Enchanting Baby Names That Mean Magic

Seeking names that are charming, captivating and bewitching? Names that mean magic are your destination then. Names that mean magic are indeed delightful, enthralling and enchanting just like your baby who is a miracle, full of wonder.

Names that mean magic can signify the aim for knowledge, love, wealth, power, insurance for success, entertainment and spiritual inducement. Don’t we chase all these aims in life too? .

Thus, names that mean magic have profound meaning and associating your child with such a name will inculcate in him/her/them a belief that ‘if you believe in yourself, you can make anything happen’ because that’s what magic is.

We have composed a list of enchanting baby names that mean magic for boys, girls along with unisex names that mean magic and spiritual names that mean magic.

Let’s choose a delightful name for your baby among these attractive names that mean magic.

Girl Names That Mean Magic

 Maya- Arising from Indian origin this name is popular among Hindus and it means ‘magical’ or ‘mirage.’

  •  Elvina- Variant of Alvina, this is an Arabic name that means ‘one who is magical.’
  •  Alaura- A feminine name of African origin that means ‘magic.’
  • Jennifer- This Christian name is a variant of Guinevere and it means ‘white woman of magic.’
  • Tamira- Coming from Indian origin this name means ‘magic.’
  • Taika- A unique Finnish name rarely used that means ‘magic’ or ‘spell.’
  • Sehr- This majestic and snappy Arabic name means ‘magic’. It is popular among Muslims.
  • Jinx- A cute name coming from Greek origin and derived from Latin roots. It means ‘magic charm.’
  • Roysa- A beautiful English name that means ‘magic.’
  • Kimaya– It is an Indian name that means ‘magic’ or ‘heavenly.’

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Boy Names That Mean magic

  • Augustino– Pertaining to an unknown origin this attractive masculine name means ‘magic’ or ‘sublime.’
  •  Fredric– A Christian majestic name that means ‘magic council.’
  • Sahir- An elegant name perhaps derived from Sanskrit roots that means ‘one who performs magic.’ It is a popular Indian name.
  •  Magus– A Greek masculine name that means ‘magician.’
  • Quirin– An adorable name of German origin that means ‘magic stone.’
  • Kesem- A Hebrew name popular among Muslims that means ‘magic.’
  • Heka- It is the name of the God of magic according to Egyptian mythology. It literally means ‘magic.’
  • Elwin- Alternative of Alvin, this Christian masculine name that means ‘magical friend.’
  • Babil- Pertaining to the Indian origin the name means ‘one who is esteemed for magic.’
  • Woden- It is the name of the God of magic in Slavic mythology.

 Names That Mean Magic

 Names That Mean Magic
  •  Dagda– The name of the god of magic in Irish mythology.
  • Merlin- A masculine Indian name popular among Christians that means ‘magic’. It is also the name of a wizard.
  • Rhian– A feminine name pertaining to the Welsh origin that means ‘a woman of magic.’
  • Shakti- It is the name of the magic deity according to the Hindu mythology that means ‘a magic word.’
  • Hectate– This name is associated with the goddess of witchcraft and magic according to Greek mythology.
  • Anulap– An unusual name coming from Micronesian origin that means ‘lord of magic.’
  • Enki- This masculine name according to the Sumerian folklore it is the name of the god of magic.
  • Gandalf– A literary masculine name that means ‘an elf of wand’. It is a magic inspired name.
  • Thoth– According to Egyptian mythology this name belongs to the God of magic.
  • Siddhil– A masculine name derived from Sanskrit roots and popular among Hindus. It means ‘one who has magical powers.’

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Mean Magic

  • Easton– An archaic English non-binary name that means ‘one who is magical.’
  •  Jadu– It can be used as a unisex name that means ‘magic.’ It is inspired from a Hindi word that means ‘magic.’
  •  Magic– This word is itself gaining a lot of popularity in late as a unisex name.
  • Zinta– Derived from the word ‘zinte’ and belonging to Latvia origin, it is a gender-neutral name that means ‘magic.’ It can also be used as a last name that means ‘magic.’

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Magical Names With Spiritual Meanings

Magical Names With Spiritual Meanings
  •  Nishalini– A feminine name pertaining to Indian origin, derived from Sanskrit roots and it means ‘magic’ or ‘spirituality.’
  • Phoebe– Goddess of moon and prophecy according to the Greeks. It is a feminine name.
  •  Halo– A magical name with a spiritual context. This word derived from Greek origin can be used as a gender-neutral name and it means ‘circle of light on a sacred angel.’
  • Dharma– A spiritual Sanskrit feminine name that means ‘spiritual obligation.’

Mythical Names And Mystical Names

  •  Souvik– This unique masculine Hindu name has a mystical meaning and sound. It means ‘illusionist’ or ‘one who performs magic.’
  • Arien– It is the mystical name of a mythological Greek magic horse and of a Greek artist.
  • Novan – A masculine name that is compounded with two profound meanings that is a mystical being who believes spirituality and sprites.
  • Eibhir– A quaint masculine name coming from the Celtic origin. It is a mythical name.
  • Ilya– It is a mythical masculine name associated with a tree in heaven. It belongs to Indian origin and is derived from Arabic roots. In literal context it means ‘God is gracious.’
  • Indrajal– This Indian mythical masculine name coming from Indian origin means ‘magic.’
  • Chatak– A mystical name of a mythical bird according to Indian mythology. It can be used as feminine name that sounds mythical.
  • Devrat– An Indian masculine name that means ‘spiritual’ or ‘mystical.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What girl name means enchantress?

Sarga is an Indian feminine name that means ‘enchantress.’

2. What is a mystical name?

Insia is a feminine name derived from Arabic roots that means ‘mystical’ or ‘birth of love.’

3. What girl’s name means fairy?

Zeliha is a feminine Turkish name perhaps derived from Arabic roots that means ‘fairy of water.’

4. What name means queen of fairies?

Pertaining to the English culture, Mab, is known to be the queen of fairies. It is a feminine name.

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