Top 20 Wonderful Names That Mean Sun


The names that mean Sun, could become your savior and your delight, at once. 

What are we, but for a transient identity? The character we play on the stage of life is assigned to us just as we enter this world of chaos, or sometimes before too, in the form of something as subtle yet profound, as a name, that becomes our very being.

Every day becomes an internal search for light, positivity, and warmth. Life becomes a moment of vulnerability, and the desire to be the whole, the very source of life itself, just like the brave and beautiful Sun, dominates our core. 

So, here’s a list of names that mean ‘Sun’, that might just give unfathomable meaning to a person’s life, along with the most desired traits in a personality, akin to confidence, optimism, clarity, power, and control, or from a spiritual perspective, a manifestation of God or Universe itself.

Glorious Baby Names That Mean Sun

If you are looking for a word that, merely by the sound of it, brings you joy, comfort, and splendor, then check out the following list of baby names that mean Sun and its other derivations.

  • Aarush- A Sanskrit origin word that equates to the Sun itself. Other words associated with this name are brilliance, calmness, and dawn.
  • Elio- An Italian and Spanish word, that means Sun. It is a popularly used name in France. It can be related to Sunny or Spirited.
  • Albert-  A German word that means bright or noble. It is most commonly used in the US.
  • Helios- Helios is the name of the Sun God, in Greek Mythology.
  • Hinata- This word is of Japanese origin, that literally translates to a “Sunny place”

Girl Names That Mean Sun

A baby girl is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. A girl child is often associated with hope, optimism, delight, and unconditional love, similar to the Sun. 

And thus, the name that she carries should also be parallel to these positive traits. So, here is a list of Girl Names that mean Sun, to empower your baby girl with all its charm and power.

  • Aaryamani- It is a Sanskrit-origin word, that means- belonging to the Sun
  • Mehreen- Mehreen is a Muslim name for Girls that means, compassionate and brilliant like the Sun.
  • Dawn- Originating from the old English, dawn means the first appearance of light or daybreak.
  • Eleanor- Originating from French and Greek, it means light-hearted or shining light.
  • Phoebe- Phoebe is a feminine name from Ancient Greek, and translates to bright and shining.
  • Zia- Zia means light glow illumination. It is based on Persian and Urdu words.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Sun

Sometimes, more than the meaning of the name, its impact lies in uniqueness. So, if you are looking for exotic and rare unisex names for your child, you can get some inspiration here.

  • Kiran- Indian given name, Kiran translates to ray or beam of light. It originated from the Sanskrit word Kirana.
  • Aurora- Aurora is the name of the Roman Goddess of Sunrise.
  • Apollo- Apollo was the Greek God of Sunlight, Prophecy, Music, poetry, and manly beauty.
  • Surya- A Sanskrit word that translates to the Sun or its deity. 
  • Mehr-Mehr is a Persian name that means friendship and sun.

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Last Names That Mean Sun

The importance of last names is often undermined. Our last name is the door to our past, our memories, and our very roots.

It is the warmth of family, the ancestral blessings, and the color of your blood. Certainly, the last name, whose meaning can be correlated with the Sun, might just be as powerful as it sounds.

  • Aaftab- Translating to light, brightness, and beauty, Aftab is a Persian word and a commonly used boy name.
  • Cyrus- A Persian name, which means ‘Sun’, or the one who bestows care.
  • Domingo- A Spanish word, derived from Latin ‘Dominicus’, which means Sun Lord or Master
  • Aelius- Roman family name, which means Sun. It was derived from Greek origin

Names That Mean Sun Or Star

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, although these words undermine the sentiments of the observer.

But I know somehow, when we seek love, then more often than not, we end up finding it, in the glimpses of the Sun. And it could be your child too if you decide to name him so.

  • Celeste- It is a female given name derived from a Latin word meaning heavenly.
  • Astra- derived from the Latin word astralis, Astra is a baby name that means stars.
  • Kyrah- It is a feminine name derived from Greek “kura’, which means throne and sun.
  • Seren- It is a welsh given name that means star.
  • Sirius– Sirius is the name of a bright star and translates to glowing.

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Names For Your Ray Of Sunshine

Keep your face to the Sun, and you will never see the shadows.” When Hellen Keller said this, I never thought we could take it literally.

I mean what if we could name our babies, upon the sunshine, so the moment we look at them, we will feel that everything would fall into place? Check the following list of names for some suggestions.

  • Suryansh- An Indian origin name, which means ‘Part of the Sun’
  • Uday- Uday is an Indian name that translates to ‘rising’, ‘to arrive’, or ‘appearance’.
  • Adit- An Indian boy name, which means ‘Source Of Energy’, in reference to the Sun
  • Gautham- One of the ancient Indian names, which means remover of darkness.
  • Avi- It is a masculine name, meaning “sun and air”.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a name that means sunshine?

– Yes, names like Kiran, Ellen, Aarush, and Solana, mean ‘Sunshine’

2. What name means Goddess of the sun?

– Apollo, Arinna, Freyr, Helios, and Garudas, are names of Sun Goddesses

3. What name means rising sun?

-Aruj, Ceyone, Subhashkar, Heshini, and Kosuke are names that mean rising sun.  

To Summarize

If you truly appreciate the vigor, aesthetics, and unconditional symbolism of the Sun, this comprehensive list of names would save you from the hassle of searching for possibilities that would define the role that your child has to play as he steps out into the world of challenges.

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