1000+ Powerful And Best Samoan Names


Today, we will talk about some very stunning and great Samoan names. When you hear these names, they have a nice ring to them. These are the names of the Samoan peoples who lived in the independent state of Samoa, previously known as Western Samoa, before its establishment of the independent state of Samoa in 1997.

Apia is the capital city of the autonomous state of Samoa, and it is a well-developed and aesthetically pleasing place to live.

In terms of locations, people, and other aspects, the autonomous state of Samoa is distinguished by a great deal of individuality. However, we have come to learn about several wonderful and unique Samoan names.

Bert ‘Coyote’ MaynardTaliaMalie SapaniSamoan Junction
Timothy ‘Sunrise’ McDanielFetuilelagi FisoSioneSamoan Ride
Willie ‘Wolf’ DuncanPeka ToleafoaKeolaSamoan Fall
Nielsen Owen ‘Bane’ PittsFa’alupe SeiuliSamoan MobileSamoan Blossom
Samoan All DayKaiSamoan BlessSamoan Shift
Samoan HeavenMalekoSamoan PetalsSamoan AAA
Samoan MagicRangiSamoan AwakeSamoan Scrumptious
Samoan CreatorsAputiSamoan ClinicSamoan Mind
Samoan ThreadsAfuSamoan FocusSamoan Equality
Samoan AccessLeilaniSamoan CopywriterSamoan Hole
Samoan RoyalHaychSamoan ShimmerSamoan Sky
Samoan ClearKailaniSamoan TypeSamoan Delight
Samoan H20AkeakamaiSamoan AvaSamoan Status
Samoan PremiumAkamuSamoan PumaSamoan Light
Samoan DiscoverEmereSamoan MatcherSamoan Aware
Samoan PrestigeEneleSamoan ProSamoan Break
Samoan MaxTeuilaSamoan SmokeSamoan Jewel
Samoan JamAlekiSamoan DoozySamoan Rack
Samoan BunchKaipoSamoan PlaySamoan Grand
Samoan ElegantManaiaSamoan DivineSamoan Siege
Samoan FaithVaeaSamoan DovetailSamoan Groups
Samoan SplitMaliaSamoan MagazineSamoan Leaner
Samoan WildSamoan OutcastSamoan PeekSamoan Absolute
Samoan RockySamoan EnquireSamoan ShareSamoan Intense
Samoan TastefulSamoan ChooseSamoan PrevailSamoan Brigade
  • Samoan Watchman
  • Samoan Click
  • Samoan Leverage
  • Samoan Shore
  • Samoan Paramount
  • Samoan Pot
  • Samoan Envision
  • Samoan Plug
  • Samoan Atlas
  • Samoan Carved
  • Samoan Majestic
  • Samoan Haste
  • Samoan Designs
  • Samoan Wood
  • Samoan Very
  • Samoan Network
  • Samoan Brilliant
  • Samoan Capture
  • Samoan Indicator
  • Samoan Shot

So please provide us with a few names of Samoa from various categories. These names are also referred to as Polynesian names in certain circles.

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Samoan Names

Samoan Names
Samoan Names

Listed below are some Samoan names-

Samoan TuneSamoan AssessedSamoan VineSamoan Pasha
Samoan OasisSamoan FrontierSamoan BeltlineSamoan Bot
Samoan SquadSamoan GrowerSamoan TimeSamoan Rebirth
Samoan BungleSamoan RealSamoan SkinworkSamoan Glow
Samoan SatelliteSamoan WellnessSamoan KeySamoan Urge
Samoan AfterburnerSamoan DeliciousSamoan ProsperSamoan Paramount
Samoan HotlapSamoan CycleSamoan HarvestSamoan Golden
Samoan WareSamoan CheetahSamoan MashSamoan Accure
Samoan CommunitySamoan DeltaSamoan SpireSamoan Insurgent
Samoan SignalSamoan FlashSamoan StartSamoan Flow
Samoan ExploreSamoan PassionSamoan DashSamoan Pure
Samoan BlockSamoan LaneSamoan NurserySamoan Splash
Samoan PuffSamoan InstinctSamoan AntaresSamoan Nimble
Samoan CleverSamoan BandhaSamoan LostSamoan Able
Samoan JuniperSamoan ShareSamoan DigitalSamoan Centric
Samoan MeshSamoan BitSamoan SideSamoan Alliance
Samoan BreezySamoan ZodiacSamoan TaelSamoan Aspect
Samoan ThreadsSamoan CygenSamoan ClueSamoan Lighthouse
Samoan PickupSamoan FreakSamoan FreshSamoan Contact
Samoan LotusSamoan StatelySamoan DecisionSamoan Haven
Samoan NirvanaSamoan SmoothSamoan AbroadSamoan Sunset
Samoan DollSamoan LoveSamoan LieuSamoan Ways
Samoan SystemsSamoan ClinicalSamoan SugarSamoan Romeo
Samoan GunSamoan FlourishSamoan ActivatorSamoan Kevalam
Samoan RivalSamoan VintageSamoan GitaSamoan Max
  • Samoan Alley
  • Samoan Pinhole
  • Samoan Expand
  • Samoan Portfolio
  • Samoan Seal
  • Samoan Edulis
  • Samoan Radiant
  • Samoan Herb
  • Samoan Epic
  • Samoan Giga
  • Samoan Renegade
  • Samoan Animal
  • Samoan Treasure
  • Samoan Play
  • Samoan Magma
  • Samoan Basic
  • Samoan Handy
  • Samoan Mania
  • Samoan Busters
  • Samoan Wired

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Samoan Boy Names

Samoan boys Names
Samoan boys Names

Listed below are some Samoan boys names

Samoan BazaarSamoan InfinitySamoan CentsSamoan Iva
Samoan StreamsSamoan PointSamoan TalesSamoan Serendipity
Samoan GuerillaSamoan AllSamoan WarfareSamoan Dreamboat
Samoan FallSamoan CleoSamoan SplendorSamoan Trap
Samoan KingdomSamoan OriginSamoan MakerSamoan Pups
Samoan FairSamoan CloudSamoan VelvetSamoan Treasure
Samoan TangoSamoan PlantsSamoan AllySamoan Infamous
Samoan FoundationSamoan HazelSamoan IntoxicateSamoan Blossom
Samoan BenchSamoan GrailSamoan AccelerateSamoan Farm
Samoan GunslingersSamoan SliceSamoan CommuteSamoan Dough
Samoan SteamySamoan TelegramSamoan ParamaSamoan Lasting
Samoan VisageSamoan VictoriaSamoan ProjectSamoan Village
Samoan ElevatedSamoan SharpenSamoan ChildSamoan Sombre
Samoan ExportSamoan EnhanceSamoan EngagedSamoan Capital
Samoan RevolutionSamoan PureSamoan TurboSamoan Magic
Samoan CitySamoan GeniusSamoan BlissSamoan Flash
Samoan FrameSamoan FocusSamoan GoodwillSamoan Build
Samoan ServeSamoan CreatorsSamoan MaxiSamoan Baller
Samoan MorningSamoan AmpSamoan EraseSamoan Affection
Samoan ShuttleSamoan FlavorsSamoan AbundanceSamoan Tackle
Samoan CoveySamoan HigherSamoan ClinicSamoan Equity
Samoan RadiantSamoan RanchSamoan TeamSamoan Value
Samoan VintageSamoan SketchSamoan RawSamoan Thumb
Samoan EquinoxSamoan SewSamoan AceSamoan Examine
Samoan LocalSamoan MoreSamoan HappySamoan Glee
  • Samoan Reliance
  • Samoan Creed
  • Samoan Brand
  • Samoan Hatha
  • Samoan Freight
  • Samoan Folder
  • Samoan Macho
  • Samoan Speedy
  • Samoan Vivid
  • Samoan Whiskers
  • Samoan Happy
  • Samoan Shack
  • Samoan Accelerate
  • Samoan Trend
  • Samoan Babies
  • Samoan Eden
  • Samoan Dynamic
  • Samoan Session
  • Samoan Immersive
  • Samoan Workbench
Samoan GoSamoan KillSamoan SpurSamoan Seeker
Samoan SavasanaSamoan HappySamoan ProtectSamoan Torq
Samoan FarmhouseSamoan IgniteSamoan BlocksSamoan Mesmeric
Samoan OpenSamoan NerdSamoan TulipSamoan Makers
Samoan OmSamoan EnticeSamoan DianaSamoan Endless
Samoan CreatorSamoan AdoreSamoan WarmthClick to Save
Samoan AcornSamoan SesameSamoan ChampsSamoan Connect
Samoan RaidSamoan SpotlightSamoan NobleSamoan Flash
Samoan FlairSamoan CommerceSamoan SpritesSamoan Cellar
Samoan InspiredSamoan MoorlandSamoan BalanceSamoan Flow
Samoan ScopeSamoan ChallengeSamoan ExtraSamoan Fall
Samoan ProfileSamoan SavageSamoan FutureSamoan Willow
Samoan MorningSamoan DragSamoan SoulmateSamoan Curiosity
Samoan LocalSamoan SplashSamoan CreativeSamoan Share
Samoan MoveSamoan ChefSamoan ShackSamoan Paragon
Samoan CalibreSamoan AntSamoan FineSamoan Bonjour
Samoan VeilSamoan ConnectSamoan KeySamoan Wavy
Samoan TransitionSamoan ThorSamoan PlannedSamoan Schnoogle
Samoan GuardianSamoan DroveSamoan OverlordSamoan Rest
Samoan WelfareSamoan XenoSamoan PhoenixSamoan Flutter
Samoan IntenseSamoan AttireSamoan TightSamoan Progressive
Samoan ReviewSamoan BlissSamoan ElasticSamoan Magic
Samoan CaffeineSamoan ExpertSamoan EscapadeSamoan Fix
Samoan PlateauSamoan BlushSamoan MentSamoan Wallet
Samoan PalateSamoan ChamberSamoan TastingsSamoan Dreamer
  • Samoan Crusader
  • Samoan Warehouse
  • Samoan Shine
  • Samoan Planet
  • Samoan Anga
  • Samoan Pathway
  • Samoan Evergreen
  • Samoan Prospect
  • Samoan Patrol
  • Samoan Benefits
  • Samoan Core
  • Samoan Auto
  • Samoan Examine
  • Samoan Pasture
  • Samoan Boulder
  • Samoan Flaunt
  • Samoan Mason
  • Samoan Life
  • Samoan Move
  • Samoan Quantum

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Samoan Girl Names

Samoan girls Names
Samoan girls Names

Listed below are some Samoan girls name

Samoan ShakeSamoan ObjectiveSamoan EternalSamoan Moon
Samoan JunoSamoan MadrasSamoan NattySamoan Light
Samoan VinyasaSamoan SecureSamoan SunshineSamoan Clutch
Samoan CrispySamoan CollectSamoan ScratchSamoan Kick
Samoan ShiftSamoan AmbianceSamoan AthenaSamoan Jasmine
Samoan SimpleSamoan InfinitySamoan UniteSamoan Okra
Samoan AdeleSamoan DriverSamoan ExchangeSamoan Decision
Samoan ArtistsSamoan EliteSamoan EcoSamoan Grind
Samoan MassesSamoan BoulevardSamoan NextSamoan Cup
Samoan EntourageSamoan Alley-OopSamoan DiabloSamoan Warrior
Samoan Zone DSamoan AwareSamoan NirvanaSamoan Clear
Samoan Day OneSamoan HugsySamoan InvestSamoan Mass
Samoan SheenSamoan AllianceSamoan RuleSamoan Cabana
Samoan ArkSamoan MadeSamoan RocketSamoan Line
Samoan Sweet PeaSamoan StarSamoan KingdomSamoan Mind
Samoan AccessSamoan HotlineSamoan ABCSamoan Basement
Samoan DisplaySamoan ChopSamoan BedogSamoan Pines
Samoan GroundSamoan LanceSamoan HushSamoan Falcon
Samoan DesireSamoan FutureSamoan DefenderSamoan Gala
Samoan SavorSamoan RoamSamoan BonesSamoan Warlock
Samoan AllySamoan SmoochSamoan CupcakeSamoan Paper
Samoan SynthSamoan SinfulSamoan ProfitsSamoan Sunrise
Samoan VictoriaSamoan UnisonSamoan ScrySamoan Round
Samoan AddictSamoan FlauntSamoan ReportSamoan Flame
Samoan TriadSamoan CollectionSamoan ConnectSamoan Rise
  • Samoan Born
  • Samoan Buttons
  • Samoan Butterscotch
  • Samoan Goodness
  • Samoan ABC
  • Samoan Value
  • Samoan Pack
  • Samoan Legend
  • Samoan Energise
  • Samoan Fortune
  • Samoan Winter
  • Samoan Stock
  • Samoan Rancher
  • Samoan Glitz
  • Samoan Fox
  • Samoan Pattern
  • Samoan Fanbase
  • Samoan Tropical
  • Samoan Showtime
  • Samoan Style

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Samoan Last Names

Samoan Last Names
Samoan girls Names

Listed below are some Samoan last names

Samoan TradeSamoan AdjustSamoan TipSamoan Creator
Samoan CraftsmanSamoan HustleSamoan HuntersSamoan Beam
Samoan SisterhoodSamoan CouncilSamoan FawnSamoan Fall
Samoan ConsumerSamoan JumpshotSamoan MajestySamoan Joyride
Samoan ValorSamoan BumberellSamoan ABCSamoan Lean
Samoan FounderSamoan ShaktiSamoan CelestialSamoan Super
Samoan RichnessSamoan BrightSamoan QuickSamoan Balaji
Samoan EnticeSamoan AbundanceSamoan SuperSamoan Beta
Samoan FloralSamoan HeritageSamoan SeekersSamoan Point
Samoan ShareSamoan GlitterSamoan DefenderSamoan Pit
Samoan LoopSamoan BoneSamoan PoseSamoan Slurp
Samoan AugustSamoan DimensionSamoan FlowSamoan Clinical
Samoan BroncoSamoan FantasySamoan RazerSamoan Speed
Samoan InteractiveSamoan BlessingSamoan OutskirtSamoan Advantage
Samoan LinenSamoan RevenantSamoan ActiveSamoan Outright
Samoan AuroraSamoan BreatheSamoan HypnoticSamoan Energy
Samoan RealmSamoan CollectiveSamoan TsunamiSamoan Associate
Samoan TerraceSamoan Blue OceanSamoan AlphaSamoan Master
Samoan DeltaSamoan LuringSamoan HotSamoan Quake
Samoan RadiantSamoan LambentSamoan InternationalSamoan Direct
Samoan FixSamoan AgentsSamoan TapSamoan Sunshine
Samoan RetreatSamoan SonicSamoan PursueSamoan Orbiter
Samoan NiftySamoan SyndicateSamoan OdinSamoan Claw
Samoan GroundSamoan InvestigateSamoan SimplySamoan Flair
Samoan DestructorSamoan EnchantressSamoan RedstoneSamoan Core
  • Samoan Delight
  • Samoan Riser
  • Samoan Surge
  • Samoan Listings
  • Samoan Cast
  • Samoan Naked
  • Samoan Sells
  • Samoan Cosmic
  • Samoan Stadium
  • Samoan Champion
  • Samoan Functional
  • Samoan Trust
  • Samoan Snap
  • Samoan Proof
  • Samoan Enchantress
  • Samoan Canvas
  • Samoan Cuppa
  • Samoan Ascent
  • Samoan Irrigation
  • Samoan Delicious

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Samoan Baby Names

Samoan baby names
Samoan baby names

Listed below are some Samoan baby names

Samoan AmbrosialSamoan FinishedSamoan AccentuateSamoan Wild
Samoan CreekSamoan JuiceSamoan ExperienceSamoan Dynamo
Samoan LiveSamoan CreatorsSamoan SaveSamoan Breeze
Samoan SkySamoan SweetSamoan GrailSamoan Cream
Samoan WowSamoan PuritySamoan BurstSamoan Mobile
Samoan SpurSamoan DriveSamoan HauteSamoan Angel
Samoan CapriSamoan BeguilingSamoan GroomSamoan Race
Samoan MassSamoan ImproveSamoan ScopeSamoan Superior
Samoan MingleSamoan EcoSamoan OliveSamoan Victory
Samoan MossSamoan ExpressSamoan CrusadeSamoan Suburbia
Samoan BrahmaSamoan CanvasSamoan ShineSamoan Grindstone
Samoan InfinitySamoan DeaconSamoan NamasteSamoan Illusion
Samoan RoadsSamoan MagSamoan SensationSamoan Destination
Samoan CompanionSamoan HandsomeSamoan LighthouseSamoan Pebble
Samoan FootprintSamoan Close-UpSamoan BoltSamoan Direct
Samoan CarsSamoan CleverSamoan BoardsSamoan Passport
Samoan MystSamoan RoseSamoan TransSamoan Hippie
Samoan MateSamoan StyleSamoan BreezySamoan Trap
Samoan KeySamoan SprintSamoan ReferenceSamoan Love
Samoan GridSamoan PrestigeSamoan SoundSamoan Candy
Taua VavaubVaiHemana NaeaKeolaEnele
Pule SeuavaApatu ManaiaKahelehaSione
Siaosi LeapaiSila TauMaevarauAkamu
Laki ToleafoaHenare TauKamekonaUati
Ula TupuaIasona FoaiAlaulaAleki
  • Samoan Havana
  • Samoan H20
  • Samoan Ruckus
  • Samoan Underexpose
  • Samoan Raven
  • Samoan Integral
  • Samoan Time
  • Samoan Control
  • Samoan Habitat
  • Samoan Absolute
  • Samoan Grind
  • Samoan Leap
  • Samoan Dimples
  • Samoan Cutter
  • Samoan Complex
  • Samoan Major
  • Samoan Pure
  • Samoan Sunshine
  • Samoan Lab
  • Samoan Chomp

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Samoan Warrior Names

Samoan Warrior Names
Samoan Warrior Names

Listed below are some Samoan warrior names

Reupena SalumiEtano FaraimoAlameaMalosi
Mataio NiuPalamoAkelaTaito
Akeakami SeiuliSolomona LaveaTaneAkeakamai
Ofo FuimaLatuKahaleKaoriki
Ualese TupuaTavitaKeaweAriihau
MaiavaSiaosi LeapaiNikotemo ToelauMaiava
KilionaLeilaniEllis ‘Mystery’ StantonSamoan Spad
Phillip ‘Sunrise’ KramerLuniKeise LeapaiSamoan Soul
Dave ‘Bender’ LopezKameaLea Tonumaipe’aSamoan Scope
Earl ‘Coyote’ DavidSioneLalago FisoSamoan Marked
Higgins Carl ‘Lawful’NalaniHana MalaitaiSamoan Organic
BowenAlekiFetu IsaiaSamoan Grown
Johnnie ‘the Cheat’LuanaPeka KuresaSamoan Checked
Keller Victor ‘Dusk’EneleAiono EseraSamoan Sunset
Morris ‘the Deaf’ LangleyAnuheaIutita TuitamaSamoan Dragonfly
Jasper ‘Feather’ GravesManaiaMara TamatoaSamoan Form
Phillip ‘Fluke’ GoldenAputiSuluama NikoSamoan Wildflower
Raymond ‘Lasso’ PrattKailaniEmere FanaafiSamoan Titan
Dewey ‘Backfire’ RyanLaniSeepa LevaaiSamoan Daze
Horace ‘Brawn’ O’NeilKeolaAiono PaeaSamoan Energy
George ‘Big Gun’ AndrewsAkamuUpumoni SifuSamoan Chip
Emil ‘Wager’ SimsMeleTusila Fainu’uSamoan Hitch
Tom ‘Railroad’ JohnsAilaniArieta ApatuSamoan Spire
William ‘Doc’ WoodNoelaniKalautia TauaaloSamoan Empire
Will ‘Sundown’ McKinneyHaliaLelei TamatoaSamoan Anarchist
  • Samoan Alliance
  • Samoan Treat
  • Samoan Cure
  • Samoan Bro
  • Samoan Advisor
  • Samoan Underdog
  • Samoan Digging
  • Samoan Crypt
  • Samoan Sound
  • Samoan Paint
  • Samoan Chair
  • Samoan Number
  • Samoan Affordable
  • Samoan Elegance
  • Samoan Craft
  • Samoan Fair
  • Samoan Mono
  • Samoan Shine
  • Samoan Accelerate
  • Samoan Distortion
Samoan AnarchistSamoan TuckSamoan KillSamoan Canvas
Samoan ForeverSamoan TitleSamoan SwitchSamoan Finish
Samoan DreamlandSamoan SpreadSamoan CellSamoan Takeoff
Samoan EpicSamoan RaceSamoan MateSamoan Affects
Samoan ViewfinderSamoan BlockSamoan LucidSamoan Tune
Samoan SyndicateSamoan PassionSamoan CompactSamoan Strange
Samoan GoSamoan ModernSamoan ChallengerSamoan Cookie
Samoan LuxurySamoan DriveSamoan WiredSamoan Grace
Samoan HeavenSamoan AdvancedSamoan EcruSamoan Smile
Samoan PrintsSamoan AutomateSamoan VanitySamoan Treasury
Samoan BallerSamoan EnjoySamoan CreationSamoan Planned
Samoan SolarSamoan PromoteSamoan WanderSamoan Ground
Samoan CloudSamoan LeisureSamoan RestedSamoan Strip
Samoan ExtremeSamoan ExoticSamoan GrowSamoan Heal
Samoan KiloSamoan RadarSamoan IntoxicateSamoan Ora
Samoan PixelSamoan SidekickSamoan DistrictSamoan Clinic
Samoan InstinctSamoan JumpmanSamoan BrewedSamoan Lodge
Samoan InstantSamoan BrokerSamoan HearthSamoan Ease
Samoan NebulaSamoan PowerSamoan BazaarSamoan Fresh
Samoan OscarSamoan LoadedSamoan StripSamoan Raider
Samoan GuiderSamoan ProSamoan SprintSamoan Good
Samoan SupportSamoan GrowthSamoan ChardSamoan Theory
Samoan OsirisSamoan NurtureSamoan BoldSamoan Bigger
Samoan MeadowSamoan JuiceSamoan BlendedSamoan Sprite
Samoan CheetahSamoan HailSamoan CanvasSamoan Friendly
  • Samoan Drenched
  • Samoan Fruity
  • Samoan Mod
  • Samoan Jasmine
  • Samoan Fauna
  • Samoan Slide Show
  • Samoan Glitter
  • Samoan Achilles
  • Samoan Bullet
  • Samoan Primary
  • Samoan Contrast
  • Samoan Comfort
  • Samoan Token
  • Samoan Basement
  • Samoan Rover
  • Samoan Trap
  • Samoan View
  • Samoan Tribe
  • Samoan Ally
  • Samoan Deific

1. Who Are the Samoans, and What Do They Do?

The Samoans are the people who reside in the Independent State of Samoa and are descended from the Polynesians. Apia is the capital of Samoa, which is an autonomous state in the Pacific Ocean.

This area is often referred to as the Polynesian island. It comprises mostly two large islands, both of which are inhabited and numerous smaller, deserted islands, notably the Aleipata Islands, that make up the region. The people who dwell there are the Samoans (or Samoan people).

2. How Do You Choose The Samoan Names For Your Children?

We’ve compiled a list of the numerous varieties of Samoan names into distinct categories. As a result, selecting the perfect name for you is simple, and you may pick from the tables that we have provided in this material.

As you can see on this page, there are names for both men and girls and names for children. The icing on the cake was that we also disclosed your kids’ names with you. Consequently, if you’re considering Samoan names for your child, you’ll be able to choose the greatest baby name.


1. Is Kai a boy or a girl’s name?

Kai’s ancestors come from a diverse range of backgrounds. In the United States, it is often associated with its Hawaiian origins, which translate as “sea.” Gender: Kai is most usually used as a boy’s name, while it is also used for females on occasion.

2. Is Leilani a traditional Samoan given name?

Leilani is of Polynesian origin, deriving from the Hawaiian roots lei, which means kid or flower, and lani, which means regal or heaven.

3. What does the Samoan word Lani mean?

Lani. Lani is a Hawaiian word that translates as “heaven,” and in certain situations, “sky.” In Proto-Polynesian, the term is derived from the root *rai. When it comes to the Hawaiian language, Lani is a rather frequent name.

4. What is the popularity of the name Kailani?

Kailani was the 282nd most common girl’s name in 2012 and the 11900th most popular boy’s name in the same year. In 2020, there were 1,118 newborn girls named Kailani and just five baby boys named Kailani, according to the United States Census Bureau.

Kailani is the given name of one out of every 1,566 newborn girls and one out of every 366,286 baby males born in 2020 that are given the name Kailani.

5. What is a male warrior name?

Famous warrior names for boys

  • Alexander: defender of men.
  • Barron: fighter.
  • Caddock: war-ready, battle sharp.
  • Callan: rock, battle signifying a fighter as solid as a rock.
  • Duncan: dark fighter.
  • Eloy: mighty fighter.
  • Gerald: a soldier who fights with a spear.
  • Herman: soldier.

6. What names are associated with the word “warrior”?

Gunnar, Marcus, and Walter are all ancient names with warrior connotations. Alessia, Harlow, Louisa, and Zelda are among the girl names in the US Top 1000 that signify warrior. Other boy names that imply warrior in the US Top 1000 include Callan, Duncan, Kane, and Miles, in addition to Gunnar and Marcus.

7. What name conjures up images of a strong-willed warrior?

Liam is an Irish name that means “protector” and “strong-willed fighter.” It’s a diminutive of the Irish name Uilliam, which means “helmet of will.” Liam is a boy’s name that has been used in the past.

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