Top 35+ Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls


Names That Mean Blue may be the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for a name that stirs up pleasant coastal days or if you want to give your child the best possible start in life.

You might picture the sky and wide-open landscapes when you think of the colour blue. Or perhaps you have more of an affinity with the ocean’s depths. While blue is undoubtedly calming, it is also associated with inspiration, loyalty, independence, and trust.

Names That Mean Blue

Blue-related names effectively convey the diverse spectrum of beauty and wonder that this colour denotes. Blue is the ideal colour for both boys & girls.

There are several names that have the meaning “blue” that would be cool and significant for your child. Check out our selection of names with the meaning “blue” to get some inspiration from this stunning shade.

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  1. AOULI. The name Aouli has Hawaiian ancestry. Many Hawaiian names refer to places or feelings. This name, in the instance of Aouli, refers to a gorgeous blue sky on a spotless, clear day.
  2. AZRAQ. Azraq is one of the blue baby boy names that have a powerful, furious vibe to it. The Arabic origins of the word Azraq translate to “blue.”
  3. CHANDRANEEL. More valuable than the moon and all the stones put together is your baby son. The meaning of the Hindu given name Chandraneel is “precious blue diamond.”
  4. CIELO. For names that signify blue and have a softly melodic undertone, Cielo might be a beautiful option. This Italian baby name only means “sky”
  5. Firuzeh. It is a rare, lovely moniker among names that signify blue. It is as vibrant as it is odd. The Iranian word for turquoise is called firuzeh.
  6. LINNAEUS. Are you looking for more elaborate names with the meaning of blue? Look at the name Linnaeus after that. According to legend, this alluring name is given to infant males with names like “twinflowers” or “blue flowers.”
  7. MANIKANTH. Your son will sparkle like the finest, most brilliant jewels. The Hindi origins of the name Manikanth translate as “blue pearl” and “shining brightly.”
  8. NABHAS. Another name that means blue and is ideal for parents who love the sky is Nabhas. The meaning of this Sanskrit-derived name is “celestial.” 
Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

The colour blue is a wonderful place to start when choosing a name for your baby boy. Both names that literally mean blue and names that make reference to this serene colour can be found on our list.

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  1. Azraq. The Arabic meaning of this baby boy’s name is “blue.
  2. Cyan. This name, which refers to the lovely pale greenish-blue tint, exudes serenity.
  3. Douglas. This name, which is of Scottish origin and means “black water,” is the ideal deep blue choice for a baby boy.
  4. Gorman. Looking for a name that means “one with blue eyes”? This Irish choice will take care of you.
  5. Hinto. Hinto is a boy’s Dakota name that means “blue-haired.”
  6. Jay. A blue jay is a vivid blue bird, and its nickname is Jay. Additionally, it’s a pretty sweet gender-neutral name..
  7. Keyne. Keyne, an ancient Cornish name that means “man of the eastern sky,” is another name that has to do with the sky.
  8. Neel. The Hindu name for this guy also means “blue.”
  9. Oldrik. The name of this elderly German kid means “blue hill” or “blue peak.”
  10. Puskara. Puskara is an Indian boy’s name that means “blue lotus.”
  11. Shyam. The name of this adorable Hindu boy signifies black or dark blue.
  12. Viorel. Viorel is a name of Romanian roots that derives from the term “bluebell.”
  13. Zeru. The Basque language’s word for blue is this gender-neutral name.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

There are countless shades of blue, and there are countless associations with them, including anything from the furthest corners of the universe to the deepest parts of the ocean. There are numerous valuable gemstone names inspired by this colour.

Check our collection of girl names with blue meanings. You’re sure to find something that inspires you.

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  1. Afina. This adorable name is of Romanian origin, and it means “blueberry.”
  2. Azurine or azure. Azurine is a well-liked name variation. Azure signifies blue sky. Both are lovely baby girl names, in our opinion.
  3. Celeste. Celeste, which likewise refers to the colour of the sky, also implies “heavenly.”
  4. Claramay. This name can be the one for you if you want to spice up your blues. Blue and pink are combined to create Claramay.
  5. Doli. The name bluebird is Navajo.
  6. Fairouz. It’s an elegant girl’s name that in Arabic relates to the rare stone turquoise.
  7. Aibrian. This name’s Arabic roots give it the meaning “bluebird,” as well as “strong” and “noble.”
  8. Maya. Arabic’s word for Maya is “water,” which makes it the ideal deep blue baby girl’s name.
  9. Mazarine. The name of this French girl is an opulent shade of blue.
  10. Nilam. Searching for something a little more mellow? This endearing Hindu name alludes to a paler blue.
  11. Owaissa. This unusual name of English origin means “bluebird.”
  12. Sini. This sweet Finnish name is derived from the more lengthy Sinikka, which is derived from the word “sininen,” which means “blue.”
  13. Sunila. Sunila is a Hindu name that means “sapphire blue.”
Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Unisex Names For Blue

While bright blue might seem to energise, light blue has long been linked to feelings of tranquilly and harmony. Blue in its totality, stands as the most inspirational colour. Here’s a list of unisex names, that unify the subtleness of blue with its extremities.

  1. Aoki. Aoki, which translates to “blue tree,” is a name of Japanese origin that suits infants of either gender.
  2. Blu-  The Turkish word  which signifies “creative and colourful.”
  3. Indigo- English name Indigo, sometimes known by the nickname Indy, is inspired by the deep shade of blue.
  4. Cerulean. Cerulean can be used for either gender, despite frequently being used as a boy’s name. The unusual origin of this name is the Latin word “caeruleus,” which means “dark blue.”
  5. Okeley- Hebrew name Okeley, a form of Neelam that means “blue sapphire,”
  6. Nakesha- The Hindi god Indra is also known by the Sanskrit name Nakesha, which translates to “the lord of heaven” or “the monarch of blue havens.”
  7. Jaylin- Greek-American name Jaylin translates to “calm,” which is exactly how the hue makes us feel.
  8. Neeladri- The name Neeladri, which is Hindi for “the nigliris, blue mountain,” refers to the mountaintop’s reflection in the aquamarine sea below.

Names That Mean Blue Ocean

Each parent chooses names using different criteria. People these days seek out baby names with oceanic connotations. One of the reasons is that they want their child to grow up with an all-encompassing essence like the ocean. Life should also be as expansive as an ocean, where borders are invisible.

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  1. Adriatic. The Italian peninsula is located after the Adriatic sea.
  2. Ariel. After the release of The Little Mermaid, the name of the main character in that movie was frequently used as a first name.
  3. Bay. The Otis Redding song “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” served as inspiration.
  4. Cumberland. A place I once travelled to as a youngster, an island off the coast of Georgia.
  5. Eldoris. a name in Greek that meaning “of the sea”
  6. Lana. “peaceful as still waters in Hawaiian.
  7. Marin. There is much discussion over the meaning of the name Marin, however it is typically understood to mean “of the sea.”
  8. Aberdeen. which means “mouth of the river,” is a really interesting girl’s nautical name.
  9. Aukai. It is Hawaiian for “marine adventurer.”
  10. Bermuda. A name derived from the mysterious triangle  n excellent choice for a person born in October.
  11. Coraline. English word Coraline was derived from the semi-precious sea growth. coral
  12. Danu.  the Celtic Danube deity, is where the name Dana comes from.
  13. Ezili. named for the Benin goddess of love, beauty, and water
  14. Indra. Hindu deity Indra, whose name means “possessing drops of rain,” ruled over the sky and the rain.
  15. Magdalene- After the village of Magdalaon on the shore of the Sea of Galilee
  16. Pavati. “clean water” in Hopi.
  17. Zale. Greek for “power of the sea” is “Zale.” 
Names That Mean Blue For Boys and Girls

Exotic Names That Mean Blue

There are numerous tones of blue that are well-known all throughout the world. If you want to choose the ideal blue colour name for your child, look at these unique blue shades.

  1. Aoichi. Japanese for “blue blood”
  2. Blatonn. Old Norse for “blue-tooth”
  3. Caeso. Latin for “blue-grey”
  4. Gorman. Irish for “blue”
  5. Khazhak. Armenian for “blue-eyed”
  6. Shyamal. Bengali for “blue”
  7. Žydrūnas. Lithuanian for “light blue”
  8. Delft. It is a deep blue colour used in Dutch pottery.
  9. Klein. the International colour blue-gray Little Blue
  10. Penn. Penn blue, one of the University of Pennsylvania’s official colours
  11. Picotee. Deep indigo tint is known as “picotee” after the picotee flower
  12. Royal. It is a vivid blue that is lighter than navy blue.
  13. Savoy. It is a shade of blue that falls between peacock and periwinkle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What name means blue flower?

Atasi, a name of Hindu origin, means blue flower.

2. What is the Greek name for blue?

Cyane is the Greek word, that means a bright shade of blue.

3. What is an exotic name for blue?

An exotic name that means blue could be Azura, which is of Persian origin and means sky blue.

4. What boy’s name means blue?

Aulie, Bisman, Janel, Livie, and Indeevar are some boy names that mean blue.

To Summarize

Unquestionably attractive and distinctive, blue is a colour that stands out. Blue-themed names are truly imaginative options for the name of your boy or girl newly born. I hope this vivid list of names was helpful for you!

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