50+ Names That Mean Wolf For Boys & Girls


Wolves are one of the most majestic and amazing creatures in the world; they appear to be immensely powerful, fierce, and strong.

Wolves are also some of the most beautiful animals globally, as evidenced in several novels, television series, and songs.

Therefore, it is not surprising that parents would wish to give their children names with the meaning “Wolf,” as the name would symbolize something powerful and majestic.

This list contains names from diverse sources, languages, and cultures that mean “wolf.” These names can help you choose the best one for your child!

If you wish to name your child after these amazing creatures in the hopes that they would grow up fierce and gorgeous, then you must check out this list of names!

Names that mean wolf-boy

Do you want to give your child a " Wolf " name? Check out this list of 100+ names that mean Wolf for both boys and girls.
  • Acwulf: The origin of the name “Acwulf” is German, meaning “a wolf from the Oak meadows.” It is an excellent alternative for your child.
  • Adalwolf: This lovely German name for boys means “Noble Wolf.” This is an excellent choice for your boy.
  • Adolphus: The German origin and meaning of the name “Adolphus” are “Noble Wolf.”
  • Beorhtwulf: The meaning of the Germanic name Beorhtwulf is “to have the brightness and light of the wolf” or “bright wolf.”
  • Beowulf: This lovely name has an Old English history and the meaning “bear” (believed to be equivalent to “bee wolf”), making it a classic selection for your child. This was also the name of a popular eighth-century epic poetry.
  • Bleddyn: The name means “Wolf,” and its origin is Welsh. It is pronounced “Bleth-in” and is an increasingly common name.
  • Boris: “Boris” is a Turkic name with multiple meanings, including “Wolf,” “short,” and “snow leopard.”
  • Chann: The popular Irish baby name “Chann” means “Young Wolf” and is derived from the Irish language.
  • Conri: This name derives from the Irish Gaelic language, meaning “Wolf King.” This name from the list of names meaning “wolf king” is extremely popular.
  • Cuthwulf: The origin of the name is English, and its meaning is “renowned wolf.”

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Names that mean wolf girl

Do you want to give your child a " Wolf " name? Check out this list of 100+ names that mean Wolf for both boys and girls.
  • Accalia: This is a lovely Latin name that means “she-wolf.” It is the name of Remus and Romulus’ foster mother in mythology.
  • Adolfa: This is a lovely name for a baby girl, and its meaning is “Noble hero” and “Noble Wolf.” It has Germanic ancestry. Adolpha is a variant of the given name.
  • Agwang: This is an attractive African name, meaning “wolf.” It is a distinctive, strong, and ethnic alternative for your baby girl.
  • Blevine: This is a beautiful Welsh baby girl name, and the meaning of the name is “wolf.”
  • Botolphe: This lovely and distinctive German name means “wolf.” It comes from the Old German word for wolf.
  • Cathwulf: The name derives from Old English and means “A woman as pure as a wolf.” It is an excellent alternative for your daughter.

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Fierce Names That Mean Wolf

  • Dakota: This wolf’s name, Dakota, is derived from Native American languages, meaning “friend” or “friendly.” This Native American wolf name is suitable for a hardy dog or wolf.
  • Dawn: Dawn is the meaning of this wolf’s given name. It is an extremely beautiful wolf name. Among the coolest werewolf names.
  • Destiny: Destiny is a wolf name that means “fate.” Also present among badass female dog names.
  • Eskimo: This word refers to the indigenous inhabitants of Northern America. It is also a great moniker for a wolf.
  • Frost: Frost is a wolf name that means “small deposits of frost on a surface.” It is also an excellent name for a she-wolf. One of the coolest werewolf names.

Names that mean wolf warrior

Do you want to give your child a " Wolf " name? Check out this list of 100+ names that mean Wolf for both boys and girls.
  • Akela: This wolf’s name is derived from The Jungle Book. In “The Jungle Book,” Akela is the solitary wolf. The name Akela originates from Hindi, meaning “lonely.”
  • Aleu: This wolf’s name originates from the film “Balto 2.” It is an animated film featuring a lovely wolf named Aleu.
  • Arcanine: This wolf’s name is derived from the Pokémon series. Originally an anime, Pokemon soon spawned its videogames and animated films.
  •  Balto: This wolf’s name, Balto, is likewise derived from the film Balto; it is the name of the film’s titular character. Balto is a perfect moniker for a wolf. A well-known wolf name.

Last names that mean wolf

  • Adalwolf: Adalwolf is a Germanic name that means “noble wolf.” This name has numerous versions that imply “noble wolf.”
  • Adolpha: Adolpha is a Latin name that means “noble wolf.” It is the Latin form of the name Adalwolf.
  • Guadalupe: Guadalupe is of Arabic origin and means “wolf river.” It is derived from the terms “Wadi” (meaning “river”) and “Lupus” (meaning “wolf”); it is one of the coolest wolf names.
  • Lupa: The Latin word Lupa means “she-wolf.” Lupita is another diminutive of Lupa.

Unique and quirky name that means wolf

Do you want to give your child a " Wolf " name? Check out this list of 100+ names that mean Wolf for both boys and girls.
  • Tala: This name is found in numerous languages, and its meaning in Native Americans is “Stalking Wolf.”
  • Tamaska: This name is of Native North American origin, meaning “Mighty Wolf.” It is also believed that the name has a Hungarian origin.
  • Ulf: “Ulf” is an Old Norse name, meaning “wolf.” This is a powerful and feminine name for your baby girl.
  • Ulva: The meaning of the remarkable Old German name Wolf is “wolf.” It is an attractive and traditional alternative for your child.
  • Velvela: This name, which has a beautiful Yiddish origin and means “wolf,” is typically given to infant females.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Is A Badass Name For A Wolf?

Fenrir, also known as Fenrislfr, is a terrifying wolf in Norse mythology. He was the son of Loki, the demonic deity, and Angerboda, a giantess.

2. What Names Mean She-Wolf?

Chann is an Irish name that means “young wolf” or “small wolf.”

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