Top 50 Nature-Inspired Names That Mean Earth

Everyone’s child means the world to them! Sometimes, you just want to express the significance of them in your life by choosing names that mean earth for them.

If you are also looking for some earthy names for your little one, this article is the stop for you. God created the world in a beautiful way, and it has a big impact on people.

Earth offers a variety of precious elements that might enhance names. There are many earthy names out there to fit every taste and style, from those inspired by the world’s most stunning natural features to those derived from the gods and goddesses of nature.

Discover your ideal name from the top nature-inspired names with meanings on Earth. 

Names That Mean Earth In Greek

Greek names have an aura of their own! Names that mean earth in Greek form the most beautiful name ever. 

Greek names with an earthy theme have a dual meaning; some names depict the powerful and tenacious elements of nature, while others convey its peace and joy.

They are thus the ideal match for your child! Have a look at what we have in the box for you: 

  • Ira: Watchful, Wind, Descendants, Vigilant, Alert, Earth
  • Kai: From the Sea, Ocean, Earth, Victorious, Fire, Pure
  • Dmitry: Earth lover
  • Gorge: Earth worker, Farmer
  • Dmitri: Lover of the Earth
  • Gethen: Of the Earth
  • Nikhilesh: King of Earth
  • Gea: Earth
  • Aila: Earthly; Noble, Light Bearer
  • Gaia: From the earth

Girl Names That Mean Earth Goddess

Names That Mean Earth

Earth goddess-related names can provide security and a sense of foundation and authority. A girl’s parent would always want to make sure that their little princess has that.

They also convey a bohemian, contemporary, and classic vibe to go with the carefree and much-needed bossy attitude in contemporary time that you wish to foster in her. Hence, here are some Girl names that mean earth goddess for your consideration:

  • Advika: World, Unique, the earth goddess
  • Anshuman: Every element of the earth
  • Demetria – Ancient earth goddess.
  • Each: Earthgoddess renowned for her beauty
  • Fauna: Goddess of the earth
  • Lissa: Supreme mother goddess
  • Rhea: The ancient Titan Earth Goddess,
  • Gaia: Greek goddess of the Earth and prophecy
  • Bhumi: Goddess of the Earth
  • Vasundhra: Goddess of the Earth

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Boy Names That Mean Earth 

Earth names for kids can represent strength, making them the ideal inspiration for a boy’s name.

Additionally, earthy names complement the cottage’s core aesthetics’ fondness for the natural world and nostalgia. And the name of your son should reflect love in every pure form. Here are some good options to look at: 

  • Ajax: Of the earth
  • Adam: Son of the earth
  • Atlas: a person who holds the world in his hands
  • Clay: Earth
  • Daichi: Earth, land
  • Dionne: child of heaven and earth
  • Erdmann: Earthman
  • Jory: Earth worker
  • Seb: God of earth
  • Tellus: Earth or globe 

Nature Inspired Names Meaning Earth

Names That Mean Earth

Names can be found in abundance in plants, trees, the animal kingdom, the earth, and the heavens.

These names have old cultural emblems or meanings that are associated with admired traits.

Additionally, these earthy baby names offer a nice connection to mother earth, which is ideal for instilling in your child a love of nature. Look at the following classy nature-inspired names: 

  • Aaron: High Mountain
  • Aquinnah: Land under the hill, high land
  • Aspen: Tree, like mother earth
  • Azalea: Flower, dry soil it needs to grow
  • Beaumont: Beautiful Mountain
  • Brandon: Brown hill, a hill covered in broom
  • Turkey: The common fern of flat coastal land
  • Canyon: Rocky hill
  • Denver: Born in a green valley
  • Eden: Place of Delight

Some Names Relating To The Earth And The Sky

Skies, stars, space, and heaven are the most exquisite part of our earth. Sky-inspired names are one of the best ways to highlight different shades of nature as well as a free spirit attitude.

If you perceive your baby as calm, sunny skies would suit so much or if he/she is mischievous from the very start, a stormy sky name awaits him/her. Also, sky names could inspire your child to constantly aspire high, push themselves to do their best, and realize their aspirations. Here are some of the best picks:

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  • Alya: Sky
  • Araceli: Altar of the sky
  • Celine: Heaven
  • Celeste: Of the sky, heavenly
  • Miku: A beautiful sky
  • Author: Spirit of the sky
  • Guthrie: Windy earthy spot
  • Keyne: Man of the eastern sky
  • Stormy: Impetuous nature
  • Zeus: Sky

Last Names That Mean Earth

Names That Mean Earth

The last name signifies a character and personality of a family. Hence, if you are a nature-loving family, last names that mean earth are a great option for you.

This thought is not only uncommon and profound, but it also evokes feelings of serenity and tranquility. You’ll also inspire others to admire the environment in a special way, and it’s a wonderful idea to call attention to the escalating ecological issues.

Choose any among all these options: 

  • Demeter: Earth Mother
  • Geo: (Greek origin) Earth
  • Bryn: Hills of the earth
  • Hammon: Mountain home
  • Ila: Mother earth
  • Leilani: Name of a heavenly flower
  • Lance: Land
  • Talia: Dew from heaven
  • Yami: Twinkling stars of the earth
  • Vale: Valleys of earth

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some earthy names?

Some earthy names include Dawn, Dusk, Clay, Atlas, Elowen, Aurelia etc. 

2. What name means earth in Greek?

Geo in Greek means earth.

3. What’s a name that means nature?

Names that mean nature include Sage, River, Briar, Dahlia, Fox, Ivy, Laurel, Magnolia, Willow, and Wren.

4. What are some baby names that mean earth?

Some baby names that mean earth are Avani, Dhara, Dunia, Aden, Dionne, Chantal and Eartha.

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