Names That Mean Angel With Meanings And History

Exploring names that mean ‘angel’? Well, here we have comprised a list of names that mean ‘angel’ for boys, and girls and even gender-neutral names that mean ‘angel’ and can be used for both girls and boys along with surnames or last names.

Whether you want names that mean ‘angel’ or names of biblical and mythological angels who are mentioned in the holy scriptures, we have made a list of all these names to save you from the hassle.

Deciding to choose among names that mean ‘angel’ can perhaps have two possible reasons, either your little one is a bearer of good news for you or he/she/they have such an enchanting beauty that it reminds you of all the angels you have known about, their beauty is ethereal and divine as if they are made of ether (heavenly material) and emit heavenly light.

Whatever the cause may be, we are here to provide you with the best attractive, catchy, and distinguished names that mean ‘angel’.

So, let’s dive right into the list and get your little one a pretty name.  

Boy Names That Mean Angel

Not often appreciated for beauty like girls, why should girls have all the compliments? Boys can also seem like angels, which can be proven by so many male angels that are mentioned in the scriptures.

So, what is stopping you to name your little one after these beautifully mesmerizing angels? Let’s get a name that means ‘angel for your baby boy.

Names That Mean Angel With Meanings And History

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 Raphael  It is the name of an archangel mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) Book of Tobit. He is a holy angel of the ‘spirit of men’ who explains the ways of God and heals this defiled earth.
 Cherub  Name of a type of angel in Christian and Islamic literature, who is a young, beautiful and innocent child. It is a perfect name for your little baby boy.
 Lucifer  This name is of God’s dearest angel, it means ‘bearer of light. Later he was well known as Satan or the devil (a rebel angel) who raged war against God and was thrown into hell.
Uriel  This name of an angel means ‘fire of God. In Christian and Jewish scriptures this angel is a leading one ranked with the other archangels.

Girl Names That Mean Angel

Feminine names like Anjum, Laiba, Jaffa, Diwah, and many more, mean “angel”, but won’t it be common? What more can we add to it? There are names of female angels in holy scriptures among which you can choose for your baby girl to add spiritual importance to her name.

This exotic and angelic biblical name means ‘bearer of good news. It is the name of an angel who is a messenger of God.
It is the name of one of the seven archangels who is portrayed as a female. This name means ‘God is my beauty.
 Dara  If seen from Hebrew origin this name means ‘pearl of wisdom and in the Bible, she is the descendant of Judah’s wisdom. Other sources suggest it is a feminine name for the angel of rains and rivers. It is a very meaningful name.
 Dina  Pertaining to American origin this is a Persian feminine name that means ‘angel of peace’ and otherwise it means ‘judgment’ in Hebrew.
 Seraphina  Known for its enthusiastic love and burning passion, it is a name of a leading angel in holy scriptures that means ‘fiery ones’.
Names That Mean Angel With Meanings And History

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Divine Names That Mean Angel

 Michael  One of the most important archangels in the Bible and Quran portrayed as a leader of divine hosts assisting the children of God (Israelites). This name literally means “gift from God’.
 Abaddon  This biblical name means “the angel of the endless pit or the abyss of burning hell’.
 Abhinoor  This divine name that means ‘angel’ is of Indian origin. It is a rare name used for girls.
 Ketvi  A beautiful, divine and special feminine name that means ‘angel of God’ related to Indian origin and is popular among Hindus. 
 Gabriel Variant of Jibreel. It is the name of a biblical angel in Christianity.
 Kheshar  Pertaining to Indian origin, it is a masculine name popular among Hindus that means ‘angel’. 

Gender Neutral Angel Names

If you are confused between feminine and masculine names you can choose from names that are both and mean ‘angel’.

 Ariel  This biblical name means ‘angel of nature’.
 Angel  Angel of Italian origin in itself can be used as an exotic name for both genders.
 Baalim  In literal terms this unisex name means ‘sweet like honey’ but as mentioned in Milton’s Paradise lost it is the name of a rebel angel that roams earth to corrupt mankind.
 Raguel  The meaning of this name is ‘friend of God’ and he is known as the angel of justice.
 Farishta  This enchanting Arabic name means ‘angel’ in Farsi and Dari.
 Agnello  It is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means ‘angel’, ‘chaste’ and ‘pure’. 
Names That Mean Angel With Meanings And History

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Names That Mean Angel of Death

We often relate angels with positivity, God and spirituality but there exists a number of dark angels whose name means ‘angel of death’. In order to avoid such names I have made a list.

 Moloch It is the name of a rebel angel that wanders on earth as a false god of murder, loath and death as per Paradise lost. 
 Azrael  In Islam this is the name of the ‘angel of death’.
 Kama  Pertaining to Hindu beliefs this name is of the deity of death.
 Anpu  This is an Egyptian name that means ‘angel of death.
 Azrail  Alternative to Islamic angel of death Azrael this name means ‘angel of death’.

Last Names That Mean Angle

 Di Angelo
 An Italian last name which is a variant of the Latin surname Angel.
 Agne  This last name is popular in France and it means ‘angel’.
 Angelino  Spanish surname that means ‘angel’
Names That Mean Angel With Meanings And History

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a female name for an angel?

Diwa is an Indian girl name that means ‘angel’, ‘spirit’, and ‘candle ‘. It is a popular Muslim name of Arabic origin.

2. What does the name mean heavenly angel?

Miral is a feminine Arabic name that means ‘heavenly angel’ or ‘reigning queen’.

3. What names are associated with angels?

Names like Hazy, Pari, Gaeta, Alyssa, Aroosh, and many more are associated with angels.

4. What girl’s name means heaven?

Related to American origin, Avari is a feminine name that means ‘of heavens.

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