowLavish VentsGloss Planner
Destination Wedding StudioLuxmore Grande EstateWayfarer Wedding
Eventology WeddingsMia ProductionsLavish Names
Eventrics WeddingsMonrreal& CompanyClass Wedding
ExcelEventPhenomenal Event PlanningWedge Names
Forever EventsPlantation on the BayInfrared Names
Grand CelebrationsPosh & Private Event DesignAlaska Names
Heavenly Meet Wedding CompanyPro IncidentsKeep Names
Infinite Moments PhotographyRaise the Ruth EventsSecure Planner
Karma GoddessSeven Ivory Brides WeddingDivine Planner
Idol NamesProduction WeddingGun Planner
Zip PlannerDigital PlannerBareback Wedding
Empower NamesWrap PlannerWrap Wedding
Supreme PlannerClique NamesNest Wedding
Society NamesGrove WeddingKey Planner
Uniform PlannerBackbone NamesBlink Planner
Connect PlannerMajesty NamesGear Names
Anon NamesTitan WeddingAlliance Planner
Enlarge WeddingAdvisor WeddingPortray Names
PlannerlanceSlay NamesInspired Names

How Do I Come Up With A Catchy Business Name?

  • Make use of abbreviations.
  • Make your mash-ups.
  • Use mythology and literature as sources of inspiration.
  • Make use of foreign terminology.
  • Make use of your name.
  • Take a look at a map to see where you are.
  • Change things up a little.
  • Form a joint venture with another business.
wedding and event planning business names
wedding and event planning business names

French Names For Wedding Planning Business

Choosing the name of your event planning business is an important stage. As a result, we want you to come up with the greatest possible french names for wedding planning business from the following list.

StoryTellers Event PlanningA Friend Affair Event PlanningGuide French
The Event ConciergeAll Event Rental & DesignAssist French
The Wedding KissAs You Wish Event PlanningSilhouette Business
Unique Weddings + EventsBella Luna Event PlanningTrend Business
Unveiled Beauty ServicesBourbon and Blush EventsPublic Planning
Wedding Bells and SeaShellsBramble Tree EstateRate Names
Weddings and All Good ThingsBrown Brothers CateringSignal Planning
Wishing Well BarnChecklist Event PlanningDevelopment French
Wonder Works Event PlanningCouture WeddingsStreet Planning
Event PhotographyDazzling Event PlannersVogue French
Promote FrenchBusinessocityMagnetic French
Fantastic BusinessDrive WeddingArise French
Radiant NamesBlank NamesNative For
Access BusinessHorizon WeddingSkeg For
Dream PlanningSturdy NamesTrust Wedding
Arrowhead BusinessAdvice ForPropel Business
Pin ForConventional FrenchPavement Names
Op WeddingYoke BusinessOrchid Planning
Collect PlanningAdministrate ForUrbane French
Core WeddingRecover WeddingInfinite Planning

Group Name For Wedding Planning

Grab your group name for wedding planning

EventiveMessage in a Bottle WeddingsStake Name
Events Mean BusinessMonumental Event PlanningMoney Planning
E-Vogue PhotoPeachy EventsSeries Wedding
Forever in Love WeddingsPlantasticTransfer For
Grandiose EventsPrecious NuptialsCatwalk Group
Honeydew EventsPrime Wedding CompanyJumpstart Group
Keaton EventsSiesta Key Weddings and EventsPin-Up Group
Loose Ends Event DesignSocial Hour ProductionsRes Name
Love Affair WeddingsSuncoast Weddings and EventsTarget Wedding
Luminous Event PlannerSweet Cheeks Baking CompanyActive Wedding
Outright WeddingStake NamePraise Name
Ground PlanningMoney PlanningIllusion Planning
Brilliant ForSeries WeddingCollect For
Sense ForAcclaimed WeddingAcclaimed Wedding
Praise NameCatwalk GroupChoose Name
Illusion PlanningJumpstart GroupFigure Name
Kickstart PlanningPin-Up GroupKickstart Planning
Bolt WeddingRes NameBolt Wedding
Purpose NameTarget WeddingPurpose Name
Speedy WeddingActive WeddingSpeedy Wedding

What Do You Call A Company That Specializes In Wedding Photography?

wedding photography company names
wedding photography company names
  • Keep the name short and easy to remember.
  • Choose a name that will stand the test of time.
  • Make the name as versatile and distinct as possible.
  • Avoid using names that are difficult to spell.
  • Take a look at how the name appears and sounds.
  • Make an emotional connection with your target audience or market.
  • Make a list of words that have anything to do with photography.
  • Make a list of descriptive words to use in your writing.

Here are the wedding photography company names

The Event Corp.Bixler EventsPreserve Photography
The Velvet BoxBridal BugCompanyadri
Tide the Knot Beach WeddingCherished Ceremonies WeddingsDandy Photography
Wedding Bliss EventsDays RememberedWedge Company
Weddings in the CityDream Weddings Bridal ShowJazz Wedding
White Tent EventsEvents Inc.Club Names
Wonderful Weddings & EventsEverything But the RingSlide Show Photography
27 Miracles WeddingsFervent DesignsLavish Photography
At Last WeddingForevermore EventsCorp Wedding
Bellwether EventsGenesis For YouStitch Names
Condition NamesPreserve PhotographyRubicon Names
Ocean WeddingCompanyadriDreams Photography
Network PhotographyDandy PhotographyNative Photography
Label WeddingWedge CompanyVertex Photography
Icon NamesJazz WeddingDive Wedding
Alpine CompanyClub NamesVertex Photography
Seaside PhotographySlide Show PhotographyDive Wedding
Hatchel CompanyLavish PhotographyCondition Names
Rubicon NamesCorp WeddingOcean Wedding
Alpine CompanyNative PhotographyNetwork Photography

Wedding Planner Company Names India

Suppose you’re thinking of starting your own wedding planning company in India and developing a strategy to provide long-term pleasure to your clients by making their events spectacular.

In that case, you’re in a fantastic frame of mind at the time. You must first give your company a name that distinguishes it from the competition and makes it stand out as distinct and unique.

Here are some suggestions for wedding planner company names in India that you should consider for your company.

Happy Ever After EventsPrecision PlanningGroove Planner
Inventive EventsRenaissance CateringInsight India
Keys Planning and EventsSignature Weddings & EventsRoam Company
Lone Star PartiesSomething to CelebrateDive Names
Lotus ProductionSunkissed EventsSnazzy Company
Loved Vintage TreasuresSuspended in Time Flower PreservationChase Names
Memory Alive WeddingThe Flower CartStock India
Moments Event Planning and DesignThe Storybook EventCompact Wedding
Party ProductionsVilla Bella Event VenueByte Names
Plan Our Day Event ServicesWedding Day PerfectionCommand Planner
Lock WeddingProjection IndiaPraise Planner
Snug WeddingInlanceJacquard Planner
Vista WeddingConquer PlannerSurvey Wedding
Lavish CompanyOmega WeddingJourneyman Company
Fad IndiaAssured NamesDapper Names
Ultimate WeddingCompanyivaBrisk Names
Anchor WeddingSyndicate IndiaPaths India
Capture CompanyKeep CompanyBunker Company
Ape WeddingMartyr IndiaSnug India
Choose IndiaBrillant CompanyPlatinum India

How To Begin A Business In Event Planning

  • Create a strong business strategy.
  • Establish a marketing budget and, where feasible, hire a public relations firm.
  • Define your event business’s scope of operations, purpose, and objectives.
  • Prepare your elevator speech.
  • Conduct a market analysis.
Group Name For Wedding Planning
wedding and event planning business names

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Company In Event Planning?

You should budget at least $15,000 to $25,000 for the start-up costs of a small event planning company.

Is Event Planning A Lucrative Business?

Event organizing may be a very lucrative professional path. The most successful event planners will establish a reputation and charge a premium for their vision, originality, execution, and outcomes.


It is important not to hurry the process, regularly discuss with various groups, and verify availability before committing to anything. Before naming your company, it may be beneficial to identify your brand, consumers, and inspiration, since these elements can serve as a guide.

I hope the wedding and event planning business names list above become useful for you.

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