Top 40+ Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby


Dawn is a lovely and profound time of day. It implies a fresh start. Its arrival imparts a golden glow, brilliant hues, and fresh morning dew to the surroundings. And it brings with it renewed optimism and a new beginning.

Similar to this miraculous event in nature, the birth of a child marks a new beginning. The most beautiful and miraculous bearer of hope and promise is a newborn child.

So, while choosing a name for your child, is there anything more meaningful than selecting a name associated with the dawn?

Names that indicate dawn are laden with symbolic meaning and brimming with optimism, enthusiasm, and fresh beginnings.

These names are significant yet also captivating and interesting.

Names that signify dawn are filled with wonder and enchantment, making them wonderful options for your child.

Names That Mean Dawn

Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby
  • Aarush: Aarush is an excellent choice for parents looking for a name that means dawn. This name’s meaning in Hindi is “the first ray of sunlight.” In 2010 and 2015, it ranked among the top one thousand baby names in the United States.
  • Abner: Dawn refers to the day’s initial illumination. Therefore, when it comes to names that signify dawn, Abner, which means “father of light,” is an excellent option for males. 
  • Addae: The meaning of the name Addae is “dawn.” Because dawn leads to morning, it is an excellent option among boys’ names that signify dawn, as it is a great name for boys. Addae is predominantly employed in Africa.
  • Agim: Consider Agim if you’re looking for a unique, short name with the meaning dawn. This four-letter name derives from Albanian, meaning “dawn.” It is a name that is rarely employed.
  • Ahaan: Ahaan is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking names with a mild meaning associated with the dawn. This name is derived from India, meaning “dawn.”
  • Akatsuki: Of names that signify dawn, Akatsuki is a solid and unusual option you might explore if you would like names that are a bit longer and more intricate. This name is of Japanese origin and means “dawn.”
  • Akemi: Akemi is a Japanese name that also carries the meaning “dawn.” This name has a fun and charming quality, making it an excellent choice for your playful and charming child. Akemi means “dawn.”
  • Akira: When dawn arrives, the morning sun greets us. Akira is an outstanding option for boys among names that mean dawn.
  • Alfajiri: Consider the name Alfajiri if you want a name that means daybreak that is distinctive and unique.


Unique Boys Name That Meaning Dawn

  • Ahaan: A lovely name that means “dawn,” “sunrise,” “morning glory,” “first beam of light,” and “one who is of time itself.” Beautiful, right? Its origins are Sanskrit, Muslim, and Indian.
  • Agim: This elegant and straightforward Albanian name means “dawn” and evokes the optimism that comes with it.
  • Lucrecio: This intriguing name is of Latin origin and means “dawn’s twilight.”
  • Vihan/Vihaan: This Sanskrit name that means “dawn” is formidable. Invoking the start of a new era, it is frequently given to the first child of a family’s next generation.
  • Aroon/Aruna:  This Sanskrit name with Thai roots signifies, without a doubt, “dawn.” It is a strong and athletic name that refers to the fabled charioteer of the Hindu sun god Surya.

Unique Girls Name That Meaning Dawn

Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby
  • Aamu: Aamu is a Finnish name that means “dawn.”
  • Arla: Arla is a beautiful name with Swedish origins that means “early.”
  • Anastasia: Did you know that this Russian princess’s name signifies “rebirth”?
  • Aurelia: This name, which is of Latin origin and means “the golden one,” has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years.
  • Celia: So here is a name that technically does not mean “dawn,” but made a list since it is associated with a celestial entity. It is incredibly beautiful and implies “heavenly.”
  • Chiara: This common Italian name means “bright” or “transparent.”
  • Daisy: This common name means “day’s eye” and relates to the opening of daisies when the sun rises. How enchanting!


Unique Gender Neutral Names That Meaning Dawn

  • Asa: Asa is a Hebrew and Japanese name that means “healer; morning-born.”
  • Beacon: “Beacon” is of African-American origin and means “signal light.”
  • Callahan: Callahan (Irish Origin) means “clear-minded.” Callahan is the protagonist in the Dirty Harry novels.
  • Dagny: Dagny” is of Scandinavian origin and means “new day.”
  • Early: Early (British Origin) translates to “bright, fresh day.”
  • Lior: Lior is a Hebrew and Israeli name that means “I have light.”
  • Neriah: Neriah (Hebrew Origin) means “Jehovah’s brightness.”
  • Nouvel: Nouvel is of Arabic origin and means “light.”
Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby

Popular Names That Mean New Beginning

  • Aadi: Aadi derives from Sanskrit, meaning “inception” or “beginning.”
  • Altan: A common Turkish name with the meaning “dawn.”
  • Arman: Ashur is another name that carries the same meaning in Arabic.
  • Janus: Janus, a name with Roman roots, is the Roman deity of beginnings and doorways.
  • Neo: This name derives from Latin and means “new.”
  • Ordell: This is an English name that means “beginning.”
Names Meaning Dawn For Your Baby

Names That Mean Dawn From Around The World

  • Anastasius: This name derives from the Greek word anastasis, which means “resurrection.”
  • Asier: A Spanish name meaning “beginning” originating in the Basque Country.
  • Arata: The Japanese term for “fresh” or “new.”
  • Genesis: The first book of the Bible is titled Genesis, which means “beginning.”
  • Fajr: A Muslim name that means “sunrise” or “dawn.”
  • Fresco: This name is of Italian and Spanish origin, meaning “a new beginning.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Greek Name For Dawn?

Eos (Greek), Roman Aurora, is the personification of dawn in Greco-Roman mythology. 

2. What does the Japanese Name Mean Dawn?

Akemi is a Japanese name that carries the meaning dawn. This name has a fun and charming quality, making it an excellent choice for your playful and charming child. Akemi means “dawn.”

3. What Are Names That Mean Sunrise?

Helios is a Greek name meaning sunrise.

4. What Girl Name Means, Twilight?

Aferdita: This is an Albanian name typically given to young females. It means “born at sunrise or sunset.”

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