Catchy And Powerful Dom Names – What’s A Good Alternative To Daddy?


My friend, Elza, has recently got engaged to his boyfriend John. She told me that she wants to call John by a sassy and crazy dom name that can add sparkle to their relationship. So, she came to me to get some suggestions. I’ve suggested to her a few names that will showcase her love, and naughtiness: Butcher, Canon, Nectar, Terraform, and Champion. Among these names, she liked the name Nectar most.

Dom names can be quite interesting. I recently tapped into an online group that was actively discussing the Dom-Sub topic. That was the first time I had heard of live people talking on this thing, other than the occasional instances of very famous novels like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

I also noticed in the group that each individual, mainly the Subs were calling their Doms by a pet name. The pet names were unique, un-cliched, and suited the other person pretty well.

I wondered to myself, what can be some excellent dom names? I searched online for ideas and came to a conclusion, if ever I tap into this zone, I would like to call a Dom an ‘Enforcer’ (well, if it suits their personality).

You might be looking for a name for your Dom too. This can make things even spicier. Take a look at the most authoritative Dom names for your partner.

Cool Dom Names

Dominants in the relationship enjoy control. They decide what happens in the relationship and at what time. They order their submissive to assert power. 

But a Dominant is not just about power and control. They are respectful, gentle, and cool in their own ways. 
The name should be according to their personality.

It should be cool and, at the same time, turn your Dom on. 
I have compiled a list of the coolest Dom names for all of you who are new to the BDSM lifestyle. Give it a look. 

Little BearLovatarLady Killer
ShortyWordsmithEye Candy
Kissy FaceLapooheartJigsaw
Blue EyesSweet TartGoogle

Catchy Dom Names

Dom Names

The Dm name you are looking for should be not only authoritative and cool but also catchy. It should be one of a kind. The name should register fast into the memory and be etched in the brain of your dominant partner. 

The best catchy Dom titles are generally a single word. You can also try out two-worded names if that suits your partner’s personality more. Take a look at the catchiest list of names for Doms: 

SkittlesLove Bear
SmilesSweet Heart
GigglesOnion King
CocoFrozen Fire
Short Stuffkitties

Best Dom Names

The best name for your Dom is what you think is the best. There is no set rule. The best names for Doms are such that it reflects their personality and are authoritative and powerful. 

Sure, some cool names would be good. But the best names for Doms are something more personalized. It can start with the first letter of their name, or it can have a hint of their profession. 

No matter what it is, the name should be something they like. It is a very personal choice. The names I thought to be the absolute best are here for you. 

MunchkinLamb ChopSaint
SnookumsShining StarSquirrel
KnucklesDucklingTurtle Dove

Amazing Dom Names

A dominant influences their subordinate in more ways than one. They influence the Sub’s thoughts, choices, lifestyle, and even dressing patterns. They take charge. They are the authority. 

However, they do nothing to hurt their subordinates. They push limits as long as both parties consent. They take care of their Sub as well. 

Amazing Doms show compassion and kindness while exerting control. They are the juxtaposition of opposites. Keeping all things in mind, here are some amazing Dom pet names I am listing: 

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LovebirdMon Amour
Love GenieBuddy
Tender HeartGoof Ball
RebelLil’ Heart Breaker
AtomFruit Loop

Awesome Dom Names

Dom Names

The relation of D/S is based on trust. They Dominant decides everything while keeping in mind the welfare of their submissive partner. 

A dominant is aggressive. They enjoy control over every aspect of their Sub’s life. The submissive, in return, trust their Dom and does whatever they say under all situations. 

I have curated the most awesome Dom partner names for you.

GrimmVortexHot Stuff
Gas ManFun SizeSweet Baby
Dancing MadmanBreadmakerMookie
YankeePuddingPanda Bear

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