773+ Ice Cream Truck Names

”You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing.” (Ice Cream Truck Names)

Icey Creamy World!

How much do you like ice-cream? A lot! Right? And do you like to sell them too?

So that others can enjoy the creamy and delicious taste of this desert. A desert that never fails to amaze us, excite us, put a smile on everyone’s face.

Well, ice cream is like that celestial thing that has a special place in everyone’s heart. And, to touch all the hearts out there, we have brought some yummy tummy names for our ice-cream truck/shop/business/brand owners so that they can sell happiness door to door while having a memorable name that no customer will ever forget.

Contact IceApprove TruckTop IceTank Cream
Fantasy IceCare TruckInspired IceCoco Truck
Coveted IceSoft TruckCandescent IcePurity Cream
Mash IceHoney IceViper IceArtistry Truck
CreamporiumIntrigue CreamSurprise TruckInfusion Ice
Advance TruckGlamour IceFly TruckTire Truck
Reign TruckDash CreamFusion CreamFemme Cream
Prevail CreamEncore CreamMilk CreamAdvocate Ice
Driver TruckHottie CreamVolt TruckSolve Ice
Crystal TruckAugust IceNatural CreamRomance Ice

And if you like this idea then without any delay, start reading our very first list of some ice cream shops name and start shortlisting your favourite ones.

Traction TruckAsset TruckKing IceDusk Cream
Cornerstone IcePlatinum IceSerenity IceAdmire Ice
Intensity TruckCreamcogPath TruckWinsome Truck
Lola CreamIcegenicsLivid IceHush Truck
Zip CreamMonroe TruckOctane CreamClear Ice
Transport CreamMesmeric CreamFoster IcePurpose Truck
Guide TruckTrucksyGoddess CreamRider Ice
Queens TruckPaddle IceCreamtasticTouch Ice
Octane IceUnforgettable TruckZing IceScrunch Ice
Free IceWonder TruckAdorn IceAccelerate Cream

Presenting you some, sweet and creamy ice-cream names that are too good to be ignored by your customers and too up to date to be ignored by you.

Read on;

The freezing pointThe little pop shopStuffed ice-cream zoneThe black forest carriers
Dairy goddessDream and droolLoaded with frostCream and nourish
Dream cream cityBerries in the bucketScoop and loadAll about ice-cream
Frosty fillsIce-cream barYour creamy potYour heaven under the roof
King kreamSnow junkie caféDaily dairy dipAnything but ordinary

Ice Cream Shops Name

Imagine having these coolest names for ice cream shops and spreading happiness while selling ice-cream. What a satisfying job that would be.

Ice Cream Truck Name
Ice Cream Truck Name

Let’s talk ice cream

So, reader, tell us what do like the most in an ice-cream? Its sweetness, the cream, the flavour or the fact that its frozen yet melts in your mouth like it never was?

Merry IceDreamy IceTempting TruckSturdy Truck
Ameli TruckCaptivate IceAwaken TruckBelle Truck
Deluxe IceCoco TruckCalm IceCornerstone Cream
Prima IceFirst TruckBix IceMonroe Truck
Go IceSonic TruckMarshal IceMalts Truck
Smacks CreamDrop TruckMadonna IceBeach Ice
Nimble CreamVenus TruckUpgrade CreamArdent Ice
Treasure TruckUniversal TruckSpotless CreamMagnolia Ice
Sure IceCreamsioAttitude TruckPlush Cream
Coco IceDare IceOra CreamPatch Truck

And also, tell us what kind of an ice-cream do you like the most? A cone wrapped around your creamy heaven, ice- cream bucket, ice cream with some waffle, or the ones that comes with a stick attached to it?

Captain CreamHarvest CreamGalvanic IceZing Cream
Streamlined IceImport IceHarmony CreamTruckry
Bounce TruckPurifying TruckAware CreamResort Cream
Charge CreamCloud IceTruckoramaBuff Cream
Elfin IceAlpha IceWarm CreamCreamster
Promote TruckPlatinum TruckCoats TruckElements Truck
Vernal TruckIceprismGrand CreamMod Truck
Wonder CreamHypnotizing CreamTulip CreamChase Ice
Ride IceDesire IceLivid IceErase Truck
Lucious TruckDelicate TruckSnap IceFoundation Ice

Woah! There are so many different types of ice- cream and we haven’t yet discussed their flavours yet. So many options to choose from, so many types to pick up from. And just like that, we are about to provide you with so many ice cream store name to select your shop’s name from.

Assist CreamAdvantage CreamSeat TruckCrimson Cream
CreamifyFoundation IceGentle TruckCreamio
Enrich CreamEnhance IcePure CreamAva Truck
Crazy TruckAllurement TruckBlossom IceLift Cream
Ace IceLine CreamTreasures TruckNaked Cream
Stunt TruckSpotless CreamAware TruckPlus Ice
Drop TruckGrand CreamVixen TruckDame Ice
Burst CreamDelight TruckRazzle TruckVelocity Truck
Chakra CreamDrape IceDivine IceStreamlined Cream
Ameli CreamStock CreamFix CreamHouse Ice

So, get ready to read out all the brand-new ice-cream parlor names we have for your mini ice-cream abode from where you make and spread smiles.

Irresistible creamy zoneThe pop barThe creamy heavenPink fundae binge
The frosty feast alertWaffle and conesThe snacky desertYour dairy dose
Creamy cravingsYour teasing scoopsBowl of blissThe creamy temptations
The sacred serveThe yummy bucketIcy cubesOne more scoop
Scoop whoop ice creamCream land ice-creamEvery hour ice-cream barThe ice-cream bucket

So? How many of them are too good to ignore for you? And which one do you think is the perfect for your dream ice-cream shop? Well, we are not done yet!

Drips IceVenom TruckRiveting CreamBunny Truck
Spotless IceAesthetic CreamDefy TruckGenesis Ice
Clever CreamLuxe CreamCaptivate CreamMagnificence Truck
Bright TruckActive CreamErrorless TruckMorale Cream
Trust CreamEgo CreamQualified TruckUniversal Ice
Frosted CreamAlpine IceIceyaInjection Truck
CreamadoVictoria TruckMax TruckAdvantage Ice
Purity IceTruckadriAspasia CreamAssured Ice
Frenzy CreamRenewing TruckAnchor IceOrchid Truck
Cluster TruckShift IceAffects IceWish Ice

Ice-Cream Parlours Names

There are so many more suggestions in our bag for your ice-cream parlors’ names and we won’t let you go without reading them all. So, just continue with your job of reading and exploring.

Ice Cream Truck Names
Ice Cream Truck Names
Rave IceChest CreamSurprise CreamRainbow Cream
Nirvana CreamSpiral IceAwe TruckHotlap Truck
CreamoontSwift IceArdent IceAlpha Truck
Illuminating IceDecadent IceBeach CreamStunt Ice
Solid CreamDona TruckProfile CreamTrucklux
IceladaIntensity TruckMate TruckDivine Ice
Relief IceMod IceRebalance CreamEnrich Truck
Prismatic CreamBlossom CreamSprint CreamDelight Cream
Able IceTreat CreamLure CreamChecked Ice
CreamologyBody IceAva TruckRoad Cream

Ice-cream and imagination

Now, let’s enter an imaginary world.

Imagine, you are having a party at your place. All your friends are coming over and you have prepared dinner for them. You though of having their favourite ice-cream for the desert and you are about to order the ice-cream from an ice-cream parlour.

Master CreamIceellaRenewing CreamCherry Cream
Magic IceFuel TruckFreight TruckDiana Ice
Cherry IceCreamazaBix IceSlingshot Ice
Astound TruckMunch CreamGenuine TruckSurprise Ice
Lilac TruckLuxury TruckHarvest IceBoost Truck
Fresh TruckAdorn IceDrive TruckLoyal Cream
Trust IceBounce CreamRock TruckTimeslip Ice
Bop TruckSlingshot TruckChase IceRose Truck
Method CreamDove TruckRejuvenate TruckForward Cream
Queen IceLambent CreamIcearoHarvest Cream

From where would you like to order your desert?

From a basic ice-cream store with not much variety or from an amazing sounding place with a different and aesthetically perfect name, which also has a collection of yummy looking ice-cream with great favours and mouth-watering taste?

You will obviously opt the latter one, to have an amazing experience and to also grab all the praise for being so selective in your order, right?

Alpha IceTreasure TruckGalaxy TruckLola Ice
Sight CreamWow IceTest CreamPurifying Ice
Violet IceAxis TruckLure TruckKing Truck
Splendorous TruckArdent IcePrecious CreamEndless Cream
Nitro CreamScintillant CreamCreamdoOutright Truck
Aid CreamAssist CreamAmeli IceTrucknest
Intense TruckSilk CreamElite IceDrape Ice
Bewitch TruckBeltline TruckShining TruckDusk Ice
Marvel IceCreamtasticRavish TruckTitan Ice
Inspired TruckGood CreamCarnations TruckElfin Truck

 And also….

Imagine, you are going on a long drive with you friends at night and when this happens, you ought to stop at an ice-cream parlour to have a feast, right?

Loop IcePurpose IceSlingshot IceChakra Ice
Luxuriant TruckTonal IceSense IceCandescent Ice
Kissable IceIntegrity CreamCherish CreamLap Truck
Enviable TruckOmega TruckBehold TruckContact Cream
Sleek TruckBeing IceRiveting TruckWarehouse Cream
Ora IceAble CreamApprove TruckBoo Truck
Finest IceBlazing IceLax CreamEmbrace Ice
Dashboard TruckGlamor IceCare TruckPrecious Ice
TruckdeckPhantom TruckDove IceFlake Cream
Cheer CreamDart CreamAdore TruckEmporium Cream

So, where would you like to go at that time? Maybe to a funky ice-cream truck or maybe at some aesthetically updated and different sounding ice-cream parlour.

Cloud IceFly IceSpeedy TruckComfort Cream
Scarlet TruckFirst-Choice CreamFormula TruckRazzle Ice
Coco CreamBuxom CreamCaptivating CreamGlam Ice
Ava TruckDrips TruckMiraculous IceStock Truck

Ice-Cream Places Names

When we are saying funky, aesthetically updated and different sounding ice-cream places names, how do you imagine these places? Or what different name do you exactly expect?

Brilliant CreamDough CreamStock TruckSerenity Cream
Storm CreamTotal TruckBecome CreamIntrigue Ice
Insight TruckAddict TruckFlatter TruckInfatuate Ice
Motor TruckDart CreamSerum TruckSplash Truck
Aspire TruckHummingbird CreamCheetah TruckAffiliate Cream
Luxe TruckUtopia IceTulip TruckDent Cream
Proper IceCare IceEpic TruckAesthetics Cream
Solved CreamMonroe IceLustrous IceTruckopedia
Velvet CreamAdorn IceHydrate TruckPlatinum Truck
Bounce IceDepend CreamRenew CreamRepair Ice

Let us tell you what names would we like to see while visiting or ordering from an ice-cream truck or shop. Read them carefully because you can use them in future or you can suggest them to your friends who are in the ice-cream business and help them upgrade their ice-cream parlour names in the present.

Delilah IcePhoenix IceRentals CreamEnlivening Cream
Gracious IcePath CreamIntensity CreamCapital Cream
CreamneticIntrigue CreamRoyal TruckOra Cream
Unleash IceAmaze CreamRadiance IceOutright Cream
Motor CreamDrift TruckMoisture CreamEnticing Ice
Adoring CreamSooth TruckHypnotizing IcePrecision Cream
Chomp TruckRentals TruckMethod TruckEndless Truck
Daisy TruckCreamiumCreambeaChill Cream
Classy CreamAll-Out TruckAdvanced TruckSpellbound Truck
Elegance CreamAllurement CreamInfamous TruckSlab Truck

So, here are some good ice cream shop names and ice cream truck name ideas for you and your friends.

Check these out;

Tasteful blissSweet retreatIce-creamliciousExtreme ice-cream
Farm fresh ice-creamRock N roll cupIce and the viceSugar bowl
Scoops and smileClassic collectionsYour favourite spotThe cream loaded zone
Merry creamyIce-cream blastThat blissful dessertDip and sip ice-cream
The frozen spoonSmitten ice-creamsCafé coneFrosty addictions

So, how was this hypothetical experience? Did you enjoy the ride? And at which ice-cream station did you stop your car to scoop some chilling desert? Well you know, the place where you stopped your is your dream name for an ice cream shop, isn’t it?

Lucious CreamRestore TruckLax IceAccess Cream
Lifted CreamSkin TruckForm CreamTwilight Truck
Zag CreamChief IceOctane CreamQuaint Cream
Elegance TruckMove IceFlawless IceMesmeric Cream
Belief CreamBackbone TruckLuxury TruckUrge Cream
Blast CreamHeaven IceColorist CreamBrisk Truck
Honest CreamScoop TruckRush TruckPuffs Ice
Ardent IceDiesel TruckRemarkable IceKing Ice
Trophy CreamAffiliate CreamEncore CreamDrips Truck
CreamfluentBliss CreamControl IceElevated Cream

Innovative ice-cream names

Since we are your ice cream shop name generator for today, let’s read some of the coolest ice-cream quotes before moving further, to set the mood right for this globally loved dessert.

Access TruckGlobal IceAccelerate TruckMorale Ice
Sugar IceAffordable TruckChakra TruckDepend Ice
Crate IcePrincess IceEnhancer TruckLoops Cream
IcearaDrive IceTrucklyticalUrge Truck
Photogenic IceTop CreamDashboard IceSnow Truck
Sturdy CreamIntense TruckHush CreamCargo Truck
Launch CreamFast TruckClinical IceMethod Cream
CreamgenicsChase IcePropel IceCreamadri
Pleasures IceCheck TruckTooth IceTruckster
IceomaticAffordable CreamActive CreamPerfect Ice

Here you go!

Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.
If life is a bowl of dark ice cream, small moments we enjoyed are colorful sprinkles all over it.
Tomorrow we can eat broccoli, but today is for ice cream.

So, all good? The mood is set? Shall we proceed? Great!

The best time for ice cream is always!

Whipped CreamDefine TruckEndless TruckRadiance Ice
Plumping IceCharge CreamInjection IceTaking Ice
Tune TruckAssorted TruckEsthetic IceIntensive Cream
Propel TruckBlast CreamOrchid IceVanity Truck
Collision IceLaunch TruckSpeedy TruckNip Truck
Harp CreamTruckifyClio IceComplete Cream
Phantom IceIcehutRely TruckCool Cream
Brilliant CreamA1 IceQuick IceRapid Ice
Brightness CreamFrenzy CreamIceliaAmore Truck
Able CreamPower TruckGenuine TruckDerma Ice

Our talk regarding your favourite ice-cream flavour is due, remember? So, tell us reader, which one is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Is it chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, mango, choco-chip, vanilla, black forest, which one exactly do you like? And why?

Finesse TruckUltra IceMarine IceFountain Truck
CreamprismDash IceFlair IceAccelerate Cream
Tech TruckDeluxe CreamSturdy IceAlpha Cream
Lustrous CreamTruckquipoSecret TruckCapital Ice
TrucklazaGalaxy IceDream TruckKing Truck
Logistic CreamFrosty IcePlumping TruckCoveted Ice
Aztec CreamDiesel CreamLap IceRumble Cream
Riveting TruckTrucklanceKnockout CreamContact Cream
Superior IceDelta TruckAgile IceBold Ice
Wonder TruckGlee CreamPremier IceBash Truck

Do you like them because of their colour? Or flavour? Or maybe fragrance? Or any other specific reason? Like your craving is satisfied only if you eat that particular flavour?

Lit IceLoyal IceTreasures CreamBright Cream
CreamlazaDare CreamHoney CreamFountain Ice
Adore IceDelight CreamKey CreamIcetastic
Spellbound TruckVelocity IceImpact IceViolet Truck
Quaint TruckCoco TruckBrilliance TruckAttractive Cream
Contact CreamExuberant TruckEclipse TruckCreamify
Invigorate CreamElegance TruckVisage CreamOra Cream
Drift CreamRacer IceTreats CreamExport Truck
Goddess IceDevilish TruckRenewing IceComely Ice
Impeccable TruckMoose CreamDelilah TruckBare Truck

Do you visit an ice-cream parlour just to have that specific flavour from that specific shop because ntequilaobody can make it better than them?

What if we suggest you some more creative names for ice cream flavors? What if you get to have your favorite ice- cream flavor at any ice-cream shop not just because they serve it but because now that flavor is so popular that every other shop has mastered the art of making that flavor perfectly?

Renewing TruckLegendary CreamMagic CreamPanda Cream
Charge IceCandy CreamNatural CreamHarmonious Cream
Core CreamGood CreamEsteem CreamZoom Cream
Candescent IceRhea IceDiesel IceDriver Ice
Chic CreamLilac IceAnchor CreamPure Ice
August IceRaven TruckEnhance IceEthereal Cream
Adept TruckLoop TruckMate CreamMunch Ice
IceaholicPlatinum TruckTruckquipoShake Cream
Daytona IceScoot IceTech IceAsset Truck
Profile IceFresh TruckCapri TruckAdele Ice

Great idea, right? So, do you support us in our venture of suggesting you some creative ice-cream flavour names for your nearby shop or for your friend’s shop or even for your own shop if you own one?

Ice Cream Truck Names
Ice Cream Truck Names
Vogue CreamDoubles IceInstant CreamAquarius Cream
Tart IceMadonna CreamCrunch IcePanda Ice
Chakra TruckGenesis IceFlash CreamPromote Truck
Overlord IceRepair IceExport CreamPrestige Ice
Honest TruckMoisturise TruckQualified CreamKey Ice
Desire CreamPlush TruckAllurement TruckAstonish Ice
Free TruckSaints CreamSmacks IceTruckvio
Plus CreamAnchor IceWarm TruckTulip Truck
Ineffable TruckLilac CreamChic IceUnleash Ice
Passion IceLust TruckClio IceDrag Ice

Would you like to read them out? Should we now stop delaying and spill the beans? Okay!

House TruckLift CreamDaring IceEmbrace Ice
Mech IceLust TruckVenust CreamAwaken Truck
Soft CreamTotal IceGas TruckLasting Cream
King TruckAffiliate CreamDriven TruckFresh Ice
Crafty IceLand CreamBoosts CreamTrucklux
Infamous TruckAxis TruckTruckhutGlobal Cream
Winter CreamTruckryTurbo TruckRadiance Truck
Diverse CreamBoulevard CreamResort CreamCheck Truck
Picturesque IceSignal TruckSolved TruckRule Cream
Alpine IcePleasures CreamGenuine IceThrive Cream

Here are your favourite flavours presented creatively;

Whisky sunriseBerries on the topDon’t worry, be creamySnow white wedding ice-cream
Wiped WatermelonCherries and chunk bucketDrool over ice-creamUnicorn pop
Sugar on snowGreen apple ice-creamyThe fudge hugRainbow’s magic
Chocolate and fruitcakeFrozen frootiFrozen berriesTasty tequila ice-cream
Naughty Nutty ice-creamWhen life gives you lemonsMixed flavour magicThe creamy rum

So, how do you like our some funny and some serious flavours that we created just for your sudden cravings? Which one you are definitely going to make or try? The boozy one? The rainbow one? Or maybe one with some berries and nuts?

Well, we suggest you to try them all out and then decide which one is perfect for you.

For now, we have another topic for you to divert your attention on since this topic is also very important in the world of ice-cream.

Branding your ice-creams

Just like ice-cream truck names, shop names, parlor names, café names, flavors names, phew, are important, ice cream band names hold equal importance and must be given its due respect.

Ice Cream Truck Names
Ice Cream Truck Names
Hush TruckFunk TruckJacks CreamSolid Cream
Approach IceCreamworksTrust TruckAngelic Ice
Mate IceSwift IceOctane CreamHoney Cream
Diva IceMove CreamBlast IceFeminine Truck
Alpha IceTune CreamCarbon TruckExpert Cream
Love TruckFresh CreamChest CreamAgeless Truck
Sweet IceDusk CreamAdvance CreamRepublic Cream
Captain IceUnleash IceInvigorate TruckUnity Cream
Honest CreamDarling TruckCreamableTrucklaza
IcedoErase CreamEgo TruckDelight Ice

So, giving importance to ice-cream brand names and taking care of our reader who own an ice cream brand or aspire to own one in the near future, here are some suggestions for your ice cream new brand name that will help you in gaining popularity for your business that will ultimately lead you towards spreading and expanding your business.

Allied CreamMadam IceRefresh IceDrive Ice
Boudoir TruckBehold TruckRush CreamMountain Ice
Aspire CreamBoldness IceCornerstone IceExalted Truck
Bay IceExalted CreamSaints TruckDreamy Ice
Extra CreamTempting IceSalve CreamFast Ice
Planet IcePure TruckAssured TruckBurnout Ice
Empress TruckSheer CreamWild CreamTriumph Ice
Assured IceTransit CreamSurge TruckGentle Truck
TruckivaIgnition IceHonest TruckPurpose Cream
Cheetah TruckTease IceFrenzy TruckPlanet Cream

To all the ice-cream businesses out there, it’s time for you to have a look at the suggestions given below and upgrade your brand name for a better business and brighter future.

Icy indulgenceScream for the creamIce-cream general storeDare to dream about the cream
Creative cowCreative obsessionsScoopiliciousThe double trouble ice-cream
I scream, you screamI scream for ice-creamCrave the creamThe snow bar creators
Splendid scoopsMr. Happy’s ice-creamFlavoured munchiesFlavourful blends
Scooped delightThe dripping coneSplit spoon ice-creamThe cold corner

So? Which one was the best?And in your mind, have you already claimed its patient on your name or not? We know there are so many good names for you to choose from. Don’t worry, take your time, ask your family, take your friends opinion and then select the best name for your ice cream name because it takes time to create heaven specially if that heaven involves ice-cream, right?

Also, don’t forget to read it twice because there are chances that you might have missed a name that suits with your dream shop’s imagination. You must give that name another chance to come in your notice, fair enough hm?

Well, we cannot wait to hear a new ice- cream shop opening with a name hanging on the board that was suggested by us, because we know our readers will make us proud and happy super soon.


Just as special as this desert is, giving a special and different Ice Cream Truck Names to the corner where it is being made and sold is very crucial.

You cannot compromise in between its taste and the standard of your shop. They can go hand in hand and you can feel proud for managing that.

Whether ice-cream truck, shop, or brand name, labeling them with some latest and trendy name won’t harm anyone.

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