Record Label Name Ideas

After you have finalized every task for creating your own or your business company’s record label, the last thing that remains on the tray is selecting a name for your record label.

In most cases, the name of the record label is something that becomes very much ignored due to various other engagements at the last moment. Here are some Record Label Name Ideas.

Record Label Name Ideas
Record Label Name Ideas

But it must be noted that the record label name ideas are a very important part in the process of promotion of your record label. Creating an innovative name for your record label ensures that it gets maximum attention from the audience. You must be creative in the process of choosing a name for your record label.

Records Label Name Generator

Musical RecordsBeatnik RecordsSuper Sounds Records
Retro RecordsStudio RecordsExcel Music Records
Serious SoundsMic Biz RecordsRetro Mix Records
Just sing recordsStreet Music RecordsMixtape records
Accord RecordsBoogie land recordsNew Century Records
Pop area recordsMusic man recordsTop base records
Cyber tune recordsSound engineer’s recordSunrise music records
Unconventional recordsDouble rock recordsBasement records
Perfect note recordCarbon music recordsHype music records
Alphapop recordsBlue lake music recordsRetro sound records
New life music recordsShowcase music recordsEmporium maximum record
Earth sound recordsDiscover recordsTurned up records
Old school recordsPerfect recordRoyal records
Melody marvel recordsMaster of music recordsLove music records
Musical machine recordNation recordsUnited records
New chord recordClassic sounds recordMoon records
My own music recordsStudio key recordsExceptional music records

Confused about finding an attractive name for your record label? Do not worry at all. We are here with our records label name generator to help you with catchy record label name ideas

Good Label Names

Record Label Name Ideas
Record Label Name Ideas

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for you to select a good label name.We would bring to you a suggestion of record label name ideas. While you are selecting the appropriate one from the bunch of these names, we must take enough care to be creative.

Custom curation recordsMusical machine recordsThe seventh chord records
Hit factory recordsBusiness of bounce recordsWell recorded records
Super sounds recordMastery of music recordsTrusted tunes records
Bounce bounty recordsHit supply recordsMusic’s master’s records
Iron violin recordsPop anthem recordsDance science records
Perfect note recordsMusic chamber recordsThe magic of music records
Live RecordsRecords of life recordsJazz sounds records
Just hear recordsDelphi recordsVoices of records
New ideas recordDrum masters’ recordsBlue’s boy’s record
Melody marvels recordsHarmonized music recordsThe classics music records
The sound of retro recordsNew kids on the block music recordsSinging tunes records
Plainsong recordsHymns live recordsSoul men music records
Rap rock rules music recordsHype beats music recordsPeace music records
Jazz loves music recordsNew school music recordsModern modes music records
Unique sounds recordNew dawn label recordsBlue lake music records
Top shots music recordsHarmony music recordsAmazing music records
Mushroom music recordsThe bright dawn music recordsJuve sounds record

Some Tips For Naming The Record Label

Record label name ideas
Record label name ideas

Naming a record label is not an easy task. Innovation and patience are the two key factors that are required for the naming of the record label. We have listed some tips which would be helpful to you in the process of naming the record label. Some of them are: –
• The name must be creative
• The name must be innovative
• The name must be catchy
• The name must-have elements of rhythm inside it.

Cool, Best Record Label Names

In this era where everyone wants things to look cool and appears in their best forms, you must be instrumental in creating the record label name ideas of yours by keeping in mind these factors of cool, best record label names.

Surge music recordsThe late-night owl recordsAlpha pop records
Juxtaposition recordsStudio of marvel recordsSprawl records
Showcase music recordsGem Music recordsPixie records
Blackjack music recordsMusical recordsThe great fantasy records
The music of the loft recordsThe vibe music recordsAlive and awake music records
The music of the morning recordsThe fantastic six music recordsMusiX records
The land of music recordsThe power strings music recordsThe country road music records
Your record labelAbsolute recordsNational records
Red recordsGauge recordsGet way to music records
Alliance recordsHelping hand recordsNewbies records
Century recordsArtist recordsGood company records
The warner music groupThe universal music publishing groupIsland records
Virgin recordsBMG rights management recordsDef jam recording
Record head musicSerious soundsThe good retro records
Alliance recordsThe artist limited recordsThe soulful rendering records
The Symphony SoundGuitar ManViolin Verdict
Crazy GuitarThe Drum LifeNew Century Violin

Record Label Names Unused

Record Label Name
Record Label Name

Some record label names remain unused. So, we are presenting to you some record label names unused so that it might help you to select record label name ideas.

Piano LegendSmart AccordionThe country Bagpipes
The Queen’s FluteBerimbau BucklesCello Recording Studio
Banjo BenjaminBassoon SupplyThe Melodica Machine
Young BongoOctobass Record LabelSaxophone Stories
Clarinet BounceBounty PiccoloSitar and more recordings
French horn Music Studio and recordingCymbal CurationSoft Synthesizer Music Label
Tambourine Tempting TunesDidgeridoo Sound SystemsTrumpet Chart Toppers
Zither Music LaboratoryEuphonium Trusted TunesDouble bass Sound Studio
Super Viola Music LabelGlass harmonica Music Masters
Glockenspiel Hype Beasts Music
Whamola Voices RecordsTheremin Tuned In RecordsGong Aired Out Music
Fusion Tunes RecordsHymns Lives RecordsThe Classics Music
Rocked Out MusicAcoustic Cool RecordsBlues Boys
Jazz Jives MusicDouble RockReggae
Classic Sounds RecordsPop AriaPolka
Rap Rock Rules MusicCountry MusicBasement Records
Folks Love MusicRetro SoundRockzzz
Pop AnthemBoom MusicLet’s Rock

Record Company Names

We are here to present you with some record company names. This will be helpful to you in the process of choosing a proper name for your record label.

Record Label Name
Record Label Name
Acoustic Cool RecordsSoulmen RecordsStudio Soft Key Note
Showcase MusicPixie RecordsJuve Sounds
New dawn LabelTop shots RecordsMushroom Music
Blimp RecordsSong Cry RecordsGirl Chat Music
Good vibes RecordsKiwi MusicMusic Mastery Unlimited
Alpha pop RecordsWe Make Music RecordsWell Recorded
Melody HouseBlackJack Music
Exceptional Enterprises Music Label
Moon RecordsBebop Babes MusicPlainsong Records
Bright dawn MusicNew Kids On The Block MusicStudio Doctors
Music PlatinumHeartland LabelCranberry Record
Studio FixMatch LabelCuttlereCompass
Music GirlsDestination LabelVibe Label
Basic RecordStudio WantedStamp Audio
Payne LabelKristina AudioStudio Book
Seeds AudioMusic ThemeBasis Record
Farm StudioFlow RecordFlip Label
Crowd AudioMusic SoupInflux Record

How To Name A Record Label?

For naming a record label you must be very creative. Innovation is the key factor in record label name ideas. So, do not be tensed with the question of how to name a record label? We are here for helping you out.

Record Label Name Ideas
Record Label Name Ideas
Audio MonitorSharanam AudioTestDrive Audio
Label SongLabel ManageXerxes Label
musioLabsAudio GuardAudio Engineering
Initial RecordClutch StudioStudio Advance
horTaraBeam StudioMusic
Playground RecordCollision StudioStudio Models
You RecordPraxis RecordSeminole Audio
Apollo AudioCustom MusicRecord Discovery
aAndLabelAudioMusic ArmyJumpstart Studio
Martial AudioSeasoned MusicSerenity Label
SixPack AudioMoney LabelRecord Win
Studio LastRecord BlockClassic Audio
Mulberry AudioReflex MusicQlic Audio
Label VoteAudio PingVintage Audio
Impact LabelTrendy Audioslamusik
Treasure RecordRainforest MusicQuantum Music
Label WildDoudio LabelExperience Music

The Famous Record Label Names

There are a number of record labels in the world. Among those, some have gathered fame. Have you ever thought about what are the famous record labels in the world? We guess, that you have. So, we have come up with the list of famous record label names. This will help you in the process of having some idea about most famous record labels.
• Atlantic group of records
• Republic group of records
• Columbia group of records
• Def jam group of records

How To Come Up With A Record Label Name?

Record SystemStudio ProntoAudioMedio
Music CloudsPenguin StudioMuz Lette
Studio TankReputation LabelZen Label
Arbitrage AudioMystic RecordLeader Studio
Privilege RecordMoonlight StudioHousehold Music
Breakaway AudioMusic OptimalElement Label
WallStreet StudioRefine MusicTaurus Record
AudioweauMontecarlo StudioStudio Vista
Domestic StudioTravel MusicMaximum Audio
Freight MusicExplore RecordAudio Tribe
Studio LeadershipAtlantis RecordHeaven Label
Toolbox AudioLastelStudioAudio Arena
Lillies LabelCha-Cha LabelViva Record
SilverFox StudioProduce MusicGreenWorld Label
Music NetsBaller MusicFlexible Studio
Cortex RecordStudio ManMusic Stocks
Redwood RecordWeekly StudioAskMe Record

Are you thinking about how to come up with a record label name?We have listed a number of record label names for your own benefit. In the process of coming up with record label name ideas you must make the name look and sound very attractive.

Record Label Names Not Used

record label name idea
record label name idea

There are various record label names that are being kept unused by many business personas. From the record label names not used let us together find out the most melodious names for giving you some suitable record label name ideas.

Integrate AudioCountryClub LabelLabel Always
Audio SharpAudio AccentPrimo Record
Connector MusicConnector AudioCampus Studio
Enhance MusicAbacus LabelResearch Label
Record DoctorContent MusicBeacon Studio
Monarch LabelWorker StudioSearcher Studio
NewEarth LabelProductive StudioGuard Studio
Hydra LabelSun MusicMagic Music
Record StickStudio FeatureBio Studio
Relax RecordAspect LabelProven Music
Montage MusicStudio StageMusic Station
FirstCall StudioRaven MusicMaple Music
HighCountry StudioMusic StylesLabel Detective
Audio MediaSplash AudioMatchbox Audio
Fury LabelThrive AudioAnalytics Label
Shine MusicAudio CitiesMusic Boards
Uncommon AudioFunctional MusicReboot Audio

Recording Studio Names

We have discussed a lot about record label name ideas.But beside that we also have to keep in mind the selection of recording studio names.We have enumerated a number of recording studio names for helping you in the process of selection of names for your recording studio.

record label name idea
record label name idea
Tripod RecordOp RecordSend Studio
Explorer LabelMuscle MusicHub Label
Absolute StudioRecordLab Label
HightHubBlackBox RecordEnergize Label
Audio TacticalConstant AudioClever Studio
Mate LabelHighQuality LabelStudio
Luxuriate AudioIgnition StudioLabel Rocket
Apricot AudioConcept StudioAudio Nano
Tower LabelBow LabelSweet Label
BallBoxAppThermal StudioFreedom Label
Purpose StudioAscension RecordHighlands Audio
Koala RecordAudio OnlineAudioSancHer
Heaven StudioMeta StudioPlay Studio
curRecordstudioPages StudioRecord Bold
Promo StudioReview StudioShadow Record
Eco AudioGotham MusicFortis Audio
Record Ratesall seasons AudioGeek Music

What Should I Name My Record Label?

Those days are gone where you had kept thinking about What should I name my record label. Now we are here to guide you in this task.

Linear RecordAudio TradersAudio
Record CyberMusic LegendScout Music
Hydra RecordStudio ProxyReverse Label
Freshwater StudioMovement MusicAudio Fix
Blush RecordUpfront LabelStudio Sign
Island LabelWisdom LabelQuaint Record
Comfort MusicLift MusicAudio Action
Audio ActivePinnacle MusicNorthland Music
Olive LabelDownload RecordMusic Detective
AtlasoStudiosouvLabsRevision Studio
Studio LatestStudio SumoRazor Label
Warm StudioCommand LabelTInted Music
Best MusicRuby LabelBlackCat Studio
Soft MusicMusic HoundTransparent Label
GaugeekoRanic RecordFlow Record
Galactic AudioLabel MasterLabel Premier
WorryFree StudioStudio SilverNetwork Record

What Are The Four Major Record Labels?

  • Sony BMG records
  •  EMI records
  • Universal music group
  • Warner music grop

We have brought you a reference of what are the four major record labels that are existing.
Sony BMG records EMI records Universal music group Warner music group

What Is The Most Famous Record Label?

record label company names
record label company names

After reading all these you might be wondering about what is the most famous record label. We have also covered this aspect of record label name ideas for you.

Century LabelGrande AudioAlliance Record
Doc StudioAmerica AudioRecord Laber
Audio HandsSeeds RecordPlanters Audio
Record SpacesDestiny LabelSacred Label
Paragon RecordLabelSpur Record
LabelWatchMusicMusic ScreenSoul Record
Record HuntersUpbeat LabelKoala Label
Sprite AudioLabel CraftExquisite Record
Campaign StudioRevival RecordLabel Ease
Bliss AudioJupiter MusicMatrix Music
Audio DirectoryFinal LabelMerge Music
Centric AudioRecord LightingCivic Music
Music PublicFlowing MusicAudio Connections
Sheen AudioProfile AudioBlog Music
Solid RecordEthereal RecordTerror Record
BlackHole MusicArea StudioSanctuary Studio
Record InvestorCooperative LabelRecord Course

How To Create A Record Label Name?

By this time, you must not have any more confusion regarding how to create a record label nameas we have given you ample record label name ideas. For creating record label names, you must keep in mind that it should sound melodious.

Century LabelGrande AudioAlliance Record
Doc StudioAmerica AudioRecord Laber
Audio HandsSeeds RecordPlanters Audio
Record SpacesDestiny LabelSacred Label
Paragon RecordLabelSpur Record
LabelWatchMusicMusic ScreenSoul Record
Record HuntersUpbeat LabelKoala Label
Sprite AudioLabel CraftExquisite Record
Campaign StudioRevival RecordLabel Ease
Bliss AudioJupiter MusicMatrix Music
Audio DirectoryFinal LabelMerge Music
Centric AudioRecord LightingCivic Music
Music PublicFlowing MusicAudio Connections
Sheen AudioProfile AudioBlog Music
Solid RecordEthereal RecordTerror Record
BlackHole MusicArea StudioSanctuary Studio
Record InvestorCooperative LabelRecord Course


Have a look at the record label name ideas that we have listed for you.
Choose the record label name from the host of names given by us.

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