Powerful Girls Names That Mean Strong


Parenthood is an examination of emotional and physical fortitude like none other—and baby names that imply strong, mighty, or powerful feel uniquely fitting to motherhood in 2022.

You may be praying that your child receives the mental fortitude of you or a loved one or that they possess the inner power to conquer whatever hurdle life throws them.

While ” strong ” might not be the best name, many strong boy and girl names reflect the hopes and dreams you have for your infant.

Whether you’re searching for something outside the box or something more typical, this list of baby names that signify strong is packed with inspiration.

Girl names that mean strong and beautiful

  • Alcie: Alcie (Greek origin) means “strong-willed.” It’s a great name signifying spirit.
  • Aziza: Aziza (Arabic origin) signifies “beloved” or Powerful.”
  • Bali: Bali means “strength,” also the name of a Hindu mythological character.
  • Bedelia: Bedelia means “exalted one” or “strength.”
  • Bree: Bree (Irish origin) means “strength.”
  • Britta:  Britta (Scandinavian origin) means “strength.” It’s a terrific survival name.
  • Cyrene: Cyrene (Greek origin) signifies “supreme.”
  • Elda: Elda (Italian origin) means “warrior.”
  • Hania:  Hania (Native American origin) means “spirit warrior.”
  • Imara: Imara (Kiswahili origin) means “firm”.
  • Irie: Irie (Caribbean origin) means “positive and powerful.”
  • Karla: Karla (French origin) meaning “strong,” sometimes spelled as Carla.

Boy names that mean strong and spirit

Powerful Girls Names That Mean Strong
  • Abir: Abir (Hebrew origin) signifies “mighty,” “courageous,” and “strong.”
  • Amzi: Amzi (Hebrew origin) name meaning “strong.”
  • Andres: Andres (Scandinavian origin) meaning “strong and manly.”
  • Angus: Angus (Gaelic origin) means “strength.”
  • Aziz: Aziz name signifying “beloved” and “strong.”
  • Barrett: Barrett (German origin) means “bear strength.”
  • Brady: Brady (Irish origin) means “broad spirited.”
  • Brian: Brian (Irish origin) signifies “honorable” or “strong,” a common baby name.
  • Caden: Caden (Welsh origin) means “spirit of battle.”
  • Denzel: Denzel (Cornish origin) indicates “from a protected location.” Also, the name of a prominent actor: Denzel Washington. We love this English name and think it’s well due for a rebirth.

Unisex names that mean strong girl

  • Egon: Egon (German origin) means “strong with the sword.” It’s a terrific name if you wish to baptize your baby with names that mean defender or strong warrior.
  • Emeric: Emeric (French origin) means “power.”
  • Ethan: the Hebrew name means “firm” or “strong.”
  • Griffin: Griffin (Latin origin) means “strong lord.”
  • Haldis: Haldis (Greek origin) means “stone spirit.”
  • Harvey: Harvey (French origin) signifying “battle worthy” or “strong spirit.”
  • Imre: Imre (Hungarian origin) means “strength.”
  • Jabbar: Jabbar (Arabic origin) signifies “powerful.”
  • Kenzo: Kenzo (Japanese origin) means “strong.”

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Gender-neutral baby names that mean strong

Powerful Girls Names That Mean Strong
  • Liam: Are you shocked that one of Canada’s most common baby names right now signifies strong? If your little one is a “powerful warrior,” this Irish name is for him.
  • Angus: With Gaelic origins, Angus is a surname that you don’t hear too frequently. Bring it back by naming your youngster a moniker that implies “one strength” or “unique strength.”
  • Bernard: One of the major trends for 2017 is old-fashioned names. This old classic means “strong as a bear.”

Unique, strong girl names

  • Valentina: Give your bold and vibrant young one this forceful yet feminine name. (It’s especially apt if you have a mid-February due date.)
  • Valerie: Here’s another one from the V family. This Latin name indicates both “strong” and “brave.”
  • Brianna: If you like a Celtic baby name with a strong meaning (“strong”), look no further. Brianna and Brianne are likewise feminine variants of the name Brian.
  • Audrey: Meaning “noble strength,” this exquisite name also connotes the traditional Hollywood elegance of Audrey Hepburn.
  • Philomena: While this moniker reappeared in the 2013 movie Philomena, it’s a popular Greek name meaning “lover of strength.”

Last Names That Mean strong girl 

Powerful Girls Names That Mean Strong
  • Matilda: Who could forget everyone’s beloved feisty Roald Dahl protagonist, Matilda? This name has German roots and means “might,” “power,” or “battle.”
  • Maude: A French variant of Matilda, Maude also refers to “battle” and “mighty.”
  • Bridget: Now made popular by the fictional character Bridget Jones, Bridget (or Brigid) initially stems from a Celtic noun that denotes “power,” “strength,” and “vigor.”
  • Lenna: Bestowing this name on your little girl will remind her that she’s got the inner confidence of a lion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name symbolizes strength?

Angus is a Scottish name meaning “special power.” The name is taken from the Gaelic Aonghus, the Irish deity of love and youth.

2 . What name means strong and powerful?

Valentina: Like the powerful boys’ name, Valentine, Valentina signifies ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ in Latin.

3. What names mean a warrior or strong?

Agnar. Agnar is a Norwegian name meaning warrior.

4. What Greek name means strong?

It might be a surprise that the names Arsen, Andrew, and Karl all indicate “strong” in Greek. Thus one of these names could be a suitable pick.

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