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TrackTech Head Studs are the best thing to happen to vehicles since, well, cars. Track Tech Manufacturing and Services is a company that produces studs for all types of vehicles, but they specialize in head studs. Head studs are not only beneficial to the vehicle because it means less time getting maintenance done at a mechanic’s shop; they also have many other benefits!

Fewer visits to the mechanic’s shop for head gasket issues.

Instant cooling, which means a vehicle will be able to accelerate quicker than it would without studs. This is important in areas with high heat and humidity because vehicles can overheat quickly under those conditions.

Lower cost than other solutions that require replacing parts or engine work when head gaskets fail – Track Tech Manufacturing and Services offers this as an alternative solution instead of more expensive alternatives like new heads or engines!

If you notice your coolant level going down faster than usual, then chances are you have a leaking head gasket. Have this checked out by a mechanic, and then consider head studding

Head studs should be installed when an engine is new or within 100k miles – Track Tech Manufacturing & Services recommends having this done if the car has more than 160K Miles!

The most cost effective way to get around common issues with head gaskets.

No need for expensive parts like engines which will cause higher monthly payments. Instead of replacing the entire engine, just replace your old coolant system on it’s own. This includes filling up your cooling system using fluids that are approved by manufacturers like Motorcraft or Prestone. You can also have us install any necessary hoses you may require as well!

Head studs can be done in as little as an hour.

Head studs are more cost effective than buying a new engine or cooling system, and with TrackTech’s head studding service you will not have to worry about your car breaking down once the job is complete!

Track Tech Manufacturing & Services has been providing quality automotive services since 1939 – we know what it takes to get your vehicle running smoothly again! We offer everything from auto parts installations like brakes (disc and drum) and shocks/struts, to general maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. But our specialty lies within head gasket repair, which includes installing either Head Stud Kit or Head Gaskets for most makes of cars on the road today.

Head studs, also known as cylinder head bolts or just simply studs, are a type of threaded fastener. They provide additional support to the engine block and allow for more consistent torque which ultimately increases reliability!

Head gaskets cannot be reused once they have been broken (or warped) so always replace them with new ones when installing either Head Stud Kit or Head Gasket repairs. It is important that these things are kept in mind before going ahead with your repair:

Make sure you order the right size bolts/studs based on what make and model car you’re working on; some vehicles use different sizes than others

You’ll need to purchase both a head stud kit if replacing the old one OR a head gasket if you’re just repairing the damage done

Make sure to get enough installation fluid (i.e. engine oil) and an anti-seize lubricant for when reassembling your vehicle’s cylinder head

You may need a stud installer tool, which is used to tap the new studs in with the correct size of torque: it can be found at most hardware stores or automotive shops! Head Stud Kits come preassembled with everything needed for install on either side of the kit; refer to instructions before installing them so that they are put back together correctly!


Track Tech Manufacturing and Services is dedicated to producing high quality, durable studs that will make your vehicle last longer. Head Studs are a great way to extend the life of your car parts for less money than it would cost at the mechanic’s shop or in an auto-supplier store. Check out our website for more information about how we can help you get better use out of your car with head studs!

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