799+ Names That Mean Shadow


“The eye is always caught by light, but shadows have more to say.” Names that Mean Shadow

There are people who love baby names that mean light or sunshine. They often don’t like darkness and so that go for shadow-filled names. But then there are people or set of parents who enjoy darkness, who understand shadows and hence love them to bits. These parents love shadows and their essence so much that they like to name their babies with name that mean shadow.

Names YouthfulThatscapeMean CaptivateMean Ethereal
Shadow EmpressThat KittyThatlanceThat Eclipse
That LastingMean DoveMean DianaMeanomatic
ThatsterShadow QueenThat EnhancerMean Femme
Shadow VernalNames AchieveThatishShadow Esthetic
ThatzoidMeanscapeNames LitNamverse
MeanopediaMeannestThat CleopatraThat Hera
That WarriorShadow VenomShadow DameMean Fix
ThatellaNames VioletShadow RivetingMeanly
Mean FountainMean GaloreShadowxNames Lucious

Why? So that their children would also love darkness as much as they do. They also understand its depth and are not afraid of it. And because we love these people as much as they love darkness, we thought of helping them in finding some shadowy names for their babies.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

Are you one of them? Then come along and enjoy the show full of darkness and shadows exclusively designed for you.

Story of a Shadow

I like my shadow. It reminds me that I exist.”

Still wondering if you are going to find the perfect name that means shadow for your baby or not?

Mean ClinicalThat EtherealNames BeachThat Exemplary
Mean EmpressMean WishThat RadianceNamiva
Shadow FemmeShadow ElementsShadowioMean Intrigue
Mean DeificMean RadianceNames DuskMean TInted
Names ArdentMean CaptivatingNames FinesseMean Feminine
Names BoldnessThat BewitchMean BombNames Clio
Names FetchingThat FinesseMean AgelessMean Vogue
ShadowwindNames EndlessMean SummerThat Harmony
MeanquipoThat WowMean ObsessionShadowly
Names EleganceThataroNames AspasiaMean Picturesque

Oh, don’t worry! We have come up with so many options for you that you love too much and that will make all your doubts disappear. Here’s our very first list of some shadow names to prove you that we mean what we have said.

Names Meaning Shadow

You might be surprised to know that each name written above belongs to different and origin and yet all of them have the same meaning, shadow.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow
Shadow BanishMean KnockoutMean CovetedMeannetic
Mean LustrousShadow OpacityNames LureMean Winsome
Shadow FascinateNames IntrigueMean ShearThat Matte
Mean QueenMean EgoNames AestheticMean Athens
That WinsomeShadow UnforgettableShadow StreamlinedMean Enlivening
Shadow PlushShadow DeepNames GlamourShadow Chic
Mean QuaintShadow LitThat ColoristMean Pamper
That DivaMean HarpNames BlossomShadow Eclipse
That CandyMean WishMean ExuberantThat Matrix
Shadow GenesisNames BoostsShadow OnyxShadow Captivating

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Satisfied? We know you are.

And since now you are hooked to our conversation on baby names that mean shadow, let’s have some shadowy talks with you before proceeding towards our next dark list of names. Do you know that, while shadows can be seen as projections of individuals, people can be seen as projections of shadows too?

Names RavenMean AngelicNames BlazingShadow Boosts
That BlendThat PurrThat DoveMean Ego
Shadow VelocityShadow ElfinThat DonaShadow Banish
Shadow FXMean ModernShadow FabMean Marvel
Names AffectsThat LuxNames GaloreNames TInted
Shadow BeholdMean RefineShadow FitShadow Attitude
Shadow CleoMean TIntedThat ArtistryMean Lure
Mean PrestigeShadow MatteShadow BeachMean Bewitch
Names MiraculousThat ReignMean SpotlessNames Profuse
Mean BlazingThat FlatterMean AphroditeMean Enhancer

Some old books or ancient myths on shadow have different interpretations of shadows. They claim that demons actually fear humans and their powerful shadows.

Isn’t that spooky and cool at the same time?

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

Imagine you got save from a demon’s attack because your shadow. You might have to stop and appreciate your shadow for protecting you from the invisible threat. Moving on, here is a visible list containing some girl names that mean dark followed by the boy names that mean shadow.

That LilyNames VanityMean PhotogenicShadow Beguiling
Names AdmireMean OceanThat RitualNames Appeal
Mean AwakenNames CalmNames WishNames Hummingbird
Mean DazzleNames MesmericThat LuxeThat Harmonious
Mean BoostsMean AyeshaNames CleopatraMean Mesmeric
That ClioThat BareMean PurrThat Orchid
Mean AdeleThat LuxuriantMean ReverenceThat Goo
Names AztecShadow NakedMean AchieveMean Avenge
Shadow VixenThat ResortMean FlatterThat Tempean
Names CandescentNames MagnificenceNames AffectsShadow Erotic

Enjoy reading until we get back to you with some more interesting and shadowy facts with more shadow names.

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Female Names Meaning Shadow

That ShearNames CompleteShadow CocoThat Honey
That AutumnNames FlatterThat MarvelNames Strange
Names SeductressShadow TulipNames EnchantingThat Ray
Shadow AdeleMean WarriorNames AdeleShadow Coveted
That RavishNames SplashMean OwlShadow Delilah
Shadow LolaNames BlazingShadow SeductressNames Picturesque
Mean ContourThat AppearMean HarpMean Lucent
Mean AccentuateShadow AquariusNames RomanceMean Bunny
That AugustShadow CosmoThat RadiantShadow Dazzle
That AmberNames SheerNames CandyThat Harp
Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow
  • And here’s the answer to what boy name means shadow?
Mean ClinicalShadow AvengeMean MagnificenceMean Dahlia
Mean ImpeccableThat ElementsNames CalmShadow Naked
Shadow TeaseShadow LambentThat AnchorMean Matte
Names MatteThat BunnyThat WarriorNames Flawless
Shadow VioletMean CosmicShadow PrismaticMean Lavish
Names PassionalShadow ScarletMean PhoenixNames Stunner
Mean RejuvenateNames RadianceNames AttitudeMean Diva
Shadow CanvasNames BelleNames EgoNames Elevated
That PrimaShadow AmoreMean GentleMean Fit
Mean VernalThat BoudoirThat LuxeThat Enticing

The Game of Shadows!

Your identity is like your shadow: not always visible and yet always present.

And something that is always present with you and accompanies you everywhere whether visibly or invisibly, we must honour it, right? And the best way to do it by having names that mean shadow, names that mean dark.

And if you cannot change your now because of the obvious reasons, we can still accomplish our honouring ceremony by giving our baby some dark and deep names.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

Do you agree?

That BounceShadow OpacityNames AdmireNames August
Shadow ElegantNames AzraaNames PurrNames Rebalance
That CandyThat FixNames BareThat Brightness
Mean EleganceShadow AppearThat PhotogenicMean Bare
Mean LuciousMean DesireMean MonroeShadow Contour
Shadow AdeleShadow DiamondShadow RenewingNames Violet
Names GrandeMean YouthfulThat MadonnaNames Vivid
Names IlluminatingThat TulipShadow VelocityNames Bop
Shadow LuminescentMean EncoreShadow AthensThat Electrifying
Shadow SteepMean EclipseNames FXNames Velocity

You do since you believe in the beauty of a shadow and depth in the darkness. And on that note, we have some back-to-back shadowy name lists coming up for you with some cool names meaning shadow or darkness.

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Get excited!

Names That Mean Black

Mean SapphireThat ReviveShadow OceanShadow Magnificence
That LookerShadow LovesomeShadow SilkMean Tinged
Shadow EndlessMean KnockoutShadow DianaThat Affects
That SteepNames ObsessionMean BlushThat Queen
Mean CocoThat BlurredThat WinsomeNames Desirable
That EtherealShadow LureNames SplashThat Achieve
Names AvengeMean BrillianceShadow FemmeNames Mesmeric
Names CosmicShadow PandaShadow LucentNames Beguile
That CookieMean FulgentNames AttractiveMean Nude
Mean WarriorMean GalvanicShadow ElectrifyShadow Enlivening

We don’t even have to tell you what are the meanings of these names. since the theme is names that mean shadow, its quite understood that all the lists given above contain names meaning dark, shadow or black.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

You just have to look closely which list is representing black names, dark names or shadow names. also, if they are girl oriented, boy oriented or a mix of both.

Moving onto our next list of the almost same category with just a slightly different meaning, here are the

Names Meaning Shadow Walker

Names AztecMean ExaltedNames VenustNames Bewitch
Names DivaMean IlluminatingThat FeminineThat Gaia
Shadow AcheloisThat AestheticMean ReverenceMean Lotus
Shadow FunkMean BrightnessShadow BlazingNames Amber
Shadow EclipseMean CookieMean AddictionNames Raven
Mean IneffableNames HottieMean AchieveNames Bomb
Names BoudoirThat AvaThat FetchingShadow Behold
Mean DivaShadow LustrousShadow RaveMean Beguiling
Names DivaShadow BrillianceThat DonaNames Gentle
Names IntensityThat LuciousShadow TempeanShadow Blazing

Since we are exploring shadow related names across the world, thinking that there must be no surname that manes shadow is like being partial towards the first names.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

How can we say that something doesn’t exist at all when we haven’t explored it or tried to find it? We must give a try to shadowy surnames as well, who knows our friend having that cool surname is actually a representation of a shadow and is originated from darkness.

Mean IntrigueMean AddictionShadow LavishShadow Daring
Mean RivetingMean AestheticMean LilacThat Polished
Names EndlessMean ArtistryMean ResortNames Scintillant
That DuskNames SplendorousMean NakedThat Lambent
Mean LavishThat LucentNames RejuvenateShadow Lasting
That ClinicalNames GalvanicThat SugarMean Lust
That AwakenMean AvengeThat MatrixThat Ameli
Mean OrchidMean VanityThat SummerNames Aesthetic
That FormulaNames RefineThat SheenyThat Daisy
Mean WarriorNames VioletThat InfatuateThat Chakra

Let’s find out together some

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Surnames Meaning Shadow

And those were some surnames or last names from across the world that mean shadow when translated to their native language.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

The surprising thing is that each and every surname given here belongs to a different county, language and origin. It has got Irish, English, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Slavic, Scottish, Armenian, Czech, and German surnames in there.

Names ResortMean ReverenceThat WinsomeShadow Autumn
Shadow SplendorousThat EmpressMean AspasiaShadow Photogenic
Shadow OrchidMean ClearThat TakingThat Cove
Shadow ExuberantMean AmazementShadow BonjourNames Visibly
Names PhoenixNames ReignShadow ContourShadow Boldness
Mean InvigorateMean FantasyMean GrandeShadow Free
Mean MadonnaThat ExaltedNames CanvasThat Clear
Names AllurementNames StormMean StrangeNames Achelois
Mean BiteShadow HarmonyShadow BrilliantShadow Obsession
That AttractiveMean ElectrifyingNames HarmonyNames Shining
Names OrchidMean VogueShadow PhoenixThat Dove
Shadow OrchidNames VixenNames ElectrifyMean Enchanting
That VioletShadow EnrichThat AestheticsShadow Obsession
Mean TemptingThat AntheiaThat RheaThat Brilliant
Shadow CleoNames PrestigeNames IrresistibleThat Impeccable
Shadow DreamyShadow CookieNames AppealThat Idol
Names BeguileMean SheerThat PigmentShadow Venom
Names LureThat LambentMean BopNames Shear
That CompleteNames VividShadow TonalShadow Capri
That PrestigeThat AspasiaShadow ColoristThat Refinement

So now you at-least know one surname from each of these countries that mean shadow or dark. And this research from different main-lands has given us another unique idea to present some variety of shadow name meaning to you.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

Just come along with us to find out what we have planned for you.

The Dark Knight Rises

Don’t be afraid of the shadows, it only means there’s a light nearby.

Before moving forward, let’s share another interesting yet spooky fact with you about shadows coming straight from some ancient beliefs and sayings.

That YouthfulNames ClearShadow AngelicThat Lily
Mean VanityMean GlamourThat IntrigueThat Storm
Names BanishNames AmoreNames NipThat Flamingo
That CheetahThat ContactMean EnchantressMean Free
That AttractiveThat BeckonThat RavenMean Looker
That FixThat MatrixMean StormNames Boudoir
Shadow RitualNames GraciousShadow ExuberantNames Flamingo
Shadow AspasiaShadow GaiaMean ClassyShadow Chic
Names BeckonMean MatteNames BeingNames Lovesome
Shadow CocoNames LuminescentNames WishShadow Lure

In ancient times, shadows were not looked upon as something that is created when an object stands in between the source of light and a surface. They used to believe that shadows have a lot more in them than what it looks like.

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Mean OpacityThat QueensNames BonitaNames Aesthetics
Names BanishThat EroticNames DivaNames Vanity
Shadow AccentuateNames FeminineThat PurityShadow Classy
Shadow SpellboundThat MiraculousThat BayThat Colorist
Shadow FamiliarShadow TemptingShadow ExemplaryNames Princess
Names GorgeousMean BopMean DaisyThat Phoenix
That EnticingNames MashMean ExuberantNames Boho
Shadow EnchantingMean GalvanicNames VixenShadow Attitude
Mean FlatterShadow DefyThat JasmineShadow Lit
Names AquariusNames BlendNames ErrorlessMean Prima

Back then, shadows were considered to have power and influence over human souls. Yes! You heard it right, people used to believe that shadows protect not only body from the demons but it also protects the soul in a unique way.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow
Shadow ClinicalNames AmazeMean ShearThat Purr
That AthenaNames BasicMean DaytonaNames Adele
Shadow TingedThat CrystalThat RivetingThat Colorist
Shadow AcheloisThat ObsessionShadow BasicNames Blaze
Mean ScarletMean MatteShadow GooShadow Reverence
Mean RejuvenateNames LustMean AthensShadow Knockout
Shadow PolishedShadow LambentThat ImageNames Athena
Mean DaytonaThat SpellboundShadow DaringShadow Click
Mean AmberNames SmashingMean IntensityNames Click
Mean ClinicalMean ErrorlessMean HypnotizingThat Taking

For example, it is said that when it’s time for a person to leave his body, the Grim Reaper comes for a human’s soul to take it to the afterlife but he first has to deal with the person’s shadow.

That ScintillantNames FoundationMean AttractiveShadow Artful
Mean DeepMean RayThat LolaThat Achieve
Shadow RavishThat BasicShadow GalvanicThat Awaken
Mean AmazementThat FountainThat HushShadow Luxuriate
Shadow HarmonyShadow LuxNames AwakenThat Purr
Shadow EnticingMean ObsessionNames LuringMean Resort
Mean ClickMean GaiaMean CalmThat Bewitch
That HarpThat StrangeShadow AugustNames Gracious
Shadow CompleteThat BrilliantShadow HotThat Admire
Names StrangeThat RenewShadow MesmericMean Purr

The shadow is the one who must first allow the Reaper to claim the soul. Yes! Shadows permission to take the soul was considered as the topmost priority.

Mean BeingShadow FascinatingShadow BrightThat Athens
Mean RavishNames NipMean EnhancerShadow Hush
Shadow CrestShadow WellMean CrystalNames Advanced
That BlazeThat OnyxNames AnchorThat Wish
That AblazeNames AccentuateNames CleoShadow Cheetah
Names BlazeShadow DreamboatThat VictoriaThat Sheer
Mean BoldnessMean SerenityShadow BewitchNames Grande
Shadow FlawlessNames DeluxeNames ComelyNames Visibly
Mean BohoThat EstheticThat BeguilingNames Aspasia
Names FitNames ReignMean RenewingNames Looker

Without the shadow’s explicit permission, a human soul cannot be taken even if their time has come. That was the level of importance of a human soul. the protector, the life saver, the owner of the body and soul.

Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow
Shadow SerenityMean LuxeThat AspasiaMean Blended
Shadow BlushShadow ReignNames OnyxMean Artful
That AvengeMean AvaMean AttractorThat Romance
Mean ContactNames BasicThat PrestigeThat Cosmic
Shadow ReviveMean MadamNames AnchorThat Femme
Mean ColorThat FeminineNames PhotogenicNames Captivate
Names RefinementThat DuskShadow ChicNames Dusk
That EnliveningMean IntrigueNames DramaticNames Hot
That DreamyNames AmberThat FlatterThat Colorist
Mean MesmericNames AestheticShadow OwlNames Radiance

How amazingly interesting is that. We are wondering what would happen if the shadow declines the offer of taking the soul away. We don’t have an answer for that but what we do have is two more lists that will let you have some more options to choose from.

Here’s what we have got for you.

Japanese Names Meaning Shadow

And that was your virtual visit to japan for some dark and shadow filled names. did you notice that most of the Japanese names given here begin with K?

Names LitShadow EnthrallingMean WinterShadow Blossom
Mean LuxuriateMean EnticingMean AccentuateMean Fab
Names GenesisMean MagnificenceShadow DaytonaMean Scarlet
That PigmentShadow SpotlessShadow AffectsShadow Flair
Names PamperShadow CompleteMean CaptivateNames Flawless
Names BopShadow RomanceThat DaringThat Exemplary
Shadow GraciousMean CleopatraShadow ContourShadow Vogue
Shadow EnliveningShadow BlazeNames SheerMean Freya
Names CleopatraNames AdoreShadow RheaThat Wish
Mean QueensNames VelocityNames BayMean Radiant
Names that Mean Shadow
Names that Mean Shadow

Seems like k has some kind of significance in japan. Moving on, here is the last list for you that contains all kind of darkness in the names.

Greek Name For Shadow

Mean DeificNames LavishNames DreamboatNames Madam
Shadow FantasyThat DiamondThat EnviableMean Purity
Names DiamondNames AffectsMean PrincessMean Strange
Names DameMean TulipMean DivineThat Contact
That AdeleShadow EnticingNames SeductressThat Canvas
Names LustShadow HotShadow MarvelNames Radiant
Shadow EnchantressThat BlushMean DaringThat Fascinate
That DeepNames HarpShadow VirtueMean Regenerate
Shadow EtherealShadow EleganceNames PurifyingShadow Magnificence
That ExaltedMean CoverageShadow EnchantingNames Venust

Woah Greece has got some pretty amazing names that mean shadow, right?

And we are done reader. we hope you like all the names, stories and have found the one that suits your taste.


Having a name which means dark does not mean that you are a person with dark personality. It only means that you have got some appreciation for the aspect of nature that most of the world dread to explore.

Pat your back on that.

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