Top 50+ Names That Mean Hope And Faith


Life is a difficult road fraught with unpredictability. Hope is the only way out of a difficult situation.

If you want to instill hope in your child to keep them optimistic, you might choose a name from our list that signifies hope.

They represent your hope, and you wish for their success and happiness in life.

And a hopeful name will remind your youngster that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Even though the birth of your bundle of joy has turned your world upside down, their name will give them a boost and encourage them to overcome the obstacles.

The following is a list of names that signify faith.

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Names That Mean Hope

Here are some names that mean hope:

  • Amal: Amal is a sexual identity Arabic name that means “hope” or “inspiration” and is suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Asha/Asher: This baby name has origins in Swahili, Hindi, and Sanskrit, means “hope and life,” and can be used for a boy or a girl.
  • Bodhi:  This Indian name can be used for both boys and girls. Its meaning is “waking illumination.”
  • Deene: This lovely name has French origins and means “hope.”
  • Kit: This name is derived from Greek and means “hope” and “bearer of Christ.”
  • Jesse: This baby name is suitable for both boys and girls and means “a gift of hope.”
  • Lux: This optimistic baby name can be given to either a boy or a girl to illuminate their path through life.
  • Phoenix: The Phoenix is a legendary bird that rises itself from ashes and is a symbol of longevity and hope, despite its name meaning “dark red.” This cool name is appropriate for both boys and girls.
  • Tumaini: This is an Egyptian, Swahili, and Tanzanian name. This name is used for both genders and signifies “hope.”
  • Von: This mid-century name, which means “hope,” is suitable for both boys and girls.
Names That Mean Hope and Faith

Girls’ Names That Mean Hope

  • Eiddwen: This Welsh name, Aith-wen, signifies “hope and longing.” You might be surprised to learn that over 1100 Eiddwens were born last year, making this the #1343 most popular name. Its variant spelling is Eadwine.
  • Ashia: Ashia is an Arabic name that means “life and hope.” This ultrafeminine, three-syllable name was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but it has proven more durable than Asha.
  • Tikvah: Tikvah is a Hebrew name for girls that means “hope.” This name is favored by traditional and orthodox Jews due to its association with the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikva.”
  • Umnia: Umnia, whose meaning is “desire,” is a rhythmic name with Arabic origins. It was part of the increase of ‘us-beginning names. And with such a beautiful sound, it certainly merits it.
  • Faith: Faith is a noun in English that refers to the confidence or belief in the supreme deity, God.


Baby’s Names That Mean Hope

  • Aileen: What is more encouraging, Aileen, than a “bright, brilliant light?”
  • Ashlyn: Although this name is a bit more contemporary than the others on the list, its meaning makes it a winner.
  • Ayla: This name means “halo of light surrounding the moon” in Turkish.
  • Aurora: What could be more optimistic than a new day? In addition to being the name of a Disney princess, Aurora also means “dawn.”
  • Charise: Charise is a variation of the name Charis which means “grace.”
  • Chloe: In Greek, this name signifies the springtime growth of vegetation, which is constantly inspiring.
  • Charity: An obvious selection!
  • Claire: This name, “fresh green sprout,” indicates new life.


Boys’ Names That Mean Hope

  • Benedict: Benedict is a Latin name that means “blessed” and “miracle.”
  • Truman: Truman is an Old English name that means “loyal one.”
  • Albert: The Germanic name Albert means “noble” and “brilliant.”
  • Callahan: Callahan is an Irish name that means “hopeful” and “clear-headed.”
  • Clarence:  a Latin name that means “bright.”
  • Delbert: Delbert an Old English name that means “bright day.”
  • Dylan: Dylan is a Celtic name that means “a light of hope.”
  • Felix: Felix a Latin name that means “lucky.”
  • Fynn: Fynn is an Irish name that means “bright” and “fair.”
  • Herbert: “Herbert” is of Germanic origin and means “bright army.”
  • Rupert: The Germanic name Rupert means “bright fame.”
Names That Mean Hope and Faith

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Hope

  • Amal: Amal is an utterly neutral name whose meaning is “hope” or “inspiration.”
  • Beacon: Beacon’s definition is just what you would expect: “signal light.”
  • Bodhi: This Sanskrit name means “enlightenment” in English.
  • Day: Explanation not required!
  • Deene: This distinctive name has French origins and signifies “hope.”
  • Dylan: Raising a future surfer, Dylan? Dylan, “son of the sea,” is a neutral name option!
  • Flynn: Flynn is a name with German and Irish roots and meanings.
  • Kit – A unique selection that sounds contemporary for your child!
  • Merrill: This gender-neutral name means “sea-bright.”
  • Nova: Nova is not only an astronomical term but also a great name!

Although its name means “dark crimson,” the Phoenix is also a symbol of rebirth.


Names That Mean Hope From Around The World

  • Brayleigh: Brayleigh, an American name, means “a light of hope.”
  • Chiara: Chiara is a great Italian name that means “bright” and “clear.”
  • Creda: The Old English word creda means “faith.”
  • Emela: This name is of Bosnian origin and means “hope.”
  • Esperanza: Esperanza is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means “to hope.”
  • Fana: Fana is an African name that means “bright” or “jungle.”
  • Hiwa: Hiwa, of Kurdish origin, is a name that means “hope.”
  • Munia: Munia is an Arabic name that means “hope” and “desire.”
Names That Mean Hope and Faith

frequently asked questions

1. What Name Means Hope And Faith?

Evangeline is a Greek name that means “the bearer of good news.” Faith originates from Old English and means “to have faith and hope.”

2. What Does A Greek Girl’s Name Means Hope?

Elpida, a contemporary variant of Elpis, signifies “hope.”

3. What Name Mean, The Angel Of Hope?

Gabriel, signifies “God is my strength” in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic traditions. Gabriel is a well-known archangel.

4. What Name Mean, The Flower Of Hope?

Laelynn is a Canadian name that means “hope flower.”


Hope and faith are two magnificent words that provide the fortitude to continue living. They urge individuals to believe in themselves and experience life to the maximum extent.

Instill these vital qualities in your child at a young age by giving them a name that signifies hope. The above list contains baby names suited for both boys and girls.

You can choose a name for your child based on their gender that best symbolizes their personality and your affection for them.

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