Some basics of interacting with your supervisor


    Your supervisor isn’t like your regular professors who you have to interact with for a limited period of time and that too isn’t very intimate. However, what’s different with your allocated tutor to help you with writing your thesis is, they will stick with you for at least 4-months. This is because of the nature of your thesis. For a dissertation, you need intimate information on a regular basis which is only possible if you have a good connection with your supervisor.

    Now, by no means, we are not hinting that there will be no or very preliminary kind of help from your supervisor if you haven’t made a connection yet. But, if you ponder on it with a neutral mindset, you’d realize yourself that if you are to stick with someone, that too your professor whose guidance you’d need on every step of your research, you will need to build a rapport with them, right?

    This is exactly what this article is about. We understand that for students who’ve never dealt with a supervisor before, it takes them a while to understand how the mentor vs mentee relationships work. But the issue is, it’s too late by the team they realize. So here we are willing to pass on the crucial information we learnt the hard way.

    1- Initiate the communication immediately

    The day you’re allocated your supervisor should be the day you inquire a little bit about their academic credentials and overall personal dispositions. This will help you understand not only the intellectual mindset your supervisor has, which, believe it or not, has a huge impact on your work but also you will get to know both their characteristic strengths and weaknesses.

    Hence, you’d be better situated at times you need to interact.

    2- Read their research work

    The second most important thing that apparently seems insignificant but could be very handy at some moments is acquainting yourself with your supervisor’s academic work. This way, you’d know what their academic inclinations are and how they approach an academic hypothesis.

    3- Do your homework first

    Probably the most annoying thing for a supervisor could be an unready student bugging them for answers of unrefined questions. We highly recommend you to always work your way out first to solve the puzzle yourself. And if you are unable to do it, contact your supervisor with the right questions. Or else, you will not only waste their time but this could hurt your thesis as well because the answer, even a detailed one, to a wrong question can harm you more than it can benefit you. You can take some help from an essay helper in this regard too. So if you employ all three of these points we’ve just elaborated, we are hopeful you will not have as many issues with your supervisor. However, bear in mind that dissertation period is like riding a roller coaster, so always be ready for everything and anything. But practicing the rules we have told you above could serve as a seat belt in this bumpy ride.


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