40+ Ravishing Names That Mean Dark For Boys and Girls

Are you expecting a child with black hair, eyes, or complexion, or are you simply seeking a name that signifies or conveys darkness?

You may look for names whose literal meanings include black, dark, or night. Alternately, you may search for names that connote darkness, such as Jett or Raven.

These names imply dark or refer to dark objects or darkness, making them ideal for a baby girl or boy with brown eyes and dark hair.

When selecting a name, many people consider its pronunciation and meaning. But what about names with negative connotations that sound beautiful?

Names denoting darkness or dark magic are a few ideas that people in the current era are interested in employing.

Here is a list of a few names for boys and girls with dark connotations to express a child’s strong character.


Names That Mean Dark

  • Lilith: The name Lilith comes from the Akkadian word lilitu, which means “of the darkness.” She is described in Jewish legend as Adam’s first rejected wife, who was transformed into a night demon for refusing to follow him. Lilith is unrelated to most Lil- names, except the Latvian Lilita.
  • Kieran: Long famous in Ireland and England, Kieran, the surname of Ireland’s initially saint and twenty-five additional saints, is gaining popularity in the United States due to its appealing sound and stylish Irish pronunciation.
  • Lila: Lila comes from the Arabic word Layla, which means “night.” It has distinct Sanskrit roots with the meaning “play.”
  • Blake: Blake, an early unisex name, fell out of the Top 100 for the first time since 1988 in 2017, yet it remains a classy option.
  • Cole: Cole, a short name with great depth and complexity, has long been connected with the renowned composer Cole Porter.
  • Amaya: The Spanish version of Amaya is both a forename and a surname, deriving from the mountain and village of Amaya in Spain.
 Names That Mean Dark for Boys and Girls

Baby Boy Names That Mean Dark

Now, listed below are all boy baby names meaning “dark.”

  • Adham: This cool boy’s name has Arabic roots. Its literal meaning is “black stallion” or “stallion with dark skin.”
  • Blackburn: Blackburn is a unique name. It is of Old English origin, meaning “black creek” or “dark brook.” It is one of the few distinctive dark boy names.
  • Blackwell: This name has Old English origins and is quite uncommon. It refers to dark or black stone.
  • Blagden: This uncommon name has its origins in the Old English language and the Anglo-Saxon culture. It bears the connotation of a dark valley.
  • Blake: This fashionable name’s meaning is black or dark. It originates from Old English culture and the word black or black.
  • Cary: This name is of Gaelic origin and means “one with a black complexion.” It is one of the uncommon unisex baby names.
  • Ciaran: The name Ciaran is as distinctive and uncommon as it sounds. It is an Irish name derived from the word ciar, which signifies black or dark.
  • Coakley: This name derives from the Old English with the meaning of “charcoal meadow” or “black meadow.”
  • Colburn: This term is derived from coal and refers to a coal creek or a black brook. It is also the name of a location in North Yorkshire near Catterick.


Baby Girl Names That Mean Dark

Your tiny princess may develop a strong outlook on life if she is given a name with a dark or sinister connotation. Here are several names associated with the darkness that could be a frightening element for your child.

  • Achlys: It is one of the few uncommon names that means darkness.
  • Adrienne: It means “dark” and is one of the girls’ names that imply “dark.” Numerous notable figures have this name.
  • Blake: It is of Old English origin and means “black,” which is a unisex name.
  • Brangwen: It means “black and pure”; it is one of the names that signify light and darkness.
  • Brunhilde: Brunhilde is a German name that means “black or noble” and is associated with Brunhilde Pomsel, a World War II-era secretary.
  • Charna: The Yiddish word “dark” is a Pakistani geographical name and island.
  • Ciarda: Ciarda is a Gaelic word meaning “dark.”
  • Corvina: Corvina, of American origin and meaning “dark-haired, raven,” is a fish and grape variety name.
Names That Mean Dark for Boys and Girls

Names That Mean Dark Beauty

A baby name that signifies dark beauty has always been at the top of the list of dark baby names. Here are some wonderful male and female names for your consideration.

  • Bellinor: The French name Bellinor means “lovely and black person.”
  • Dubheasa: Dubheasa is an Irish name for girls that means “black beauty.”
  • Ebda: Ebda is of English origin and means “dark beauty.”
  • Fascienne: The name Fascienne is of Latin origin and means “lady of black beauty.”
  • Layla/Leila: This name also means night. Leila is the name of an Indian Netflix series and an Australian American actress Leila George.


Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Dark

  • Shadow: Shadow is a name without gender connotation. It signifies “sun protection.”
  • Cary: Cary is a Celtic unisex name that means “black.”
  • Kumori: This gender-neutral Japanese name means “shadow.”
  • Yami: In Japan, the name Yami signifies “darkness.”
  • Varjo: Varjo is a unisex Finnish name that means “shade” or “shadow.”
  • Night: Fans of darkness will adore this gender-neutral moniker. Make no mistake; it means “evening.”
  • Shade: Shade is an Arabic unisex name that means “singer.” Additionally, it provides a stark reminder of the darkness produced by shadows.
Names That Mean Dark For Boys and Girls

Names With Dark And Deep Meanings

A baby name with a profound meaning or one that means “black” appears to generate great interest everywhere. Check out this list for some great names associated with dark a baby name.

  • Ahriman: Ahriman is of Indian origin and means “bad spirit.”
  • Ahura: Ahura is of Persian origin and means “Lord of wisdom.”
  • Azazel: Azazel means “fallen angel, demon” and is also known as “the angel of death.”
  • Bellona: Bellona is a female name of Latin origin that means “Goddess of war.”
  • Birsha: Birsha is a Biblical name that means “evil.”
  • Bora: Bora means “storm” and is also the name of an island in French Polynesia.

To Summarize

So, that’s all about names that mean dark. You can use any name for your girl and boy. I hope you like this post! Which name are you going to pick? Tell us in the comments below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Names Mean Black Or Dark?

You might search for names that imply black, dark, or night. Or you might like to explore for names that evoke sinister things, such as Jett or Raven. Along with Jett and Raven, additional dark baby names are Blake,  Delaney, Kiera, Melanie, and Sullivan.

2. What Name Means The Dark Moon?

Esmeray, is of Turkish Origin Esmeray signifies “black moon.”

3. What Name Means, Dark Stranger?

Dougal. The name is derived from the Gaelic name Dubhgall and is of Irish origin. It represents a stranger with dark skin.

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