1299+ Unique Urban Clothing Name Ideas & Suggestions


Naming a business is a tricky and responsible task. One has to do a lot of research after it before making a shortlist. Many criteria affect the business name Urban Clothing Name Ideas & Suggestions. At last, the name should be short, memorable, and designed to appeal to your target customer. Here, you will find numerous names for the clothing business.

People want a name that is creative and at the same time memorable and points to point. Now, you are looking for the business names but also you should research the names for the other business not only clothing brand businesses.

Well, let’s start making a list of the names along with the names there will be some tricks and information for that.

Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Best Urban Clothing Name

Some of the below points will help you to name your clothing brand.

  • The name must be short, sweet, and simple.
  • It is eye-catching and memorable.
  • It should not get old with time.
  • Does not use abbreviation.
  • It must impart a message about your business.
  • It points out your personality or professionalism.
  • No one should use it before it.
BlueCloud StreetwearWorld FamePoint BrandClothingx
Kickash BrazenHence MadeApparel NameHaute Name
Sreet TrailsCrescendo StreetIntellect NameKit Clothing
Skyward KingArc VaderCue BrandMode Clothing
Hestinna StreetwearWater WideAristocrat ClothingStrategy Clothing
IdeasadilRitzy ClothingFad ClothingForce Ideas
Suburbia ClothingFollow IdeasClinical NameRelevant Clothing
Street AirAthletic IntentionsGrrlScream Queen
Everything Goes!Sharp ClothesXcess PrestigeLoveday
Go GettersZenith High StreetNaturally StreetAll Underwear

Catchy Names For Clothing Line

Brainstorm the ideas for the catchy names and put them into the name.

You must be able to pick out good names from any list by now. Try to use new ideas for your business name. The more you think of new ideas the more ideas will come automatically.

You should also play with words. Try to use new words and put them into a name. A name with trendy keywords will attract more young customers. Even no one likes old and boring names. Once your name gains potential customers, new customers will attract itself without hard work.

Standard CutRed HoustonStreettrailsJoint Streetwear
Outer LookmattersMajestixRiot ClothingWormhole Denim
BohemeShake And GoThe Elite ClubAdrenal X
Mr FashionThe ClimbCrescendo StreetWatercurls
LimitlessFieston FlyEast Coast NiceSage Street
Glitz N BlitzPanorama Xpress wearFad NamesAtomic Catchy
Steer EminenceBlank TatooSpring LineHabitat Clothing
Cherry BlossomOlive & IvyStake CatchyStargazer Catchy
Night OwlNailed On TrackStella LineBrainy Names
Robin Bay StreetwearMonsoon Hi GroundCerberus LineNamopolis

Clothing Business Names

Best Urban Clothing Name

Take suggestions from your friends and family. It is a small task but very significant because you can not see in your own business as others can see.

So that when you create the final shortlist cut down the least liked names. Also, add more names if someone suggests you.

Street MeFly OverHoodie CoTrendy Swag
StreetknightSecond NatureUnvanquSunny Stock
Urban HippyBeta EyeAwesome ThreadsFreshi
Fashion EnigmaNextdoorFortunately ClothesThe Street
Gold CosmosSoul CagedSubstancial DriftChic Hustle
Project PlushGold CosmosGuided NamesPinnacle Clothing
Stonker SagePublic HouseExecute ClothingFollow Clothing
Sea Rider StreetwearPublic HouseCover BusinessPink Names
Red HoustonWild BeastHackel NamesPivot Clothing
Only n OnlyThird & RivieraClothingluxGoal Names

Unique Clothing Store Names

In the business name, it is very important that a word you keep in your name should impart the work you do into your business name. People should understand easily what kind of business you do with the name only.

Also, it is very important to select a name that is easily memorable and pronounced by people.

Label HerculesStreet Reign JouleSpecter NamesAlly Names
The DevelopmentalElite CrewSupply ClothingTenacious Unique
Arcane VastColumbia WearJam UniqueGarb Names
Sunny StockBlue Ranger StreetwearPink NamesClothingster
Outer LookMattersStrada 1949Catwalk ClothingSpirit Store
Wraith NamesOrder UniqueMisfits UniqueClothingque
UniqueladaBod StoreKeep UniqueVend Clothing
Reflect StoreCaliber NamesSourced ClothingPasha Store
Brainy UniqueDrip NamesGrove NamesStorebea
Attire StoreRakish UniqueExhibit NamesCommerce Names
Uniform UniqueCaliber StoreHustler StoreFlossy Unique
Grove StoreAbove StoreSwanky StoreUniqueaza
City StoreVille UniquePavement ClothingStoreocity
Caliber UniqueEmpress NamesRoad StoreLavish Clothing
Cue UniqueDuke NamesPepper StoreCloset Clothing
Sprightly UniqueBareback StoreUniquezoidKick Unique
ClothingonusExecute UniqueZip UniqueWanderlust Names
Spot NamesStoredoCastaway StoreMammoth Unique
Spring UniqueClique NamesCircle UniqueOrn Store
ClothingomaticBlank NamesTour StoreSuperb Clothing
NamegyEmpress StoreStorevioFierce Store
ClothingscapeCommerce ClothingStoreadriNip Names
Swank ClothingZealous ClothingFly UniqueClothingsio
Sourced NamesNamprismWrap ClothingMisguided Names
Ally StoreMagenta NamesUniquedeckAllure Store

Indian Clothing Names

In the industries, there are lots of clothing businesses and the competition is very high. So you must check the availability of the business name you are planning to keep.

First, check the domain name availability and then publish it to advertise.

Laural SoulsTranscand KickLaced IndianClothingporium
Zealot PredatorsMidwest LooksTog IndianStyle Clothing
Flying EagleSplash SenseSpirit IndianDevine Names
Jalixa DreadWest Wolf TugboatClothingprismJuicy Names
White BrookThe SleevelessGrove ClothingClothingcog
Boy IndianBro IndianLacey IndianDaydream Clothing
Lion NamesBurb NamesWear ClothingFaille Names
Crave ClothingDaisy NamesSmash IndianClothingorzo
Dandy ClothingTuck ClothingDynasty IndianNamio
Complex ClothingSeries NamesModsih IndianSizzle Clothing
ClothingadoPink IndianFury NamesFathom Clothing
NamadilLord NamesSyndicate NamesReservation Names
Cub IndianMunchies NamesNamzillaFad Names
Shadow ClothingClothingisticClothingdoLion Names
Grove IndianFestive IndianPhalanx ClothingPepper Indian
Miss IndianJam NamesGrill NamesRobe Names
Dip NamesTale ClothingManner NamesStreet Names
Avid ClothingThreads NamesKin IndianIndianology
Amenity IndianProminent NamesRage ClothingCave Names
Dip ClothingTale IndianWick NamesJoyous Indian
Current ClothingSprout IndianOutskirt ClothingNambia
Upscale IndianEdulis ClothingMisguided IndianIndianzen
Dud NamesHaute IndianAvid IndianHot Clothing
Kit ClothingCreed IndianSnazzy IndianBent Clothing
Unique IndianCater ClothingConventional ClothingSociety Names

How Do I Name My Clothing Line?

One can name a clothing line by following the below steps.

  • If you have any brand ideas, you can write them down.
  • By highlighting the favorites.
  • Let your business plan guide you when you are naming your brand.
  • Utilize word association to generate ideas.

What Should I Name My Streetwear Brand?

Start gathering ideas, compare with brands similar to yours, clothing lines you would like to imitate as well as write their names down somewhere. It is also a good idea to scribble a list of all the words that come to your mind when you think about your brand, try to use as many adjectives as you can.

How Do I Make A Catchy Brand Name?

You can make a catchy brand name with the use of a name generator. All you have to do is enter a keyword, choose your industry and the style of name that you are looking for. After that, a name will generator and you can get many names that are trendy and catchy in such a way.

Unique Clothing Store Names Indians

Best Urban Clothing Name

Himalaya StreetwearEightth & DoveIndiansKeep Names
Streetwave StreetwearWildwoodSiren StoreUgly Unique
Waterford StreetwearMomenta StreetwearFlair NamesMartyr Indians
Early WishCopper SilkMisfits StoreDandy Indians
Siberian HippyPiranha StreetShop StoreBaron Unique
Sultana IndiansIndiansomaticStoreegyCue Store
Ally StoreSultana ClothingGear ClothingJam Clothing
Knick ClothingGlance IndiansRitzy NamesExecute Clothing
IndianszenCreed StoreChard IndiansDrip Unique
Slay NamesNamqueOrn ClothingWander Store
Blank UniqueSombre ClothingGarment ClothingCorner Clothing
UniquebesTopic IndiansIndiansgenixRitzy Store
Creed NamesGroove IndiansMane StoreBargain Store
Peachy IndiansClothingableStoreadilClothingcog
Magenta ClothingPavement StoreRenown NamesTrade Names
Bent StoreDeal UniqueCloset StoreStylish Indians
Scoot UniquePlush IndiansStitch ClothingClue Names
Suave NamesFlair UniqueSkeg UniqueApparel Indians
Serendipity NamesSiren ClothingIndiansadoraUnique Store
Blank UniqueBareback NamesKit NamesRenown Indians
Loose IndiansNomad NamesClub NamesRitzy Clothing
Blank NamesClassics IndiansVogue UniqueExhibit Names
Jaded ClothingSuave StoreUniquevioJacquard Indians
Serendipity ClothingFlip ClothingUniqueluxModsih Store
Angora IndiansShop NamesThreads NamesMikado Indians

Luxury Clothing Brand Name Ideas

Billabong StreetwearZenitth High StreetSynergy BrandRunway Brand
Junglelost CrazeImpulse StrafeGaze IdeasAcquire Clothing
Street MasterAdexxa StreetwearFlip LuxuryStyle Brand
Freedom FingerXtraordinary BluntRay LuxuryBomb Luxury
Square mate TugboatRemote RunwayColossal BrandForward Ideas
Globe NameVista ClothingBlend BrandBlended Brand
Cycle NameSimple IdeasAltitude LuxuryIdeaslada
Become BrandJam BrandDiana BrandDiverse Name
Being LuxurySyndicate LuxuryRave BrandFame Luxury
Magenta BrandShadow IdeasMesh IdeasCosmo Luxury
Wire ClothingDonna NameAprt ClothingImpression Brand
Headway ClothingOsiris NameRitual LuxurySeek Ideas
Post NameClan LuxuryRebel LuxuryFemme Ideas
Hummingbird ClothingIrresistible BrandBeach ClothingEvolve Brand
Bod BrandRadiance ClothingDeveloped ClothingAthens Luxury
Comply IdeasIcon ClothingFountain LuxuryAngelic Name
Society LuxuryCleo BrandVertex ClothingReverence Brand
Segment LuxuryLuxioMisguided ClothingPivot Ideas
Contour ClothingEstate NameWanderlust BrandSwanky Ideas
Robe BrandCrimson BrandStake IdeasTransition Brand
Affects LuxuryGentle NamePursue BrandStunner Ideas
Grove IdeasBrandomaticCardinal ClothingReactor Ideas
Dusk BrandNest ClothingSpotless IdeasArdent Name
Analytics BrandCastaway IdeasLuxe ClothingAdmire Brand
Match NamePrismatic BrandVixen BrandBlaze Name

Urban Clothing Line Name Ideas Tagalog

Equi MasterSecond NatureVoid NameideasLinewind
Alphen ArcBilla Bang StreetwearWander TagalogSeries Clothing
Zenith High StreetBandit PavewaveGene TagalogA-Line Tagalog
Street MasterWhiteley StreetwearModsih NameideasUniform Line
Freedom FingerTrue EdgeableClothinglanceLineex
Public ClothingMammoth UrbanSapient UrbanNameideaspad
Wear ClothingFad ClothingClothingishCommune Tagalog
Martyr ClothingEvermore NameideasClue ClothingClothingomatic
Blueprint NameideasGear TagalogFlaunt TagalogFinesse Line
Above UrbanRunway ClothingBrainy NameideasSwan Line
Flex ClothingZeal LineSourced TagalogDash Nameideas
Mantle ClothingSeries LineCorner LineUrbantastic
Visionary UrbanLinelanceNomad LineFrill Nameideas
ClothingifySupply LineMiss TagalogFireball Line
Phalanx ClothingPop TagalogAllure TagalogStylish Line
Dynasty TagalogSway ClothingHappening LineGarb Tagalog
TagalogadoraColorway TagalogFaille LineCrooks Tagalog
Commune ClothingMagenta ClothingDivide LineCollusion Clothing
Attractive NameideasLineologyCastaway ClothingVoid Urban
Jam LineTagalogwindSnappy NameideasClan Tagalog
UrbanlanceTagalogopolisAttire TagalogTagalogadil
Symmetry LineBunker LineForm NameideasSymbol Urban
Bareback TagalogVille LineClass LineBunco Nameideas
Eternal NameideasFierce UrbanSuave ClothingSanguine Tagalog
Shadow NameideasHazel UrbanSpruce ClothingTrend Clothing

Online Clothing Store Names

Unkommon ThreadSmashwear VyparPrimepure WearWild Soul
Wicked RebelZerozed WearTullyRed Dog Streetwear
FirstfrontLethal ForceHip Hop ClubIncreda
Urban SwaggerThe Menace ClothingIn The MornAge Of Comfort

Clothing Brand Name Ideas Pakistan

North RangerKingly Street LooksIlluminate PakistanAbsolute Clothing
Remote RunwayStreet FossSprightly PakistanCabana Pakistan
CrossWayEtisson EtsCerberus NameIdeasbea
Mega ScoopBarracuda VaultPillar BrandConsulting Brand
Adexxa StreetwearFreedom FingerPoint BrandInfluence Pakistan
Parade PakistanGuide IdeasKaiser NameAlluring Name
Arrowhead ClothingFresh NameSlice BrandAcquire Clothing
Spark PakistanNative ClothingSourced IdeasSalt Clothing
Fuze BrandHabitat NameDynamo NameCovert Pakistan
Garment BrandSuperb ClothingRelevant NameVogue Name
NamehutPakistanbesScoot PakistanBones Pakistan
Summit ClothingBrandneticAcuity PakistanConvert Clothing
Basket IdeasDarling ClothingNamezillaGoal Pakistan
Galore BrandPush NameTrend NameZip Pakistan
Galore IdeasIdeasprismIcon PakistanZip Brand
Form IdeasSupport ClothingExecutive PakistanExecute Clothing
Outlook IdeasTasty ClothingForce BrandStitch Ideas
Frost IdeasAppetite NameSpecter PakistanClothingio
Trained NameSprite ClothingAccent BrandSurge Clothing
Know PakistanAdvance PakistanValue NameClothingdo
Palace IdeasDesire PakistanTrained ClothingPersona Ideas
Superior BrandOrigin BrandGlobe IdeasAmbrosial Ideas
Dip PakistanBlue Ocean IdeasSpruce ClothingExhibit Clothing
Operate BrandSumo BrandProfessional BrandChopped Brand
Viral PakistanPhalanx NameMidnight NamePassage Name

How To Name Clothing Items

Rua & LuizFifth & RoseDomino ClothingCatwalk Items
Cross Pick StreetwearStonegroundAvid ClothingConventional Clothing
Balboa BlazerSpotlight ZoomSnazzy ToSpike To
Street GearCasual ClothesPhalanx NameZeal Items
LeisurewearCasual ClothingKnick HowNifty Items
Insignia HowAvenue HowItemsverseCurrent Items
Bunco ItemsParachute HowNamelazaLacey Clothing
Styled ToNameverseAvenue ToPeek Clothing
Sprightly ItemsBalaclava ClothingDogma NameRenown Clothing
Snug HowDaisy NameLabel ClothingModsih Items
Blueprint ToColorway ClothingWayfarer ItemsKeep Items
Aristocrat ClothingDynasty ClothingNamelyticalNameonus
Runway ClothingSupply ToStella ClothingDart Clothing
Bent ItemsItemsomaticNamebeaSpecter Name
Outskirt NamePavement HowBear ItemsMajesty Clothing
Clique HowPosh HowMuse ToVail To
Mane ItemsItemsellaClothinglyticalRage Clothing
Gaze ClothingSpruce ToCerberus NameAllure Name
Laced NamePhantom ClothingAvenue ClothingDecadent Clothing
Atomic ClothingChoose HowClothingzillaMartyr Clothing
Loose ClothingParachute ClothingSuburbia HowGuided Name
Clinical ItemsHitch HowCircle NameFierce How
Stylish ClothingFad NameItemsivaIllusion Items
Jazz ItemsInsignia ClothingIdol ClothingBarebone How
Habitat ItemsTotasticClothingnSwank Name

Men’s Clothing Brand Name Ideas

You can also choose a business name generator for clothes. Here, you will get free names many as per your choice of words. Sounds great, right? Yes! These are our favorite options, too! So, try it for new words.

Fashion Names List

Check out the competitors’ names in the industry that you think to refer to. You can get ideas from that name. But never copy any character as it is not advisable and also someone can put legal actions to oppose you. A strategy will help you to select a name and your business will get successful.

Pivot RuleStreet FossQueens FashionFlattering List
Move ZestKingly Street LooksBarebone NamesFashnest
Street SmithLibertonSolutions FashionCovert Names
Square Mate TugboatRoyal SteerBinge NamesLoop List
Epic FerocityPink FilfthLaced NamesComply Fashion
Silk NamesFlossy ListAllurement ListGroove List
NamellaListishSlender NamesListara
Gaze ListWrap NamesFlawless NamesSin Fashion
Jacquard NamesIlluminate NamesOutskirt ListImage List
Hera ListScout NamesListexUpscale Fashion
Styled ListManner FashionBecome FashionLioness Fashion
Lotus ListCaramel NamesAntidote FashionNomad Fashion
Hot NamesDaytona ListPorcelain FashionBop List
Promo NamesAttract FashionTInted FashionFit Names
Empress NamesVanity NamesLink ListFathom Names
FashworksBeguiling ListDreamboat NamesPassional Fashion
Habitat NamesOrder NamesOutskirt FashionLuxe List
Enlivening ListTonal ListTakeout ListModern List
Stride NamesListifyAppear FashionMiraculous Fashion
Flex ListAddiction ListJaguar ListNamology
Anti NamesGlance ListNamoramaGarnish List
Magnificence ListNamexYouthful FashionVille List
Endless FashionSumo ListWear ListFed Fashion
Don ListMagenta NamesPop ListSmash List
Candescent NamesEmpress ListBuxom ListFormula Fashion


Well, we will say that before you finalize any name think twice because once a name is finalized and published it could not advisable to change it again and again.

The name you marketed in the industry people will know you by that name. So, this is the main reason that you must give some attention and time to the naming procedure of your business.

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