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Green color vastly represents nature and the greenery and also reminds of the eco-friendly behavior.  Meaning of green color is so attractive that people use it in the name of their companies, logos, gemstones and even facts. And so, it won’t be wrong to say that It is a very good choice to name your baby with a name especially if your baby is born in spring or in the month of March or April.

 It is also a traditional saying that green color brings luck to people and symbolizes different cultures.

Now that you’ve made a choice to name your baby with such a meaningful color background, we have collected some beautiful names with the appropriate meanings to them. 

Girl Names That Mean Green

Names that mean green

Green color inspires and vitalizes us in all its hues. When a baby is born in the house it brings a lot of happiness and joy with it so why not name your baby with the name that represents the same. 

As color green symbolizes renewal, new life and energy which is pretty much similar to when a baby is born. So, let’s checkout some names that comes from the color green.

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Names And Meanings

  • Verdell: French origin means green or flourishing.
  • Jaida/Jayda: Originated from the gemstone Jade which is green.
  • Chartreuse: French origin means ‘a clear green light’.
  • Myrtle: Greek origin means ‘evergreen shrub’.
  • Orna: A little pale green in Irish language.
  • Aneeza: The one who is happy and green in the valley.
  • Clora: Means healthy, fresh and green 
  • Haritha: Indian origin means Hari i.e. green.
  • Nanako: Japanese origin means ‘child of green’. 
  • Pixie: A tiny green fairy 

Boy Names That Mean Green

Whether you are looking for a name with green or something that depicts green like forest or trees which is a representation of strong and tough just as a personality of a boy. Green is the life you can associate with a lot of things around you like prosperity, progress and freshness. 

So, naming your baby with something so meaningful would be a great choice, let the names be related to the color green.

Names And Meanings

  • Irving: English name means ‘green sea’.
  • Roscoe: Means deer forest.
  • Benton: Traditional English name means ‘where the bear grass grows’.
  • Hirav: The lush greenery on the surface of the Earth.
  • Bercilak: A green knight; mighty and powerful.
  • Dhrupal: Area full of greenery.
  • Erwin: Means fresh and green water.
  • Jaden: In Hebrew it is thankful and in Spanish it is a green color gemstone.
  • Nipun: Means one of the colors; green.
  • Kale: Hawaiian originated a shade of green that means ‘man’.

Non-Binary Names That Mean Green

Names that mean green

As we know that green color means tranquility, good luck and good health and considering naming your baby with a meaningful unisex name will make them grow up appreciating the beauty of the nature that surrounds them. 

With all beautiful meaning the name meaning green is famous and a popular choice among parents. Here are some green shade names which work well with no matter what your child’s gender. 

Names And Meanings

  • Cyan: Greek origin means ‘blue-green’.
  • Hunter: Means to hunt and also a shade of green.
  • Sage: Latin originated, a shade of green means ‘wise’.
  • Filis: Means lush green or green verdure.
  • Viridian: A shade of blue-green Latin originated
  • Calla: It is a flower called lily which means ‘beauty’.
  • Chloris: Greek origin means ‘greenish-yellow’.
  • Briar: English name of a green plant.
  • Denver: English word means ‘green valley’.

 Names That Mean Green From Around The World 

Names that mean green

If you love nature and are also fond of traveling around the world then here are some perfect names that mean green from around the world. 

Names And Meanings

  • Berde: Filipino Originated means green.
  • Grun: German origin means green.
  • Luntian: Filipino origin means ‘green landscape’.
  • Midori: Japanese origin means ‘a green shoot’.
  • Roheline: Estonia originated means green.
  • Viridi: Latin originated means green, fresh and lively.
  • Zelena: Croatian originated name means ‘goddess of moon’ and green.
  • Yarkona: The Hebrew word means green.
  • Celadon: French originated name means green.

Green Names That Mean Nature

Names that mean green

Sometimes choosing a name which represents green color seems over the top because it can make you choose between the names like mint, herb, forest or even tree. 

But here we have something new and unique which can reduce the confusion of choosing a name that represents nature.

Names And Meanings

  • Surya:  An Indian name means ‘God of Sun’.
  • Astrid: Fair beautiful goddess.
  • Ela: Simply means Earth.
  • Blossom: English name for flower like.
  • Calhoun: Irish name means from a narrow forest.
  • Daphne:  Means a bay tree in Greek.
  • Fahey: Means ‘from the field’ in Irish.
  • Sedgewick: English name for ‘sword grass’.
  • Laurel: English name represents laurel tree.
  • Sylvia: Latin originated means ‘from the forest’

Last names That Mean Green

Names that mean green

Names which mean green represents a calm tone and are full of nature and often associated with growth and new beginnings. And if you want your child’s last name to represent nature then below are the names for your unique earthly choice. 

Names And Meanings

  • Floros:  Means greenfinch derived from classical Greek.
  • Greene: It is a variant of the color green.
  • Greenwood: Topographic name for someone who live near lush forest,
  • Grunberg: German originated grun means green and berg means mountain.
  • Holt: Old English or Dutch words mean forest.
  • Villaverde: Spanish originated word villa means farm and verde means green.
  • Zielinski: It is a Polish word zielen means green and also the person who wears green clothes.
  • Lyndon: Means ‘linden tree hill’ in old English.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Cool Name For Green?

Aspen, Clove, Ash, Makala, Olive, 

2. What Names Mean Mint Green?

Ananux, Araminta, Betony, Minty, Menta, Mentina

3. What Name Means Green In Japanese?

Midori, Aoki, Aoyama, Aina, Ema 

4. What Are Earthy Names?

Ela, Dunia, Dhara, Ashley, Avani, Chantal, Dionne

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