Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Life


Consider a name that means ” Names that mean “life” always sound fresh and lovely. When a baby is born, we celebrate the new life that has come into our world, making sure life” for your new baby.

Girl Names That Mean Life

You can find an appropriate name for your girl that means life. Choose from a list of names from all the cultures across the globe.

  1. Aisha– (of Arabic origin), which means “she is alive”. It has cultural weight in Arab culture and Islamic heritage. 
  2. Alma- (of Latin and Spanish origin), meaning “soul”. 
  3. Asha -(Swahili and Sanskrit origin), means “life” in Swahili, and “hope” or “wish” in Sanskrit. We love the soft pronunciation. 
  4. Abella– (Hebrew), is the feminine form of Abel, meaning breath, the essence of life; 
  5. Aizza– (Hebrew), meaning “life”. 
  6. Anastasha– (of Greek origin), is one of the names whose meaning reflects “resurrection” and “new life”. 
  7. Aoibhe -(original English), meaning “a good life”. 
  8. Avabelle– (original English), is a combination of “ava” meaning life, and “belle” meaning beautiful. The name simply means “the good life”. 
  9. Avalyn– (Old English), meaning “beautiful breath of life”.
  10. Beatrix -(of Latin origin),  of the names, have meanings: a traveler or pilgrim in life. 
  11. Betha– (of Scottish origin), meaning life.
  12. Cansu-(Turkish origin), whose name means water of life and is a combination of the Turkish word “can” which means “soul; life” and “us”, meaning “water”. 
  13. Chimalma– (of Aztec origin), is a girl named after the Aztec goddess of fertility, life, death, and rebirth. 
  14. Chizue -(of Japanese origin),  literally  “thousand storks”, signifies long life. 
  15. Destiny-(Old French origin), the name means “his certain fortune or destiny”. 
  16. Eba -(Latin origin), among the female given names, means “life” and is derived from “Eve”. 
  17. Ella– (Greek, Norman, and Hebrew), meaning a beautiful woman, a fairy  or a goddess. 
  18. Eva -(Hebrew name), the Latin transliteration of Eve in English, means “life”, “alive”, “full of life”, or “mother of life”. 
  19. Evika– (Hebrew name), whose name means “life”.
  20. Enid -(Middle Welsh), is a feminine name that means “spirit” or “life”. 
  21. Feronia– (of Roman descent), is a girl named after the goddess of wildlife. 
  22. Haya– (Jewish origin), the name means “to live”. 
  23. Hayat -(of Arabic origin), the name means “life”. 
  24. Hisa– (of Japanese origin), the name means “longevity” or “its natural life”. 
  25. Kiena– (of Japanese origin), whose name means “one who leads a prosperous life”. 
  26. Liv– (Norwegian, Swedish and Danish origin), meaning “life” and “protection”. 
  27. Lizette– (of French origin), whose name means “God’s Lifetime Oath”. 
  28. Mei– (of Japanese origin), the name means “trusted shot”. 
  29. Nurcan– (of Turkish origin), a feminine name meaning “shining soul”. 
  30. Raylene– (Classical English), meaning “bearer of the rays”. 
  31. Viviana– (Italian origin), meaning “to live”. 
  32. Zenobia– (Greek origin),  name meaning life or power of Zeus. 
  33. Zoe -(Greek origin), meaning “life”. Among the bearers of famous names is actress Zoe Kazan.

Boy Names That Mean Life

Boy Names That Mean Life

Your little man will leave a big mark on your life when he is born; for this, he needed a unique name that means life or was attached to it in one form or another.

  1. Abel -(Hebrew origin), a variant of Habel, meaning “breath” or “steam” or simply “son”.
  2. Achaz– (Hebrew origin), meaning God owns and designates the gift of life that God gives to man. 
  3. Adam– (Semitic), was the first man created by god. It is a common name mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, as well as in biblical and Christian verses. 
  4. Banks– (English origin), meaning “one who lives on a hillside or riverside”, has life, mobility, and courage in its connotation. 
  5. Beathan– (Gaelic root), meaning “life”. 
  6. Bion– (Ancient Greek origin), meaning “life”. 
  7. Bourne -(Originally Old English), meaning one who lives near flowing water. 
  8. Calian -(of Indian origin), meaning “a warrior of life, honor and eternal hope”. 
  9. Can -(Turkish origin), meaning spirit, life, soul or heart. 
  10. Chaim -(Jewish origin), meaning life. Its variations include Haim, Hayim, and Chayim. 
  11. Daxon– (of French origin), meaning “water” or “invigorating drink”. 
  12. Deen -(Hebrew and Arabic origin), meaning “a way of life” or “faith” or “religion”.
  13. Ethan– (Hebrew), means “steadfast, enduring, strong and vivacious”. 
  14. Godsalm– (original English), meaning “one who welcomes friendship and accepts the gifts of life.” 
  15. Haim -(Hebrew origin), meaning life. This is another shorter variation of Chaim. 
  16. Hale– (Old English original), meaning “hero” or “healthy in life”. 
  17. Harshavardhan -(of Hindu origin), which means “joy maker of life”.
  18. Hyman– (Hebrew), meaning life. It was used by first-generation Jewish immigrants to torment Chaim. 
  19. Juro -(originated from Japan), literally means “tenth son” and is used to denote longevity. 
  20. Lazarus or Lazaru -(Hebrew),  literally means “God helped” but is also the name of a biblical figure described as having risen from the dead. 
  21. Macbeth (Middle Gaelic), meaning “child of life”. 
  22. Maguimba– (of Filipino origin), after the god who can bring the dead back to life. 
  23. Mahatma– (Sanskrit origin), means “great soul” and is used to honor any great person loved and respected, such as Mahatma Gandhi. 
  24. Osiris– (of Ancient Egyptian origin), after the god of the afterlife, the dead, and the agency of the underworld, who gives all life. 
  25. Phoenix -(Greek origin), refers to the mythical figure who rose from the ashes and rose again. It became famous thanks to the Harry Potter series and its actor Joaquin Phoenix. 
  26. Polk– (of Slavic origin), that is, a person who achieves greatness and glory in life. 
  27. Suchart– (of Thai origin), which means “born into the good life”. 
  28. Trumwin– (original English), meaning “a person who loves his life.” 
  29. Vian -(original English), meaning “full of life”. 

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Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Life

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Life

Finally, names that mean full of life, names that mean long life, or even just a name that means a life are gender neutral variations as well.

  1. Jilian -(Latin origin) means young or one who enjoys his youth 
  2. Su-Jin– (of Japanese origin), meaning “long life” or “abundant harvest”. 
  3. Tshering- (of Tibetan origin), the name means “long life”. 
  4. Vida– (of Hispanic), among the names, means “life”, and it is a beautiful name. 
  5. Yeong-Su– (of Japanese origin),  derived from (Yeong) meaning “eternal, eternal” and (Su) meaning “long life, longevity”.

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Names That Mean Breath of Life 

It is written in the Bible that God breathed life into Adam, making the breath of life sacred. For many cultures, the breath of life is equivalent to the soul. Choose one of these first names to honor your child throughout his or her life.

  1. Abel: Breath of Life (Hebrew, boy) 
  2. Abella: Breath of Life (Hebrew, French, girl) 
  3. Ahelia: Ahelie: Breath of Life (Hebrew, girl) 
  4. Andras: Breath of Life (Norwegian, girl) 
  5. Anemone: Breath of Life (Greek, girl) 
  6. Apela: Breath of Life (Hawaiian, boy) 
  7. Avabelle: Breathe Life; the beautiful breath of life (English, girl) 
  8. Avalyn: A Beautiful Breath of Life (English, Girl) 
  9. Etan: exhale (Hindi, boy) 
  10. Ettan: Breath of Life (India, boy) 
  11. Eve: Breath of Life (Hebrew, girl) 
  12. Hava: Breathing (Hebrew, girl) 
  13. Kahanu:Breath of Life (Hawaii, Gender Neutral) 
  14. Keeaola: Breath of Life (Hawaii, Girl) 
  15. Nefes: Breath of Life (Turkish, girl) 
  16. Pran: Breath of Life (Sanskrit, boy) 
  17. Psyche: soul, breath (Greek, girl) 
  18. Spirit: Breath of Life (Latin/English, gender-neutral) 
  19. Sulya: Breath of Life (India, boy)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What names mean eternal life?

Khalida (Arabic) Derived from Arabic, Khalida means immortal and she gives eternal life. And also, Langhuie. A unique English name meaning “one who has a long life or a long life”.

2. What does the name mean for a breath of life?

There are many names that mean a breath of life, and they are written just above! See the list and find the one which suits the best for your baby.

3. What is the Greek name for life?

Zoe – Very popular in Greek, Zoe is probably one of the most important and basic words in the Greek language. Means life, which is similar to Eve’s biblical name,  Eve.

4. What Hebrew name means life?

Chaim is a Hebrew name meaning “life” or “to live”.

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