999+ Best Mermaid Names and Their Meanings 


Mermaids are fabled sea creatures, fascinating entities with lush manes and lovely tails. They’re frequently regarded to be harbingers of good fortune, and they’re among Europe’s most legendary species.

They’ve been there for a long time, dating back to ancient times, but that doesn’t imply their past has always been so complicated.

A mermaid is outlined as an aquatic creature that can live in both freshwater and saltwater. They’re often portrayed with long hair, beautiful braids, fat bottom cheeks, and beautiful tails of varying forms and shapes.

They’re also portrayed with large eyes and are sometimes portrayed with colorful scales or feathers in their hair.

Mermaid names appeal to us all because they conjure up images of the sea’s wildness and unpredictability.

When we think of mermaids, we are drawn to imagine the enormous waters that lie just beyond our grasp, with their endlessness, timelessness, and mysticism. They serve as a reminder that the world contains something larger and more magical.

Mythical Mermaid Names

The mythological mermaid is identified with a combination of both the sea and the land. The mythological sea is one of many things they have in common, while they take on many other characteristics based on their location. All the mythological mermaid names fit into this category.

Lynx NamesGalore MermaidAstronaut MermaidAhead MermaidBrowser Mermaid
Bam NamesAstronaut MermaidSprites NamesAnything MermaidBoards Mermaid
MermaidworksBrainy NamesAstronaut NamesKinder NamesBusk Mermaid
Scoot MermaidRock MermaidMammoth NamesPlaymate NamesCrawler Mermaid
Favor MermaidAqua NamesTadpole NamesArticles MermaidClubs Mermaid
Crypt MermaidFavor MermaidMagna MermaidSpring NamesCollector Mermaid
Sprout MermaidStellar MermaidFuze MermaidAfter MermaidButterfly Mermaid
Smile NamesDart NamesRule NamesSerendipity NamesBoost Mermaid
Muse NamesBuddies NamesBear MermaidCreations MermaidBlox Mermaid
MermaidioEnjoy MermaidBazaar NamesAngel MermaidBureau Mermaid
Mythical Mermaid Names
Mythical Mermaid Names
Toddler NamesMinotaur NamesCheer MermaidToddler MermaidClone Mermaid
Unicorn MermaidExplorer MermaidCreative MermaidFever NamesCache Mermaid
Fawn NamesCrypt NamesToon NamesNinja NamesBuster Mermaid
Serendipity MermaidBabies NamesSprout NamesBuddy NamesCatalyst Mermaid
Visionary NamesToddler MermaidCracked MermaidCatalyst MermaidCavil Mermaid
Joy NamesScoot NamesNinja MermaidAgents MermaidCaster Mermaid
Colossal NamesCabal MermaidPups NamesBasement MermaidCharts Mermaid
NamivaComplex MermaidHappy NamesAbout MermaidBucks Mermaid
Sapient NamesABC MermaidFunland NamesApex MermaidCreate Mermaid
Adventure NamesCubs MermaidJust MermaidAnywhere MermaidCraft Mermaid
  • Muse Mermaid
  • Macro Mermaid
  • Marker Mermaid
  • Max Mermaid
  • Nets Mermaid
  • Natural Mermaid
  • Neo Mermaid
  • Maven Mermaid
  • Ogre Mermaid
  • Pals Mermaid
  • Tactile Mermaid
  • Village Mermaid
  • Week Mermaid
  • Welove Mermaid
  • Trend Mermaid
  • Usa Mermaid
  • Welt Mermaid
  • Very Mermaid
  • Tera Mermaid
  • Hip Mermaid

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Mermaid Names Girl

There is a new trend that is in the entertainment of children. This trend comes from a mermaid named a girl and has spread out all over the country. You can see mermaid-themed anything imaginable, from bedding to dolls to clothing. More and more girls are dressing up as their favourite characters.

Brainy NamesJive NamesKinder NamesVortex MermaidChimp Mermaid
Bazaar NamesCreative NamesLittle NamesAware MermaidCapital Mermaid
Visionary MermaidCatalyst NamesSprite NamesAnswers MermaidCatcher Mermaid
Daydream MermaidSerendipity NamesScoot MermaidBlueprint NamesBold Mermaid
Minotaur MermaidPatrol NamesMonkey MermaidAsset MermaidCzar Mermaid
Colossal MermaidDynamo NamesRugrat NamesAwards MermaidCapitol Mermaid
Footprint MermaidJust MermaidFair MermaidRecess NamesCollect Mermaid
Dynamo NamesPhalanx NamesSapient NamesAce MermaidCollective Mermaid
Buddy NamesSunny MermaidLynx NamesLand NamesCircles Mermaid
Brainy MermaidSpring MermaidStork MermaidAvatar MermaidCheck Mermaid
Mermaid Names Girl
Mermaid Names Girl
Stargazer MermaidBox NamesBabies MermaidPatrol MermaidControl Mermaid
MermaidladaTreasures NamesExplore MermaidAqua MermaidClutch Mermaid
Pups NamesFireball MermaidFunland MermaidAccelerate MermaidCrimson Mermaid
Delights MermaidStellar NamesMagic NamesLittle MermaidChampion Mermaid
Sprites NamesTact MermaidAqua NamesArid MermaidCrossover Mermaid
MermaidoontSidekick NamesChirp NamesAkin MermaidBuys Mermaid
MermaidadoBazaar NamesCubs NamesAlpha MermaidChecker Mermaid
Cheer MermaidMagnolia NamesPlaymate NamesParachute MermaidBow Mermaid
Daydream NamesPower MermaidPop MermaidAdvisor MermaidClaw Mermaid
Stellar NamesStargazer NamesMammoth MermaidSprightly MermaidBreezy Mermaid
  • Intelli Mermaid
  • Intra Mermaid
  • Insight Mermaid
  • Go Mermaid
  • Key Mermaid
  • Groups Mermaid
  • Huge Mermaid
  • Iconic Mermaid
  • Jawa Mermaid
  • Egad Mermaid
  • Agile Names
  • Archives Names
  • Asset Names
  • Cyst Mermaid
  • Ave Names
  • Axis Names
  • Ammo Names
  • Basement Names
  • Zip Mermaid
  • Angel Names


Mermaid Names Male

Most mermaid stories are being told from a female perspective, although there are a few tales in which the hero is male. Malinda Lo’s young adult novel Mermaid Summer tells the story of a boy named Brooks who is obsessed with Peter Pan and mermaids.

Smile MermaidBam NamesPups MermaidAlliance MermaidCourses Mermaid
Zeal MermaidCubs NamesPlay MermaidAtlas MermaidCalculator Mermaid
Explore MermaidShadow MermaidJam NamesAlity MermaidCampaign Mermaid
Kid MermaidMyst NamesLynx MermaidExplore MermaidBuyer Mermaid
Crib NamesKid MermaidMonkey NamesBeast MermaidCloud Mermaid
MermaidprismAtomic NamesJungle MermaidArchive MermaidCore Mermaid
Specter MermaidPlayful MermaidCabal MermaidBalance MermaidCharm Mermaid
Frolic NamesComplex NamesSapient MermaidAllure MermaidCreators Mermaid
Sprout MermaidAcorn NamesFair NamesPal NamesChart Mermaid
Sapient MermaidBazaar MermaidAplenty NamesBench MermaidBonus Mermaid
Mermaid Names Male
Mermaid Names Male
Blueprint NamesFuze NamesPatrol MermaidActive MermaidCost Mermaid
ABC MermaidChild NamesDart MermaidAwry MermaidBoss Mermaid
MermaidgenicsMinotaur MermaidSunny NamesAim MermaidCent Mermaid
Acorn NamesRecess MermaidSprightly NamesAmmo MermaidBytes Mermaid
MermaidlyLittle MermaidMania NamesAxis MermaidCenters Mermaid
Sesame MermaidSidekick MermaidAdventure NamesBargains MermaidClever Mermaid
Time MermaidDelights NamesBambino MermaidArticle MermaidBlink Mermaid
NamworksSanguine NamesZealous NamesCheer MermaidConscious Mermaid
Magic MermaidMonkey NamesWorld NamesBenefits MermaidBrokers Mermaid
Bambino NamesCerberus NamesAmuse MermaidTime MermaidConcept Mermaid
  • Faro Mermaid
  • Dart Mermaid
  • Essential Mermaid
  • Efficiency Mermaid
  • Dynamic Mermaid
  • Dept Mermaid
  • Effective Mermaid
  • Elite Mermaid
  • Foster Mermaid
  • Taste Mermaid
  • Winning Mermaid
  • Unreal Mermaid
  • Valley Mermaid
  • Widget Mermaid
  • Wonder Mermaid
  • Useful Mermaid
  • Titan Mermaid
  • Superior Mermaid
  • Wisp Mermaid
  • Absolute Names

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Mermaid Names Generator

The first element in the mermaid names generator is the word mermaid, and this word denotes not just the aquatic creature but also a beautiful woman. The name generator is designed to come up with names that are not just beautiful and feminine but also uniquely different.

NamopolisCabal NamesFrolic NamesAura MermaidChoice Mermaid
Hug NamesSpirit NamesPhalanx NamesTreasures MermaidCentury Mermaid
Pop NamesMagic NamesBubs MermaidAver MermaidBox Mermaid
MermaidnestMammoth MermaidMate NamesAzure MermaidBrig Mermaid
Box NamesSmile NamesSprout MermaidAve MermaidBevy Mermaid
Jive NamesGuardian NamesTact MermaidRock MermaidCertified Mermaid
Recess NamesTiny MermaidCompanion NamesAtto MermaidBloom Mermaid
MermaidorzoBabies MermaidBear NamesAtomic NamesBeyond Mermaid
NamisticSpirit MermaidBub NamesBest MermaidConnection Mermaid
Sidekick MermaidShadow NamesRecess NamesJungle NamesCase Mermaid
Mermaid Names Generator
Mermaid Names Generator
Cerberus NamesMagenta NamesMagic MermaidAxen MermaidCygen Mermaid
Little NamesJam MermaidToon MermaidAnytime MermaidChannels Mermaid
NamdeckColossal NamesCatalyst NamesAbsolute MermaidBrowse Mermaid
MermaidpadKids MermaidBuild MermaidRugrat MermaidCare Mermaid
Clues MermaidCreations NamesFrolic MermaidArgent MermaidCompanies Mermaid
Little MermaidSprites NamesCreative NamesAgile MermaidComplex Mermaid
Cheer NamesCompanion MermaidBuddies MermaidAegis MermaidCupid Mermaid
Funland MermaidPal MermaidCabal NamesSprout MermaidCities Mermaid
Vortex MermaidMagna MermaidToddler NamesMuse MermaidCurb Mermaid
Footprint NamesCountry MermaidToys MermaidChild NamesBlaster Mermaid
  • Sheet Mermaid
  • Shack Mermaid
  • Simplify Mermaid
  • Scanner Mermaid
  • Skep Mermaid
  • Smarter Mermaid
  • Shift Mermaid
  • Seekers Mermaid
  • Signals Mermaid
  • Star Mermaid
  • Soldier Mermaid
  • Sprout Mermaid
  • Serf Mermaid
  • Spaces Mermaid
  • Shares Mermaid
  • Sprint Mermaid
  • Spring Mermaid
  • Store Mermaid
  • Smart Mermaid
  • Seeker Mermaid

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Mermaid Names For Business

Many different mermaid names can be used for your business. Depending on the type of business you want to run, you can find a name that works well with your branding. You want to make a good name for your business, then go through all other information and details about mermaid names.

Magenta NamesVillage MermaidZealous MermaidAurora MermaidBorn Mermaid
NamopediaBub NamesMinotaur MermaidBegin MermaidBlessed Mermaid
NamcogPal NamesVillage NamesArk MermaidCamo Mermaid
MermaidporiumTime NamesPlayground NamesParachute NamesCharter Mermaid
Astronaut NamesCompanion NamesDash MermaidAll-Star MermaidConnect Mermaid
Amuse NamesOmni MermaidCompanion MermaidAnswer MermaidCity Mermaid
Build MermaidHug MermaidSmile NamesRule MermaidBliss Mermaid
Mania NamesDaydream NamesTots MermaidFootprint NamesBrite Mermaid
Fever NamesCreations MermaidMinotaur NamesTiny NamesCompass Mermaid
NamsioLand MermaidScoot NamesMammoth NamesClassic Mermaid
Mermaid Names For Business
Mermaid Names For Business
Explore NamesRangers NamesSidekick NamesDynamo NamesComparison Mermaid
Lynx MermaidKids NamesSesame NamesArchives MermaidCrafter Mermaid
Patrol MermaidSesame NamesComplex MermaidAttic MermaidCrown Mermaid
Wraith MermaidRule NamesCreations NamesAction MermaidCollection Mermaid
Mammoth MermaidIndo MermaidPlayful NamesRad MermaidShopper Mermaid
Division MermaidHeadquarters MermaidMixer MermaidRunners MermaidSecrets Mermaid
Exotic MermaidKine MermaidNonstop MermaidQuad MermaidSpace Mermaid
Digest MermaidIndy MermaidPeta MermaidQuint MermaidShare Mermaid
Drift MermaidGurus MermaidLove MermaidProducts MermaidSession Mermaid
Flash MermaidGrace MermaidMeter MermaidPulp MermaidSpur Mermaid
  • Professionals Mermaid
  • Revolution Mermaid
  • Quipo Mermaid
  • Royal Mermaid
  • Ratio Mermaid
  • Reports Mermaid
  • Rise Mermaid
  • Prime Mermaid
  • Reporter Mermaid
  • Realtime Mermaid
  • Ratchet Mermaid
  • Rah Mermaid
  • Quiet Mermaid
  • Rules Mermaid
  • Rater Mermaid
  • Priority Mermaid
  • Row Mermaid
  • Rapt Mermaid
  • Request Mermaid
  • Rewards Mermaid

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Mermaid Siren Names

Siren is a traditional mermaid name that has been utilised in a variety of ways. It implies a noblewoman in various European languages and might be a wonderful business name. The term siren has a variety of connotations, and you may utilise it to generate a variety of emotions in your audience.

Fard MermaidIntro MermaidMarks MermaidReady MermaidSkua Mermaid
Fixer MermaidHaven MermaidNon MermaidPlatinum MermaidSlash Mermaid
Fortune MermaidGolden MermaidMetro MermaidRale MermaidSimple Mermaid
Eco MermaidGuava MermaidLinks MermaidPlus MermaidSpad Mermaid
Doup MermaidFusion MermaidNexus MermaidSage MermaidShows Mermaid
Fresh MermaidGlow MermaidLoin MermaidRapid MermaidSpeedy Mermaid
Dawn MermaidJam MermaidMuno MermaidPoints MermaidSpark Mermaid
Express MermaidKing MermaidOkra MermaidRocks MermaidSaver Mermaid
For Less MermaidInvisible MermaidMountain MermaidRegister MermaidShadow Mermaid
First MermaidHappy MermaidPerfect MermaidRoma MermaidShared Mermaid
Mermaid Siren Names
Mermaid Siren Names
Eden MermaidInsider MermaidNiche MermaidRident MermaidSection Mermaid
Fans MermaidGround MermaidLoop MermaidPlex MermaidSigma Mermaid
Dreaming MermaidKings MermaidLung MermaidPreview MermaidSpan Mermaid
Experts MermaidGuides MermaidOracle MermaidReaper MermaidStamp Mermaid
Downtown MermaidImpact MermaidParadise MermaidPush MermaidSelector Mermaid
Flex MermaidKingdom MermaidMember MermaidReal MermaidSeek Mermaid
Energise MermaidGory MermaidOptions MermaidPower MermaidSpree Mermaid
Flow MermaidFroe MermaidMagical MermaidProtector MermaidShowcase Mermaid
Fast MermaidGreatest MermaidNeon MermaidRancor MermaidSpotting Mermaid
Earth MermaidGuys MermaidMystical MermaidRich MermaidSimply Mermaid
  • Mode Mermaid
  • Locator Mermaid
  • Move Mermaid
  • Patch Mermaid
  • Number Mermaid
  • Peak Mermaid
  • Paradox Mermaid
  • Linq Mermaid
  • Maps Mermaid
  • Only Mermaid
  • Official Mermaid
  • Map Mermaid
  • Neat Mermaid
  • Oasis Mermaid
  • Panel Mermaid
  • Machines Mermaid
  • Own Mermaid
  • Picker Mermaid
  • Passport Mermaid
  • Pages Mermaid

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Cute Mermaid Names

The cute mermaid name is a good one to use if you want an ocean-themed business but don’t want to be too obvious. Cute mermaid names are great for fashion and other businesses that want a subtle nod to the sea. You can also find them in plenty of children’s books.

Doozy MermaidGlobal MermaidPerch MermaidRally MermaidSept Mermaid
Feature MermaidInspire MermaidMachine MermaidRadical MermaidSnog Mermaid
Flower MermaidJustice MermaidNimble MermaidQuality MermaidSearcher Mermaid
Discovery MermaidGoto MermaidLoad MermaidRadiant MermaidSpirit Mermaid
Drip MermaidKeen MermaidMystery MermaidPriceless MermaidSky Mermaid
Forever MermaidGator MermaidNative MermaidPlat MermaidServ Mermaid
Elevate MermaidIdeas MermaidMungo MermaidProxy MermaidSites Mermaid
Daub MermaidGenie MermaidPassion MermaidPronto MermaidSpecialists Mermaid
Dollar MermaidInstant MermaidMountains MermaidPros MermaidSlue Mermaid
Finders MermaidHead MermaidMyriad MermaidReps MermaidScout Mermaid
Cute Mermaid Names
Cute Mermaid Names
Force MermaidInsane MermaidOption MermaidRates MermaidSpecials Mermaid
Factor MermaidJackpot MermaidMent MermaidRe MermaidSlate Mermaid
Dash MermaidIncredible MermaidMassive MermaidPro MermaidScope Mermaid
Exact MermaidGeeks MermaidMates MermaidResults MermaidSavers Mermaid
Feedback MermaidGrowth MermaidLucid MermaidPortfolio MermaidShops Mermaid
Delta MermaidJoy MermaidMatcher MermaidPlans MermaidSoul Mermaid
Equality MermaidLatest MermaidMaximum MermaidRegistry MermaidSelection Mermaid
Dish MermaidHerb MermaidMaster MermaidQuest MermaidSleuth Mermaid
Faux MermaidGawk MermaidMillions MermaidRasp MermaidScat Mermaid
Display MermaidHometown MermaidMogul MermaidRedhot MermaidScoot Mermaid
  • Frisson Mermaid
  • Hub Mermaid
  • Hacks Mermaid
  • Grabber Mermaid
  • Hall Mermaid
  • Joint Mermaid
  • Incorporated Mermaid
  • Glut Mermaid
  • Kite Mermaid
  • Gulf Mermaid
  • Grow Mermaid
  • Insights Mermaid
  • Heart Mermaid
  • Grok Mermaid
  • Last Mermaid
  • Handbook Mermaid
  • Friendly Mermaid
  • Lanx Mermaid
  • Infinity Mermaid
  • Frig Mermaid

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Funny Mermaid Names

The best way to find funny mermaid names is to develop a list of words that describe your type of business. Then, look for other words or phrases that might work for your name. You could even use the word funny in your mermaid names generator if you want something more upbeat and fun.

Days MermaidGuardian MermaidLive MermaidRatings MermaidStart Mermaid
Explosion MermaidKilo MermaidOxen MermaidPortable MermaidSmarts Mermaid
Dr MermaidGlum MermaidMatters MermaidPromotional MermaidStat Mermaid
Designs MermaidHunters MermaidLocker MermaidQuat MermaidSmew Mermaid
Feeds MermaidHunter MermaidOrigin MermaidPremiere MermaidStop Mermaid
Empire MermaidGrand MermaidMingle MermaidPrize MermaidState Mermaid
Efficient MermaidHeaven MermaidNational MermaidProfits MermaidSpots Mermaid
Earnings MermaidGate MermaidManiac MermaidProject MermaidScouts Mermaid
Energy MermaidHarvest MermaidNavy MermaidPoint MermaidSells Mermaid
Delight MermaidLance MermaidMiner MermaidPlethora MermaidScapes Mermaid
Funny Mermaid Names
Funny Mermaid Names
Equinox MermaidKyat MermaidOur MermaidQuestion MermaidScape Mermaid
Faqs MermaidHeroes MermaidMobil MermaidPuma MermaidSample Mermaid
Form MermaidGraph MermaidMarkets MermaidRepublic MermaidStock Mermaid
For Life MermaidHumble MermaidMechanics MermaidRating MermaidSignal Mermaid
Focus MermaidKith MermaidOffers MermaidPop MermaidSpry Mermaid
Folder MermaidGenius MermaidMyna MermaidRogue MermaidStation Mermaid
Frame MermaidHabit MermaidLogic MermaidProgram MermaidSource Mermaid
Forums MermaidHorizon MermaidLush MermaidPrograms MermaidSolution Mermaid
Flax MermaidIgniter MermaidOust MermaidRank MermaidShore Mermaid
Defence MermaidJump MermaidMilli MermaidRainbow MermaidSped Mermaid
  • Foundry Mermaid
  • Favorite Mermaid
  • Discounts Mermaid
  • Final Mermaid
  • Exciting Mermaid
  • Excellent Mermaid
  • Director Mermaid
  • Directory Mermaid
  • Ecru Mermaid
  • Den Mermaid
  • Demand Mermaid
  • Edge Mermaid
  • Emotion Mermaid
  • Enjoy Mermaid
  • Details Mermaid
  • Drive Mermaid
  • Dream Mermaid
  • End Mermaid
  • Essence Mermaid
  • Finds Mermaid

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1. What is a good name for a mermaid?

A good name for a mermaid is a name that is feminine and creative, and the name has to be original, unique, and reflective of the business. You can also use this name generator for mermaid names if you are looking for a good name for a young girl.

  • Ariel
  • Daphne
  • Pulcinella
  • Nereis
  • Siren

2. What does a girl’s name mean, sea?

The name sea is often used to describe a woman with gentle, feminine features. It can also be used to describe the sea itself, but it will often have other meanings.

  • Aquatica
  • Ariana
  • Aurora
  • Betty Blue Eyes
  • Celestine
  • Daphne or Dafne

3. How do you come up with a mermaid name?

The first thing to do is come up with a list of words that describe your business. Then, look for other words or phrases that might work for your name. It’s best to come up with a list of good mermaid names first and then use the same approach when you find other good names.

4. What does the name mean, Ocean?

Most names that mean Ocean are based on the Ocean itself. You can find them in any language, and you can use the name to evoke certain qualities from your audience.

  • Aquariura
  • Arielle
  • Oceana
  • Oceanne

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Mermaids are unique creatures who each have their personalities. Some common traits might include quickness in water or land, curiosity, fearlessness, or shyness in water or on land.

Many people are surprised when they learn that many companies are choosing mermaid names for their business. The fact is that mermaid names give your business the ultimate edge.

Mermaid names have to be truly unique, and you can get inspiration from the names that are already out there in the world. Once you come up with an excellent name for a mermaid, it’s not hard to keep it fresh and exciting.

This list includes names that contain water/ocean/mermaid-related words, mythological names, names with mermaid/ocean/water-related meanings and translations, names based on characters from movies and shows, and names that simply sound nice.

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