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My best friend, Richard was writing a fantasy tale that was moving around dragons. So, he was looking for a suitable name that is related to the Draconian culture and antiquity and will engage the readers. Therefore, we started researching this topic and came across a few names: Asher, Callahan, Auguste, Angelo, Goarulskul, and Aswidorg. Among these names, he liked the name Angelo most.

The word draconic name is related to the idea of dragons. It also deals with the aspect of dungeons. The etymological meaning of the word says that it has derived from the Latin word which is known as Draco. This is the crux of a draconic name’s meaning

Dragonborn Last Names

The last name is a major part of any community. It is also related to the culture of that specific community. Draconian last names form a major part of Draconian culture and antiquity. It is a very important aspect of the lives of dragons and dungeons.

AsherAlerieAlbertineLast Wonders
AngeloAndrewsBenenatiDraconic Hydrate
CallahanCyprusCruzLast Values

How To Make The Draconic Names Interesting?

The draconic name must follow a specific pattern. Some of them have been listed here by us for helping you out.

  • The name of the dragon must be short
  • The name of the dragon must be crisp
  • The name of the dragon must highlight the aspect of power
  • The name of the dragon must be innovative
  • The name of the dragon must be creative
  • The name of the dragon must be able to instill feelings of fear in the hearts of children, young men, women, and the adults
  • The name of the dragon must highlight the aspect of valor and power

Dragon Names in D&D

The dragons and dungeons are very much full of power and valor. The full form of draconic names d&d means draconic names of dungeons and dragons. They are very dangerous in the real sense of the term that is being stated.


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Draconic City Names

The dragons and dungeons do possess some specific cities. These cities are very special. The cities are reserved in a very exclusive manner for the various kinds of dungeons, dragons, and their families. Here are some draconic city names which would really be helpful to you for your easy reference.

The city of ElessetThe city of FarkThe city of HoursCuriosity Names
The city of KlolkThe city of Ele growAquaurroraTenor City
The city of Tik burgThe city of Chup sallThe city of EygasSpike Draconic

Why Would You Choose To Collect Draconian Names?

You can choose to collect a series of draconian names for a number of reasons. They are listed below: –

  • You might be role playing
  • You might be playing a game with his draconian elements in it
  • You might be making a movie that has draconic elements in it
  • You might be making a series that has draconic elements in it
  • You might be curating a series of stickers which has draconic elements in it
  • You might be searching for an unusual name for your child which is full of draconic elements
  • You might be narrating a story that is full of draconic elements
  • You might be writing a novel that has draconic elements in plentiful

Female Draconic Names

Female dragons are a source of power. They are the epitome of courage. Female draconic names are very hard to find in the web world. These female dragons are usually very angry. Soi their name must highlight these features so that it becomes easier to identify the female dragons from the series of other dragons.

Draconic Names
EborsiskLight FuryDreamfyre

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Mention Some Characteristics That Are Intrinsic To The Draconians.

The draconian has a host of characters that are completely intrinsic to them. They are: –

  • The draconian is full of power
  • The draconian are full of valor
  • The draconian are full of courage
  • The draconian are great fighters
  • The draconian are generally very restless
  • The draconian have a spirit of conquering the enemy which is an intrinsic element to the draconian
  • The draconian are very zealous
  • The draconian are trained fighters
  • The draconian do not let the enemy escape in any sort of way
  • The draconian are very dangerous
  • The draconian are very powerful

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Draconic Clan Names

Clans do play a pivotal role in the society of dragons and dungeons. It is very important to know, recognize and memorize the clan names of the respective dungeons and dragons which would really be helpful for your purpose of collecting names of the clans of dragons and dungeons.

SarynxDark DraconicSamurai

Draconic Names And Meanings

A name is completely incomplete without its meaning. Draconic names and meanings are very interesting in the general sense. The draconic meanings give an insight into the life of the dragons and the dungeons.

  • The name Bullet is a name of English origin. The name bullet means fast.
  • The name Achiron is a name that is of Greek origin. This name means the ruler.
  • The name Brenton is a name of English origin. This name does mean flames.
  • Daenerys is a name that is also of Greek origin. The meaning of this name is the queen of dragons.
  • The name dart is of English origin. The meaning of this name is fast.
  • The name Devlin is of Irish origin. The meaning of this name is an unfortunate one.
  • Drache is a name of German origin. The meaning of this name Drache is a dragon.
  • The name Draca is a name of Slavic origin. The meaning of this name is a female dragon.
  • The dead heart is a name of English origin. The meaning of this name Dead heart is most probably a heart that is cold.
  • The name Egan is of Irish origin. This name means fire.
  • The name Flurry is of Irish origin. This name means to bloom among everything.
  • The name Druk is a name of Bhutanese origin. This name means thunder dragon.
  • The name Neptune is a name of Roman origin. It means the God of the sea.
  • Mushu is a popular dragon of Chinese origin.
  • Pendragon is the name of the dragon of Anglo-Saxon origin. This means chief dragon or main dragon.

What Is Draconic Language?

The language of the dragons is known to be draconic in nature. This language is called by dragons as Glav. The meaning of the term Glav is speech or converse. This language named Glav has a special type of alphabet pertaining to it.

This language is also spoken by the kobold, dragon-born, members of lizard folks like typos and troglodytes.

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