How to Find Bitcoin Casinos in Different Countries

How to Find Bitcoin Casinos in Different Countries

The blockchain was created before the pioneer cryptocurrency was released. Bitcoin is an obvious pioneer in the market, created in 2009. Given its current popularity, its path from a low-rated and underestimated transaction tool to a worldwide-known digital currency can’t help but impress. Although it isn’t the only available and accessible solution, it is definitely the most recognizable and popularized.

The benefits of Bitcoin as a deposit and withdrawal method have transformed it into a secure and top-rated payment option in the gambling market. Decentralized and anonymous transfers, low operational fees, as well as great security are just a few reasons why the search for the best Bitcoin casino won’t be outdated.

Using Bitcoin at Online Casinos

Given the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, it is clear that money transfers will be slightly different from what people are accustomed to in the case of credit card payments. The main principle is the same — customers are to include the details to their crypto account and decide what amount of crypto to apply. To get a better understanding of these features, check how the deposit/withdrawal operations work:

  • To get started with the analyzed cryptocurrency, enthusiasts have to open their Bitcoin wallet accounts. It is necessary to ensure the details you use are correct to access your capital 24/7. There are several multifunctional wallets, but solutions that are analogous to bank storage deals will come in handy as well. The process will remind users of the PayPal services in this case. After they mine Bitcoin (or get it in other ways), it is necessary to deliver the funds to the crypto wallet. On any online casino Bitcoin website, there is a special deposit function — just select the right method, insert the Bitcoin wallet address, mention the sum, and confirm the operation.
  • The withdrawal process is pretty similar, but you just need to go for the appropriate section at the chosen online casino Bitcoin site. Depending on your wallet functionality, it can be possible to exchange crypto coins into fiat money units or store them for later use.

Cryptocurrency-related operations are near-instant. A lot will depend on a target gambling establishment. There are platforms that are solely based on the Bitcoin operations, solutions that support other cryptocurrencies, and more multifunctional domains. The Planet 7 casino is a sample of secure real money gaming with various deposit and withdrawal methods. However, handling customers’ winnings can take some time. Such services are known for their data encryption. In the case of the Planet 7 casino, the site is protected through a 256-bit SSL Security Certificate.

Crypto-Friendly Gambling Regions

When it comes to real money gaming, enthusiasts have to take into account what laws are adopted in their place of living. That is how they can ensure their risky hobbies will be of no harm, along with following the rules of responsible gambling. The list of crypto-friendly countries includes the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Estonia, and others.

Don’t jump to conclusions if your region isn’t included. As practice shows, cryptocurrencies are frequently among the only safe and reliable payment means for users from lands where gambling activities are restricted or forbidden:

  • In general, this service is popular in the USA. You will find multiple websites that support customers from the country. The only thing is that every state has its own legal regulations for gambling. People in Pennsylvania or Nevada can play for real money without worries, but that is not the case for the residents of Hawaii or Utah. That is there, the decentralized crypto network is a lifesaver. Once registered, interested parties are welcome to access their favorite video poker, slot machines, and other games at the best crypto casino.
  • In Canada, such activities can be compared with a grey area. On the one hand, you will find no laws that state online gambling isn’t allowed. On the other hand, the target service has to be officially licensed by local authorities. New Bitcoin casinos will provide more decision-making freedom, securing online transactions and withdrawals.
  • Australia can seem a controversial gambling region. With one of the most active gaming nations around the globe, government control over the network is pretty tough. Online gambling is easily accessible, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin let the locals enter any real money gaming market. Such transactions don’t require covering huge fees and are extremely private and anonymous.
  • As New Zealand is one of the crypto-friendly countries, the related operations are smoother and clearer for end users. The local players can enjoy a wide selection of gambling platforms, complimentary bonuses, and much more.

How to Choose the Best Online Casino Bitcoin Service

The use of Bitcoin as the main deposit and withdrawal method has become a breath of fresh air for gamers. Credit card transactions or wire transfers are more familiar and, therefore, seem easier. In reality, working with cryptocurrencies has several advantages over fiat money. In order not to lose or waste their potential, the right choice of a playing platform has to be a well-thought-out decision. Check the leading requirements to consider in the table below — they will help interested parties distinguish decent mobile Bitcoin casinos from systems to avoid.

Casino policiesIt is absolutely unreasonable to gamble on the platform without licenses. One of the most typical choices is the Curacao license, but casinos can obtain certificates from the Malta Gaming Authority, the one in the United Kingdom, and others. Online gambling establishments are places of high financial risks, so believing in fables about constant and large winnings isn’t the best strategy as well. From this perspective, customers have to get acquainted with the target casino policies. It is a must step to check whether their privacy, bonuses, payment methods, and so on are suitable and convenient.
RegistrationBitcoin casinos make your gambling experiences more backed up and private, but initial registration is still required. If the site asks for personal information like full real name, take into account how protected data is.
Gaming catalogThe availability of Bitcoin as a payment method doesn’t mean you will be satisfied with the provided services by default. If the variety and quality of games are lacking, you will leave the platforms rather sooner than later. Checking for the library with solutions from decent software developers is a great tactic in this case. For instance, Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and others won’t leave players indifferent.
Casino reviews vs. supportThere are several sources to find the details about a target casino. Aside from checking its policies, it is a nice idea to find out what other users think about its services. To check the reviews’ trustworthiness, you just need to open a target online casino Bitcoin site and contact their support team. Their attitude makes the difference, undoubtedly.
AccessibilityThe best strategy is to look for a domain that either has a multifunctional mobile version or a special casino application. There are way fewer sites with apps, but the efficiency of web versions is decent at reputable casinos.

Wrap It Up

It won’t be a mistake to mention that cryptocurrencies have become a huge statement in several industries, especially in the gambling market. Knowing what metrics will let end users check the website’s reliability and functionality, it isn’t a tough challenge to get yourself involved in these activities, have fun, and receive the won rewards without difficulty. There are websites that provide additional bonuses and promotions for using Bitcoin. All in all, collecting as many pieces of information as possible is the highway to heaven for punters and their safe gambling experiences.

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