949+ Best Names And Nicknames Of Knight


A person with an honorary knighthood received from the head of state or a monarch was known as a Knight Names. They are facilitated with this honor generally for their military services. A knight represents loyalty towards their king or church and courage and strength in fields.

Back in the Days, a knight had the power of ten people, and only military personnel was given the honor.

In contrast, the last knights were said to have lived till the 16th century. Now an honorary man receives only a knighthood for his good deed towards his beloved country.  

Badass Knight Names

If you are wandering around looking for some badass names for your account. Then your search ends here. Below are some cool names for you to pick.

For EvolveNames ShootNames StudiosNames LazerFor Token
Knight BanditKnight VideogamesFor CubeFor DiceFor Evolve
Names SpriteKnight IntelKnight ClashNames BetKnight Razor
For GuardNames TeamKnight StrikeFor SmashNames Crimson
Names FrostNames WalkerNames SonicKnight MojoKnight Zombie
For OriFor SniperFor QuestFor HuntNames Mercy
Names TotalNames PortalNames SuperheroKnight ComboKnight Ori
Knight GlobalNames LegendsFor HydraNames ChaosKnight Geek
Knight BerserkerKnight RavenKnight EmpireFor DeadshotKnight Dice
Knight BulletKnight TurboFor SpriteNames VenomFor Cult
Badass Knight Names
Knight GuardianNames MineFor BossNames PoeNames Sky
Names SpitfireNames ManaKnight SagaKnight BanditFor Rocket
Knight MojoFor MobFor DudesKnight KingNames Phoenix
For CatalystNames LethalKnight StudiosFor SimulationFor Freak
Names TalentNames OffenseNames SimulationNames HotlineFor Crack
For BlastKnight AceNames FieldKnight HonorNames Wind
For StrategyKnight CriticalFor ModFor WorldKnight Legends
Names RazerFor BerserkerKnight DarkNames BattleKnight Maze
For ModeFor WindFor SamuraiKnight BomberNames Clash
For NightFor SebasFor TerrorNames ImpulseKnight Strategy
  • Names Bliss
  • Names Bloom
  • Names Blox
  • Names Boards
  • Names Bold
  • Names Bonus
  • Names Boost
  • Names Born
  • Names Boss
  • Names Bow
  • Names Box
  • Names Breezy
  • Names Brig
  • Names Brite
  • Names Brokers
  • Names Browse
  • Names Browser
  • Names Bucks
  • Names Bureau
  • Names Busk
  • Names Buster
  • Names Butterfly
  • Wilmetta the Tiny
  • Dave the Righteous
  • Aalina of the Sea
  • Stephen the Blue
  • Cristan the Fair
  • Barsane the Bold
  • Maneld the Resilient
  • Alienor the Warrior
  • Dain the Brilliant
  • Nicholaus of the Ice

Knight Names Male

Knight males were the most hard-working class at that time. In the meantime, they trained, cultivated their lands, and helped maintain peace. Their names also carried their weight and were heavy. Still, we picked the most vicious name for you.

For CriticalKnight RocketFor FragFor SmiteKnight Gladiator
Names ClashFor RelicFor TapNames HorizonFor Gladiator
Knight OffenseFor BeamKnight RoyalFor DopeKnight Spar
For SniperKnight ChaosNames AnimeFor SkyNames Tower
Names WarFor RushNames DragonNames PredatorKnight Hunter
Knight ImpulseClick to check domain availability.For ConquerFor SpaceNames Evolve
Knight TotalKnight FleetNames KartNames SoulsKnight Night
For LethalNames FantasyFor AddictKnight LandNames Night
For GunNames StrategyFor OrcKnight KnightFor Relic
Knight SensorNames WizardFor CombatNames FragNames Offense
Knight Names Male
Knight Names Male
For CubeKnight TacticNames DynastyKnight DwarfKnight Sim
Knight AccelerateKnight ScriptNames ShamanKnight MafiaFor Overwatch
Knight SpawnNames AllianceKnight CrackNames MagKnight Grind
Knight LitFor WorldKnight OdysseyNames SpitfireNames Dice
Names DualNames NationFor TurboFor AnimeFor Sky
Knight BuffNames ZombieFor LogicNames ShadowNames Dwarf
For RavenKnight HaloFor SpawnNames FoxNames Hunter
Names BloodKnight ScopeFor CalibreNames MetroFor Digital
Knight SpitfireFor AfflictionNames BuffNames DemonFor Cloud
Names DestructorFor KingKnight LogicKnight JellyKnight Thief
  • For Team
  • For Sonic
  • Knight Relic
  • Names Videogame
  • For Havoc
  • Names Hammer
  • Knight Hunt
  • Names About
  • Names Absolute
  • Names Accelerate
  • Dragoart the Warm
  • Gereminus of the Mountain
  • Ysembert the Worthy
  • Frank of the Winter
  • Jeremy of the West
  • Hugo the Gracious
  • Fredericus the Brute
  • Bevis of the Lake
  • Otelin the Warm
  • Elis the Weak
  • Hendry the Keen
  • Frery the Omen
  • Davie the Keeper
  • Raff the Dreamer
  • Gervais the Clever
  • Renfred the Illuminator
  • Rychard the Vigilant
  • Henricus the Loner

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Famous Knight Names

However, there were thousands of knights but only a few succeeded in making history. Their determination was extraordinary towards their king and church. Here, some of these greats’ names are mentioned.

For SquadNames ShroudNames MatrixKnight Free FireFor Dawn
Knight CultKnight PickKnight SpiritFor ForceNames Mega
Names DudesFor SmashNames VenomNames OverwatchKnight Spitfire
For MarvelKnight OutcastNames VideogamesKnight BossKnight Addict
Names HotlineKnight ZoneFor InfinityNames TokenFor Pak
For BetaKnight HonorKnight BoomKnight LifeNames Pak
Knight HotlineNames ChaosFor FoxNames StudiosKnight Force
Knight LevelKnight GhostNames ChipFor TimeFor Blast
For SebasFor HazardNames SwitchKnight MonkKnight Mod
For CrimsonKnight DawnKnight DruidKnight RavenKnight Redux
Famous Knight Names
Famous Knight Names
For SpiritKnight KnightFor BossFor BladeNames Scope
For DudesNames BattleNames DestructorNames IntelNames Shoot
Knight CloudFor HuntNames CounterKnight SpeedKnight Beast
Names EmpireFor HeroFor BanditNames AssaultNames Crack
For MojoFor SoloKnight TacticalFor ClubFor Wings
For QuestFor ModFor LogicNames SparFor Epic
Names SpitfireNames WindNames ScriptNames CultKnight Clash
Knight BattleFor TeamFor EffectNames VenomFor Kill
Knight SquadKnight BetFor SwitchFor KingNames Offense
For RazerNames PortalNames NationFor AllianceFor Intel
  • Names Horizon
  • For Destroy
  • Names Fighter
  • For Metro
  • Names Battle
  • Knight Mine
  • For Beam
  • Knight Videogames
  • For Switch
  • For Mono
  • For Bro
  • Names Token
  • Names Origin
  • Names Dwarf
  • For Dragon
  • Names Bro
  • Knight Smash
  • Knight Switch
  • For Blast
  • Names Chip
  • Names Level
  • For Upgrade
  • Knight Nation
  • Knight Shock
  • Names Zero
  • For Royale
  • Knight Lazer
  • Names Mage
  • For Matrix
  • Names Ality
  • Names All-Star
  • Names Alliance
  • Names Allure
  • Names Alpha
  • Names Ammo
  • Names Angel
  • Names Answer
  • Names Answers
  • Names Anything
  • Names Anytime
  • Names Anywhere
  • Names Apex
  • Names Aqua
  • Names Archive
  • Names Archives
  • Names Argent
  • Names Arid
  • Names Ark
  • Names Article
  • Names Articles

Knight Names Female

Back in the days, though it was hard for women to be respected, let alone be knights, some noble ladies prevailed in manly society and were given the honor for their bravery and services. Some of these goddesses are mentioned below.

Knight MortalKnight TacticsKnight PhoenixNames SpiritNames Cult
Knight ClanKnight BloodFor MetroFor SagaNames Strategy
Knight OtakuNames EffectKnight SuperheroFor TapFor Calibre
For TowerNames TalentFor BattleNames JellyKnight Horizon
Names VideogameFor RelicNames CombatFor KawaiiFor Mercy
Knight CatalystKnight HavocKnight EmpireNames CatalystFor Free Fire
Names BeamNames BloodFor OutlawFor DualNames Outlaw
For NationNames BoomNames StealthNames FieldFor Night
For TacticalFor DestructorKnight RaidFor CreedKnight Cult
For ScopeKnight TapFor EvilNames VoidFor Mortal
Knight Names Female
Knight Names Female
For ShiftNames EvoFor SiegeNames KillKnight Land
Names FoxKnight WalkerNames ZenNames AfflictionKnight Frame
Knight TerrorNames CombatKnight HavocFor BoomFor Destructor
For WarKnight DragonKnight SimulationFor UnholyNames Impulse
Names BerserkerFor EffectKnight ClanFor FireNames Royal
For LitFor BladeNames MonkNames NationNames Sensor
Knight CrimsonFor BomberKnight AssaultKnight GenFor Beast
Names RaidFor LuckyFor EpicNames SmashFor Link
Knight PortalNames AkimboKnight VenomFor EternalFor Strike
Names ClubNames InfiniteNames TacticsNames LegendsKnight Source
  • Knight Lethal
  • Names Mana
  • Knight Videogame
  • Knight Outcast
  • Knight Halo
  • For Talent
  • For Wind
  • Knight Bros
  • Names Logic
  • Names Souls
  • Knight Tactic
  • For Infinite
  • Knight Demon
  • Knight Matrix
  • Names Venom
  • Names Anime
  • For Empire
  • For Warlock
  • Knight Lore
  • Knight Ghost
  • For Calibre
  • Names Slayer
  • Names Sprite
  • Knight Beam
  • Knight Boom
  • For Combat
  • Names Berserker
  • Names Lore
  • Names Atto
  • Names Aura
  • Names Aurora
  • Names Avatar
  • Names Ave
  • Names Aver
  • Names Awards
  • Names Aware
  • Names Awry
  • Names Axen
  • Names Axis
  • Names Azure
  • Names Balance
  • Names Bard
  • Names Bargains
  • Names Basement
  • Names Beast
  • Names Begin
  • Names Bench
  • Names Benefits
  • Names Best
  • Names Bevy

Dark Knight Names

Dark knights used their power for evil purposes, exercising magical power and weapons and killing machines. They were tedious in their approach, so they were used for kings’ dirty work. Below are some great dark knights.

Names ChaosKnight ClubKnight KawaiiKnight VoidFor Cloud
For ShamanFor SparFor GladiatorFor GhostNames Chess
For SmiteNames OriKnight ThiefKnight CalibreKnight Cleric
Names LuckyKnight PoeKnight BrothersNames OroKnight Eternal
Knight ClubKnight AceNames RocketKnight SuperheroNames Dawn
For BeamFor MonkFor BrosNames DestroyKnight Critical
Names CounterFor ShadowKnight HazardKnight InteractiveKnight Dual
For OriFor HonorNames CounterNames BeamFor Marvel
Knight FoxFor KillFor UpgradeKnight SagaFor Clash
For WorldKnight SebasNames CubeNames MortalFor Simulation
For EmpireFor CubeKnight ShroudFor ZenNames Challenge
Knight JellyFor StudiosNames DudesKnight FortressFor Chip
Knight ChessKnight HotlineNames MageFor ChallengeFor Oro
Knight BoardKnight AfflictionFor BrothersKnight KingFor Lazer
For OutlawNames CombatFor GoliathFor FusionFor Ace
Knight BlastKnight DuelNames FrostNames SquadKnight Token
Names ReduxNames RogueKnight Free FireKnight KillNames Enemy
Knight BroFor DragonNames ChallengeFor OverwatchNames Kart
Knight RoyalNames WarKnight EpicNames OffenseKnight Upgrade
Names TerrorKnight MineNames EpicKnight HotlineNames Super
  • For Alliance
  • Knight Crusader
  • For Sonic
  • Names Switch
  • Names Gen
  • Knight Overwatch
  • For Battle
  • Names Scope
  • Names Sky
  • Names Destroy
  • Names Global
  • Names Life
  • For Horizon
  • Names Clan
  • Names Shot
  • Knight Action
  • For Spawn
  • Knight Druid
  • Knight Infinite
  • For Geek
  • Names Matrix
  • For Elite
  • For Evil
  • For Blade
  • For Mob
  • Knight Effect
  • Names Frost
  • For Max
  • Names Blessed
  • Names Blink
  • Names Bliss
  • Names Bloom
  • Names Blox
  • Names Boards
  • Names Bold
  • Names Bonus
  • Names Boost
  • Names Born
  • Names Boss
  • Names Bow
  • Names Box
  • Names Breezy
  • Names Brig
  • Names Brite
  • Names Brokers
  • Names Browse
  • Names Browser
  • Names Bucks
  • Names Bureau
  • Names Busk

Medieval Knight Names Generator

Earlier the knight had a sole purpose- To serve their king and church. They were masters of it. They were the symbol of strength and sacrifice for their public. Thus, these names generated, try to match their aura.

For SniperFor CubeKnight OtakuFor EffectNames Dice
For WizardKnight SonicNames LogicKnight GeekNames Destroy
For OutlawNames HaloNames SoloNames PortalNames Synergy
For QuestNames JokerNames SparFor VengeanceNames Chess
Names PickFor PaladinKnight LinkKnight StealthFor Combat
Knight SpiritNames ShamanFor RankKnight SimNames Dragon
Knight TimeKnight NationKnight DestructorKnight AfflictionKnight Tap
Knight ClashKnight AssassinNames BoardKnight FortressKnight Sonic
Knight TeamNames BlastKnight QuestNames DuelFor Land
Knight RankFor OroFor MaxNames SoulsNames Matrix
Dark Knight Names
Dark Knight Names
Names ChaosFor CrackFor DriftFor ZombieFor Blade
For ProNames RavenFor BrothersNames VideogamesNames Raid
Names WingsFor JokerFor LuckyFor PokeKnight Halo
Knight SparFor SpriteNames ConquerKnight CriticalNames Mech
Names NightFor BerserkerKnight SamuraiNames ZoneNames Speed
Names VenomFor DudesFor CrimsonNames UnholyFor Field
Names GeniusFor ShootFor JokerNames LuckyNames Crimson
Knight MatrixNames DragonKnight GenKnight SimulationFor Honor
For ClashNames BomberKnight CloudKnight JellyFor Empire
Names RushFor EvoKnight HuntNames TacticalNames Videogame
  • Knight Digital
  • For King
  • For Crimson
  • Knight Lit
  • Names Creed
  • For Noob
  • For Smash
  • Knight Hotline
  • Knight Lore
  • Knight Kingdom
  • For Action
  • Names Predator
  • Names Void
  • For Lore
  • Knight Free Fire
  • Names Ghost
  • Names Combat
  • Names Machine
  • For Tactical
  • Names Gun
  • Names Accelerate
  • Names Ace
  • Names Action
  • Names Active
  • Names Advisor
  • Names Aegis
  • Names After
  • Names Agents
  • Names Agile
  • Names Ague

White Knight Names

White Knights were typically protagonists of the stories. They were constantly fighting and protecting humankind from the dark knight’s wrath. So, look at some brave knights’ names here.

For JellyNames OffenseFor SpaceNames OverwatchFor Lit
Knight CalibreNames PickFor BattleKnight PickKnight Grind
For AnimeKnight MercyFor GhostFor AfflictionKnight Total
Knight ConquerNames FireKnight ClericNames SecretNames Lethal
Names SquadKnight RaiderKnight OtakuFor FrostNames Shadow
For SourceKnight BlastNames GuardianKnight SonicKnight Fanatic
For InteractiveFor SuperheroNames GoliathKnight MonoKnight Squad
Knight BoardFor RazorNames SpaceFor ShadowFor Fury
Names DeadshotFor ThroneNames MojoKnight PakKnight Super
Knight ChallengeKnight DestroyNames GeekFor SurvivalKnight Clan
White Knight Names
White Knight Names
Names RushFor EvoKnight HuntNames TacticalNames Videogame
For RavenFor MachineFor ClubKnight LandNames Catalyst
Names SimNames ManaKnight PokeFor RazerNames Crusader
For SurvivalNames FieldFor FanaticNames OroNames Poke
Names ShadowFor ForceFor LethalNames CrackNames Terror
For ManaNames InfiniteKnight AnimeKnight FreakFor Zone
For EvolveKnight WizardNames HotlineKnight BoardKnight Crack
For SpitfireNames ZeroNames AfflictionFor DiceFor Bro
Names MetroKnight TalentKnight TeamKnight ZoneKnight Souls
For ImpulseKnight WorldFor SimulationKnight ZenKnight Solo
For FragNames ModeNames EvolveKnight FantasyFor Cloud
  • Knight Gen
  • Knight Paragon
  • Names Engage
  • Names Dynasty
  • Names Wizard
  • Names Fire
  • For Videogame
  • Names Rush
  • For Secret
  • Names Mojo
  • Names Boom
  • Names Crack
  • Names Noob
  • Knight Dark
  • Knight Kart
  • For Fortress
  • Names Siege
  • For Max
  • For Phoenix
  • Knight Alpha
  • For Odyssey
  • For Zone
  • Knight Force
  • Names Thief
  • For Blade
  • Knight Cult
  • Names Epic
  • For Druid
  • For Blood
  • Names Goliath


1. What were the names of knights?

The popular knights’ names were Saint George, Siegfried, Sir William Wallace, Robert Guiscard.

2. What is a good death knight name?

Death knights were evil. Since names are based on the character’s nature, they can be given as Randal the Dragon, Thomassin the Beast, Rauf the Bold, and Gabel the Butcher.

3. Who was the deadliest knight?

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, also known as El Cid Campeador, was one of the deadliest knights ever known.

4. Who is the greatest knight in history?

The greatest knight of history was William Marshal, First Earl of Pembroke. A great anglo-norman soldier and the servant of kings.


Knighthood was one of a person’s prestigious titles in medieval days. Now, knights’ names represent their legacies and hard work in earning that. We use their name to inspire loyalty and bravery.

The courage they showed paved the way for their king and kin in history to be truly immortal.

You may have noticed that people prefer short and straightforward nicknames. They actually appreciate it when you refer to them by their nickname.

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