Creative & Cool Names That Mean Rain

The weather can affect a person’s mood. A bright, sunny day would encourage you to go outside for fresh air, while a cloudy, cold day would make you want to stay in bed and sip coffee.

Weather-inspired baby names, such as those that imply sky or rain, can be a terrific way to honor the various hues of nature. We have compiled a list of excellent baby names for your child.

Girl names that mean rain

  • Alizeh: Alizeh is a beautiful Persian name that means “wind.” It is an elegant French variant of Eliza, Alissa, and even Alizee. Geena Davis gave her daughter this Persian name. Alizeh Imtiaz, the Pakistani film director, is a well-known individual with the same name.
  • Anemone: Anemone derives from the Greek word anemos, meaning ‘wind.’ Anemone was the nymph in Greek mythology who transformed into a wildflower. It would be an intriguing and difficult choice for parents seeking a name inspired by an exotic climate.
  • Aureole: This English name derives from the diminutive form of the Latin name aura, which means’ breeze or wind.’ Therefore, Aureole means a small breeze.’ We believe Aureole would be an excellent replacement for the common Ariel.
  • Amaya: This Spanish variant of the English name Amaia is gaining popularity in the United States due to its resemblance to Maya. Mariska Hargitay chose the name Amaya Josephine for her daughter. Additionally, it is related to a Philippine television program.
  • Wendy: Wendy is also a version of the name wind for infant girls. Sir James Barrie created this moniker for Peter Pan. The 1950s and 1960s were this name’s heyday, but it still sounds stylish.
  • Audra: Audra is a Lithuanian name that means “storm.” This name is commonly used in Scotland as a form of Audrey. The well-known Broadway actress Audra Ann McDonald bears this name.

Names that mean rain or storm

Cool Names That Mean Rain
  • Deema: The origin of Deema is Arabic. It is a popular name with the meaning “rain cloud.”
  • Amaya: Amaya has Japanese, Basque, and Spanish origins. The connotation differs depending on the Country of origin.
  • Tempest: The origins of Tempest are English and French. Both roots share the same meaning for the name. It implies “stormy” or “tumultuous.” The most well-known person with this name was an actress who appeared on The Cosby Show.
  • Jora: Jora is an American name with Old English roots. In America, the word means “October rain,” whereas Old English means “a couple, couplet.” Jorah is another variant spelling of the name.
  • Varsha: Varsha has Indian ancestry. The name is similar to the Hindi term for “rainy season.” The name signifies rain.

Ancient Greek names that mean rain

  • Samson: The boy’s name Samson is of Hebrew origin and means “sun.” A person with such a name is anticipated to radiate warmth throughout life.
  • Sulien: A rare name Sulien is a Welsh-derived boy’s name. The name Sulien means “born of the sun.” It is one of the most well-known and contemporary names.
  •  Stormy: Stormy is a name that parents considering unisex names for their children may consider. This name is of American origin, meaning “a storm; an impulsive disposition.”
  • Sunny: This name is often used in India as a nickname, but it can also be used as a given name, meaning “sunny, bright, happy.”

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Gender-neutral names that mean rain

Cool Names That Mean Rain
  • Indra: Indra is a Sanskrit name that means “possessing raindrops.”
  • Kalani: This Hawaiian divine name means “sky” or “of the heavens.”
  • Marka: Marka has West African origins and means “soft rain.”
  • Sky: This is the name of the source of all drops. A common variant includes an ‘e’ at the end.

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Boy name that means rain

  • Aarush: The adorable boy’s name Aarush is of Indian origin and means “the first ray of the sun.” The name suggests a comfortable environment.
  • Akash: Akash is an extremely popular Indian name. It derives from the Sanskrit language and means “open space” or “sky.”
  • Anil: The meaning of the Indian name Anil is “air” or “wind.” It is one of the Country’s most famous boy’s names.
  • Anvindr:  The Norse word Anvindr is made up of the parts ‘an’, which means against, and ‘vendor,’ which means wind. Therefore, the name signifies “against the wind.”

Names that mean falling rain

Cool Names That Mean Rain
  • Aella: Aella is the Latin form of the Greek name Aello, which means storm wind or whirlwind’ Aela was the name of the Amazon warrior that Herakles murdered in Greek mythology. She was well-known for carrying a pair of axes.
  • Rainbow: Rainbow is a colorful semicircle that appears in the sky following a rainy day. Hippies extensively used this joyful name in the 1960s. Additionally, Holly Maddison has selected this name for her child. Additionally, it is related to the American novelist Rainbow Rowell.
  • Skye: This weather-inspired name, which also refers to the Scottish island of Skye, brings the vast sky to earth. Females more commonly use this spelling of sky than males. 1987 saw Skye Chandler, a character from “All My Children,” introduce the name to the infant girl naming list.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means rain?

Reva: Reva is a unique girl’s name of Hindi origin that means ‘rain.’

2. What Greek name means rain?

Talia has origins in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The name means “God’s dew” or “shower from heaven.” The name Talia is a variation of Thalia.

3. What are some watery names?

Adria. Origin: Latin. Meaning: water or sea

4. What name means, dark rain?

Amaya – This Basque name translates to “night rain.”

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