50 Wondrous Baby Names That Mean Nature For Girls And Boys 

Names that have a meaning related to nature are very popular these days because people these days are focusing on nature or on environmental campaigns and drives.

Some of the best and unique names all generated from nature. These names are easy to pronounce and can be easily spelled moreover, these names follow tradition throughout because it is not new concept but also a rare one. 

Name based on nature are as beautiful as nature itself because they make a great impact on the identity of a person it can be cheerful and joyous.

When the nature hidden is in the name of the person it is more subtle and it contains a connection to the nature.

Here is a complete collection of names that means nature on are related to nature.

 Names For Girls Which Means Nature

Names That Mean Nature

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Most of the things in nature represents beauty, vibrant colors, freshness which is perfect for the name of a girl. We not just only adore babies but we also adore nature in its natural habitat.

Giving your baby a name inspired by nature can also make there   personality as strong as nature.

Here are some nature names for your baby as calm and assertive as nature.

Names And Meanings

  • Blossom: The burst of flowers in the spring.
  • Hazel: Popular and is a name of a hazelnut tree.
  • Leilani: Hawaiian originated means ‘heavenly flower’.
  • Pearl: Symbol perfection and purity.
  • Aurora: ‘Goddess of Sunrise’ in Latin.
  • Idoya: Pond in Spanish.
  • Solstice: The name shortest and longest days of the year.
  • Quince: A type of fruit.
  • Gelso: Italian word for a mulberry tree.

Nature Names For Boys With Meanings

Names That Mean Nature

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Names of boys which are related to nature take a lot inspiration from trees, stones and plants as they represent toughness and green in the nature.

As nature contains all sorts of features and reminds us various things available around us and having name related to on of those feature sounds amazing and it is a bold choice to make.

So, here are all sorts of names which represents variety of natural things for boys 

Names And Meanings

  • Basil: Greek originated means brave and ‘king of Herbs’.
  • Malvis: A type of bird.
  • Drake:  A old English word came from dragon
  • Leo: Latin word for lion.
  • Gwydion: Welsh name means ‘born of tree’.
  • Brandon: Old English or Irish name means ‘beacon hill’.
  • Rowan: Arab name means ‘river in paradise’.
  • Kai: Hawaiian word means ocean.

Names That Mean Nature Spirit

Names That Mean Nature

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Nature spirit is a thing or a belief that made some people believe that there is some kind of soul, consciousness or energy in natural things, it is a kind of personification of forces of nature. 

Isn’t all of this sounds so magical and soulful, now imagine your baby having a name based on the one magical energy of nature. It just feels like being a part of nature and our own natural habitat.

Here’s a list of names based on the spirit of nature.  

Names And Meanings

  • Aidan: Celtic God of sun and fire means ‘the fiery one’.
  • Alder: It is named after Alder tree.
  • Jarilo: In Slavic mythology it is God of vegetation, harvest and springtime.
  • Linden: A tree from Tilia species.
  • Orion: A popular Greek name means ‘rising in the sky’.
  • Sol: A Spanish originated name means sun or fiery.
  • Surya:  An Indian name means ‘God of Sun’.
  • Vale: It means the one who ‘lives in the valley’.
  • Ash: In Hebrew means ‘happy’ and also a name of a tree.

Popular Nature Baby Names 

Names That Mean Nature

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If you are a person who loves nature and want to name your baby with name that is related to nature then you’ve made a perfect choice because here is a list of names we have made and these are pretty popular among today’s parents which represents nature.

The names which somehow contains nature will make anyone feel the woody charm and reminds them of the greenery in the nature. There are many beautiful names here are some to narrow down your choices.

Names And Meanings

  • Acacia: It is a name of a tough thorny tree.
  • Astrid: Fair beautiful goddess.
  • Briony: It is a climbing Plant.
  • Dawn: It is the first appearance of light.
  • Emerald: Precious green colored gemstone.
  • Lolanthe:  A violet colored flower.
  • Laurel:  The bay or the laurel plant.
  • Pansey: A flowering plant with velvety petals.
  • Savannah: It is a large grassy plant.

Positives Names That Mean Nature 

Names That Mean Nature

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Names based on nature are in itself because they are drawn from all the aspects of nature be it the sky, the earth, flowers or animals and it doesn’t end here it has various degrees of emotions too like calm, pleasing and strong.

Giving your baby a nature inspired positive name could give them a personality as strong as nature and can make your child focused and keep them surrounded with positive vibes.

Keeping positivity in mind here is a list of names based on nature. 

Names And Meanings

  • Abilene: Means Meadows in Hebrew.
  • Aria: Means air in Italian.
  • Aspen: Means the one who is like mother Earth.
  • Brier: A purple colored ‘heather’.
  • Chrysanthe: Greek originated means ‘flower of gold’.
  • Darya: Means endless ocean and ocean in Persian.
  • Ela: Simply means Earth.
  • Farley: Traditional English name means ‘woodland clearing’.
  • Misty: Means covered by mist.  

Last Names That Mean Nature

Names That Mean Nature

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A name reflects a person’s personality and it should also be suitable with the last name of the baby.

Now that you have chosen to keep the last name of your baby which represents nature which have many positive connotations, so here are some perfect surnames or last names to suit your unique choice. 

Names And Meanings

  • Ainsley: Anglo-Saxon origin means ‘wood clear’.
  • Brin: French originated means ‘like a hill’.
  • Celia: Means ‘someone who is heavenly’.
  • Deniz: Means Sea in Turkey.
  • Fleur: French originated means Flower.
  • Soleil: Means sun in French.
  • Zorana: Means new beginning in Hungary. 
  • Nouve: Arabic originated means light.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means nature female?

Aspen, Astrid, Aurora, Calantha, Coral.

2. What names relate to nature?

Dawn, Peony, Isla, Myrtle,Paloma

3. What are earthy names?

Gaia, Terra, Demeter, Dionne, Geo

4. What name means Forest spirit?

Elm, Fiore, Glenn, Heath, Lance, Terran 

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