Powerful Baby Names That Mean Strength


Names that mean strength and bravery have been used for centuries. You can also find a huge number of names in different cultures and languages that mean strength.

After all, Your baby boy entered this world with a lot of strength and power. And now, as a parent, you want them to grow up strong and courageous, who are ready to take on this mighty world. So for you, we have collected a list of names that mean strength.

Here we have shared powerful baby names that mean strength. Give your child a sense of empowerment with these powerful names.

Boy Names That Mean Strength

It is always said, you become what you keep repeating. And so, a word that stays along and becomes repetitive for a lifetime is always your name. Having mentioned this, who would not want their child to be strong enough to face the challenges of life and take a stand in difficult situations? 

Thus, there are approx 75% of parents prefer to name their child that has meaning as strength, especially when it comes to naming a little boy. And if you are one of those parents, we have collected a list of names that mean strength to you:

  • LIAM – Irish origin, means “strong-willed.”
  • KWAN – Korean origin, means “strong.”
  • OZ – Hebrew origin, means “strength,” “powerful” and “courageous.”
  • MAXIMUS – Latin origin, means “greatest”.
  • ANGUS – Gaelic origin, means “unique strength.” 
  • NERON – Spanish origin, means ‘Strong’
  • MAX – Latin origin, means ‘Greatest’ or someone that comes out on top.
  • ALEXANDER – Latin and Greek origin, means ‘Defender of mankind’
  • EKON – Nigerian origin, means “strong.”
  • AARON – Hebrew origin, means ‘High mountain or strong mountain’.
  • TAKESHI – Japanese origin, means “strong” and “healthy,”
  • ETAN – Latin, Hebrew origin, means “strength, firmness, long-lived.”
  • WARRICK – English origin, means “strong leader who defends”.
  • BARRETT – English origin, Originally a surname, Barrett has become the first name in its own right.
  • BERNARD – meaning “strife,” “bear strength” or “warlike people.”
  • TRUDY – German origin, means ‘Spear of strength’

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Girl Names That Mean Strength

Girls are born with a fighting spirit. When they were born, they fought a tough battle as soon as she made her way into the world.

Maybe she was in the NICU, a premature baby, or a healthy baby but too weak to fit into this world. Here is the list of names that will remind you how strong your daughter is.

  • BRIANNA – Irish origin, means “strong.” Call her Bri for short.
  • MATILDA – German origin, means ‘Might strong’
  • AILA – Scottish Gaelic origin, means “from the strong place.”
  • VALENTINA – Latin origin, means “healthy” and “strong.”
  • GABRIELLA – Hebrew origin, means “strong”.
  • AUDREY – Anglo-Norman origin, means ‘Noble strength’
  • ADIRA – Hebrew origin, means ‘Strong, noble, powerful
  • BRIANNA – Irish origin, means ‘Strength’.
  • BREE – Irish origin, means ‘Strength or an exalted one’
  • BRIDGET – Gaelic/Irish origin, means ‘Strength or exalted one’.
  • VALENCIA – Spanish origin, means “strong” and “healthy.” 
  • LENNA – German origin, means “Lion’s strength.”
  • IMALA– Native American origin, means “strong-minded.”
  • MILLICENT – French and old German origin, means “work” and “strength”.
  • EZEKIEL – Hebrew origin, means “God strengthens.”
  • ALSIE – Greek origin, means “strong-willed”
  • VEDA – Sanskrit origin, meaning “knowledge.” 
  • GAVI – Hebrew origin, means “God is my strength.”
  • GESINE – Old High German origin, means “spear,” “maiden, dear,” and “strength,” Gesine is a fresh take on a “grandma name.”
  • ARNE – Scandinavian and Dutch origin, means “ruler, or strong as an eagle”
  • BIDU – Irish origin, means “strength” or “power.”
  • TETSU – Japanese origin, means “strong as iron.”

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Strength

Hunting for gender-neutral names that mean strength that is suitable for both girls and boys can become a tedious job. This happens when you are unable to find the right name which suits your child. For your brave son or daughter, continue scrolling to find out gender-neutral names that mean strength.

  • EVERETTE – means “brave,” “hardy” or “strong.”
  • MIKA – Hebrew origin, means “Who is like God.”
  • AIMILIOS – Greek origin, means “strength”.
  • SAGE – Latin, English, and French origin, means “wise one”.
  • SWITHUN – England origin, means “quick” and “strong”.
  • UZI – Hebrew origin, means “Jehovah is my strength”.
  • DREW – England origin, means “strong and manly” which are strong qualities, even for a girl.
  • PHOENIX – Greek origin, means bright red.
  • JORDAN – Greek and Hebrew origin, means to flow down or descent.
  • AVERY – French and English origin, means “ruler of elves.”
  • CHARLIE – German origin, means “free man.”
  • DENVER – Old English origin, means “green valley” or “from Anvers.”
  • BELLAMY – Norman origin, means ‘from Belleme’.
  • ELLIOT – Scottish origin, means ‘With Strength and Right’ or ‘Bravely and Truly’ or ‘Boldly and Rightly’ or ‘The Lord is my God’.
  • SPENCER – Medieval Latin, Old French, Anglo-French, Middle English origin, means a steward.
  • REMY – French origin, means Oarsman Or Remedy.
  • LONDON – Modern Welsh Llwyn origin, means “grove”, and “town”.

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Names That Mean ‘Strength’ For Little Fighters

Babies are the strength of the family. They not only make our family strong but also bring happiness. So if you are searching for unique yet cute names that mean strength for your child, then check out the list of names below.

  • Cayden – Irish origin, means ‘Great fighter.
  • Donovan – Irish origin, means ‘Strong fighter’
  • Dustin – English origin, means ‘Fighter’
  • Ebba – German, English origin, means ‘Strength of an animal’
  • Guy – Norman origin, means ‘Warrior’
  • Kelly – Irish origin, means ‘Warrior’
  • Magnar – Latin origin, means ‘Strong warrior’
  • Tiger – French, Latin, Greek origin, means ‘Power and energy’
  • Andrea – Greek origin, means ‘Strong’
  • Bernadette – German, French origin, means ‘Strong and brave as a bear’
  • Carla – German and Italian origin, means ‘One who possesses strength’
  • Emersyn – American origin, means ‘Bravery or powerful’
  • Isa – German, Arabic origin, means Jesus.
  • Lenna – German origin, means ‘Lion’s strength’
  • Melisende – German origin, means ‘Strong in work’
  • Millicent – French and German origin, means ‘Strong at work’
  • Philomena – Greek origin, means ‘Lover of strength’
  • Valerie – French origin, means ‘Strength, health’

Names That Mean Power And Strength

Within just a few days your little warrior has made a space in everyone’s heart. And now, their strong grip on your fingers has made your search for names that mean power and strength. Check out our fresh list of names that mean power and strength and celebrate their fighting spirit for a lifetime.

  • Ethan – Hebrew origin, means “strong,” “safe,” “solid,” and “firm.”
  • Griffin – Irish origin, means”descendant of the Griffin-like.”
  • Ezekiel – Hebrew origin, means “God’s Strength.”
  • Valentina – Latin origin, means “valens” meaning “healthy, strong”.
  • Althea – Green origin, means healer and wholesome.
  • Kenji – Japanese origin, intelligent, second son, strong, and healing.
  • Cassandra – Greek origin, means the one who shines and excels over men.
  • Aziel – Hebrew origin, means God is my power.
  • Wyatt – English origin, means brave at war.

Names Meaning Strength And Courage

Kids need to learn to be courageous and strong from a very young age. So yes, your brave and daring child deserves a great name too. Giving them the right name will keep them reminded of how strong they are.

Here is the list:

  • Baldric – German origin, means brave ruler.
  • Abhaysimha – Hindu origin, means one who is as brave as a lion.
  • Abhitha – South Indian, Sanskrit origin, means A fearless or a courageous woman.
  • Abhita – Sanskrit origin, means A brave or courageous, fearless
  • Azmia – Muslim origin, means Brave, Strong, and Courageous.
  • Baliman – Indian origin, means Powerful; Energetic; Strong; Courageous; Mighty.
  • Ashvath – Indian origin, means Strong; Brave; Powerful; Courageous/
  • Ativeer – Hindi origin, means One who is extremely brave and courageous.
  • Abhayaprada – Hindu origin, means Bestower of Safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What name symbolizes strength?

The name Angus symbolizes strength and means unique strength. It is of Scottish origin and derived from the Gaelic Aonghus, the Irish god of love and youth.

2. What names mean a warrior or strong?

Here is the list of names that mean warrior or strong:

  • Ethan
  • Gunther
  • Harold
  • Kane
  • Lewis
  • Liam
  • Marcus
  • Milo

3. What Greek name means strength?

The name Aimilios is of Greek origin which means strength. It is thought to have the same roots as Emily and Emilia, so it is the best name to choose for your baby.

4. What name means strong and powerful?

The name Valentina is suitable for baby girl names which mean powerful and strong. It is of Latin origin.

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