How to Choose a Name for a SEO Company?

Choosing a good SEO company name is not a simple job. This task is twice as important as naming a firm engaged in other activities. Of course, considering the specific of your business, you know a lot about the promotion on the Internet. And you understand the meaning of the name for SEO.

The name of the company later will become a part of your domain, and after purchasing links, for example, on, the backlinks service will serve as the overall promotion strategy.

Is Online Generator the Best Idea?

Your company is meant to make other firms visible on the Internet. For you, the mistake in naming is unforgivable. It should show your skills for the customers from the very beginning. The potential of the online generators is far more limited than human imagination, but it doesn’t mean that you should disregard them completely.

Picking a business name that brings you to top Google search results uses the online name generators as a source of ideas. It’s a good starting point for brainstorming or any other technique.

The Key Points of Choosing a Perfect Name

As we mentioned before, your company should be an example of SEO optimization. But it’s not the only factor to consider in naming. Let’s discuss other parameters you need to keep in mind.

Think About the Future

The SEO world develops with rocket speed. It’s not wise to concentrate on the present. Try to choose a name that doesn’t limit the possibility of growth and expansion. This goal requires an ideal balance between neutrality and specifics.

The name of the company has to tell about its business, but at the same time leave enough space for future changes. A wide range of activities also helps while buying content for the blog. You have more topics to cover and attract more viewers.

Make a Thorough Research

The SEO world is not as big as we think. Study the names of your competitors and make conclusions about the interesting solutions. Obviously, your name should be unique. Copying someone else is never useful.

If you use a similar name with small changes, your SEO efforts will promote your rival’s site. You don’t want to help somebody this way. That’s why do research in your field and find out the already taken names.

Think about Your Future Site

As you understand, your company’s name is a base for the future web resource address. Registration of brand domain name for SEO is an important part of optimization. Finally, your goal is to attract visitors to your resource. By the way, if you don’t know how your target audience usually searches the information, read this post on

Use Keywords Wisely

You may be tempted to look through the keywords list and choose the most popular one to name the company. Including the keys in naming is good but avoid using the exact match. Why? Lately, such titles have become extremely popular on spam sites.

You want to show your reliability and trustworthiness to your customers from the very beginning. That’s why you should use the keys only as a part of the name.

Add Local Details

If you don’t know how to find a keyword business name to attract the generic local clients, just include some local specific. Embed the name of your region or city into the name, and play with words a little. It will serve as an additional filter and show your site mostly for customers from the area you need.

If you plan to work countrywide, don’t mention the specific region in the name. In this case, it stops Google from showing your organization to the viewers from different cities. So, the brand name with the local specification will become an obstacle, not a help.

Take Care of Readability

While choosing, write down all the variants and read them carefully. Are they easy to read? Are there hyphens, abbreviations, and repeating letters? Your future clients should be able to read the name fast and easily within seconds.

Give preference to the short variants. Nowadays, people don’t waste their time reading long, complicated words, so they don’t remember the name of your brand. Alliteration is a good idea. You can start all the words in the name with the same letter. This method facilitates recognition.

Choosing the name of a company is an important and, at the same time, exciting task. Remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Use the creative ideas of your employees. Brainstorming is a proven technique showing that collective effort is much more than just a sum of individual contributions. The best variants are usually the result of collective discussions. Don’t be afraid of experiments with neologisms. New fresh ideas are highly attractive and make the company stand out among its competitors.
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.


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