Best 20 Names That Mean Ocean To Inspire You

Ocean names (and water names in general) are special in my heart. One of my California-based friends and his family center their lives around the ocean, and all of their children are named after it.

I try to visit them at least once a year, and every time I do, I have a wonderful time and feel like a family member.

The names listed below were inspired (at least in part) by these travels and my family history; they have included a range of sea-related terminology, from nautical slang and ocean trenches to salty animals and flora to undersea ridges and ocean-related words from other languages.

Although I’ve included the meanings and origins of a few names, the majority lack explanations.

I considered including the origins of each name (e.g., Tiger is derived from the tiger shark) but decided it would detract from the article.

I hope you find the list of baby names below to be helpful. Best wishes in searching for a name that will resonate with you and your future kid.

Names That Mean Ocean

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Adriatic: Following the Adriatic sea on the Italian peninsula in the Adriatic.
  • Ariel: Following the release of The Little Mermaid, the name of the film’s lead character became popular as a given name.
  • Athena: Athena is a Greek goddess who defeated Poseidon, the god of the sea, in a contest to choose who would watch over Athens.
  • Brooke: A little creek
  • Cumberland: I once visited Cumberland, an island off the coast of Georgia, when I was a child.
  • Douglas:  Scots-Gaelic for “black water” is Douglas.

Unisex Names That Mean Ocean

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Culbart: This distinctive English name means “seafarer.”
  • Deneez: This unisex name of Turkish origin means “sea.”
  • Dover: This term means “water” in Welsh. Additionally, it is the name of a town and port on the English Channel.
  • Dylan: This Welsh name signifies “son of the sea.”
  • Dynell: The name is of Anglo-American origin and means “seaman.”
  • Earwyn: This widely used English boy’s name means “fellow of the sea.”

Greek Names That Mean Sea

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Gyatso: This is a Buddhist name for males that means ‘ocean.’
  • Hali: This gender-neutral name is of Greek origin and means “sea.”
  • Heli: The Celtic unisex name Heli means “saltwater.” It appears in the name of the Welsh city Pwllheli, which translates to “saltwater pool.”
  • Hurley: Hurley is an Irish name for boys that means “sea tide.”
  • Irving: This Scottish name is more prevalent as a surname, although its meaning is “sea companion.”

Unique Ocean Names

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Athena: In Greek mythology, she is the goddess who battled the god of the sea to determine who would be responsible for Athens.
  • Adira: This Hebrew baby girl’s name is one of the coolest ocean names. It connotes strength, power, or nobility.
  • Asherah: It is a fantastic choice for children born under the zodiac signs of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. The name also has an alluring meaning! It translates to “one who walks on water.”
  • Bloom: This elegant name is derived from the German word Blume, which means “flower.” This name was formerly given to someone who lived near a grassland.
  • Beryl: Beryl refers to a sea-green gem or a yellow or green crystal. This Greek name is perfect for your angel, especially if she has emerald eyes!


Baby Boy Names That Means Ocean

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Arnav: It is an Indian name with the meaning “ocean.” Also popular in the United States.
  • Alon: This is another cool name from the list of beach baby names, meaning “waves.”
  • Barbeau: This name is an excellent option for parents seeking an unusual moniker. It means “fishermen” and has its origins in French.
  • Bruce: Bruce is a well-known name influenced by Bruce Lee (renowned martial artist). It means ‘be like water.’
  • Beach: This is a unisex name that parents who love sand, sun, and waves would adore.
  • Caspian: This name likely comes from the vast saltwater lake between Asia and Europe. It is one of the most popular names in the United States.
  • Cliff: Cliff is one of the most popular ocean-inspired baby names, as evidenced by the inventiveness of parents today. Most bodies of water have cliffs nearby.


Baby Girl Names That Mean Ocean

Best Ocean Names To Inspire You
  • Cari: The meaning of the adorable name Cari is “one who flows like water.” It would be wonderful to name your daughter Cari to grant her life as fluid as water.
  • Coraline: Coraline is a name of English origin that means “from the coral of the sea.” Corals add beauty to the ocean, just like your children add beauty to your life.
  • Cordelia: If you are looking for beautiful girl names that signify ocean or sea, you should stop searching here. 
  • Daryah: This name has a highly euphoric aura about it. The name is of Persian origin and means “Sea.”
  • Doris: The refinement of this name is quite astounding. It is a Greek name that signifies “gift of the ocean.” And which parent would disagree that children are a blessing in our lives?
  • Ezili: The name is pretty eccentric and will appeal to parents seeking a unique moniker. The significance is also attractive.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Nice Ocean Names?

Kai, Morgan, Jennifer, Marina, Mira, and Wade are among the most popular names inspired by the ocean.

2. What’s A Girl’s Name That Means Ocean?

Mira (Sanskrit origin) signifies ‘ocean.’ Moana is a Hawaiian and Maori name that means “ocean.”

3. What Name Means, Ocean Queen?

Amphitrite. Amphitrite was the goddess-queen of the ocean in Greek mythology.

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