999+ Unique Dessert Business Names: Cute and Funny

We know more than half of the population worldwide has a sweet tooth in them. With the worldwide increase in dessert consumption, many small business owners have flourished.

We understand, task of picking dessert shop name comes up with excitement and sense big responsibility, and hence we know how important it is to have an exact name for your business.

However it is a hard task to finalize name for dessert business.It requires a lot of explicit planning to come up with something new.

To make your misery easy, we have ended up adding new and fresh sweet business names and naming ideas in this list together.

Dessert Names In English

Do you know what the most famous desserts are?

Creme Brulee, Mochi, Apple Pie, Gulab Jamun, Pakhlava, Kardinalschnitten, Dadar Gulung are some of the famous desserts. So what’s your speciality? Does it reflect in your business name for dessert.

You can use them as your dessert business name.

Amazing ConfectionsFresh Tempered ProThe Twisted BakerThe Pie Place
Piece of CakeHoney Dry PlaceCakewalkersThe Bagel Shop
Oven Tempered CollectiveHoney Cooked CollectiveExtraordinary DessertsSupreme Sweets
Outstanding OvenCake ClubCake MountainFearless Frosters
Cake Pan ProsSwissberry Cakes CompanyCake InspirationsAmazin’ Glazin’
Life’s Sweet IncCupcake RoyalePearl BakeryGriddle Scorched Co
Savoury CakesFresh Burned CollectiveFresh Dry ProDesirable Cake
The Honey TemperedBarking Dog BakeryThe Cookie JarWarm Delight
The Real Cake BakerOven HardenedSlow-CookedCelestial Cakes
Olee Cake and PastryThe Cupcake CrazeSmart CookieThe Rolling Pin
Slow Scorched PlaceGood Morning BakeryThe Fresh TemperedTwice Dry Trading Co
Colossal CupcakesThe French GourmetThe Village Bakery and CafeCupcake Bakery Names
Buttercup BakeryRed Velvet BakeryKnead to Know BreadThe Bread Boss
The Home ScorchedGoddess and the BakerSlice of DreamsThe Oven Toughened
Cakes of ParadiseAll You KneadFresh Hardened GroupSunbaked Trading Co
Buttercup Cake ShopThe Graceful BakerSweet SprinklesThe Muffin Room
Muffin Tin TeamCreamy CreationsCupcake QueenSweet loaves of bread
Angel Food BakeryPinecrest BakeryThe Oven TreatedHoney Parched Collective
Honey Sunbaked PlaceHoney Burned PlaceThe Grill SunbakedGood Day Bakers
Big Sugar BakeshopDream Day CakesCome on in! Cupcake ShopCrummiest Dream
Cake TalentCharming CakesVanilla DreamzDelightful Desserts
Cutie PiesHomeBakedThe Fresh BurnedThe Art of Cupcakes
The Yellow LeafCakefectionsToughened PlaceThe Cravory
Flour Bakery & CafeCake It OnToasted SugarTip-of-your-Tongue Cupcakes
Cake FabulousLiquid TemptationsCrumbs Bake ShopThe Bun Also Rises
Dessert Names In English
Dessert Names In English
  • Dessert Express
  • Delightful Desserts
  • Sweet The Dessert Shop
  • Creams Café
  • Cookies and Krumbs
  • Homemade Cakes & Desserts
  • Scrumptious Patisserie
  • Heavenly Desserts
  • Soft Serve Society
  • Ice Shack
  • Twist Dessert Lounge
  • Finest Desserts
  • Sweet & Cheese
  • Crunch Munch
  • Coco Gelato
  • Oh My Cake
  • Chilled Treats
  • Dreamy Delights
  • The Sugar Shack
  • Divine Cakes
  • Sweet Buds
  • Flavours Café
  • Sweets Mart
  • Yum Yum Fine Foods
  • Dessert First
  • Dessert Bowl
  • Dessert Chiefs
  • Sugar Bliss Dessert Boutique
  • Desserts By Tanya
  • Scoop N Scoop
  • Lilac Pastries
  • The Dessert Connection
  • Honeyed Lather
  • Cup Scraper
  • Sweet House Dessert
  • Dorotheta Dessert
  • Not Just Dessert

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Best Dessert Name Ideas

While naming your dessert business, you can name it around your specialist.

If your shop’s Specialty is pies you can use it as your name source.

Eg:- Die for Pie

Queen of TartsCaked OnBake RaptureMarla’s Sweet Treats
Cake FantasyButter UpTakes the Cake BakeryTakes the Cake Bakery
Sweet IndulgenceBaked DelightCrispy crunchiesThe Griddle Dry
Cake O’ClockSnack on the goThe Charming BakerTwice Tempered Co
Tongue’s HeavenSweet picturesSensational Cakes and MoreCake and Spoon
Dessert SafeguardDessert DoNames SmashDessertella
Names LoopsBusiness CharmNames PulseBusiness Mainstay
Dessert BoyBusinessadoDessert PleasuresNames Marvel
Names SplitBusinesszenNames WedgeDessert Rock
BusinessgenixBusiness OptimizeDessert BastionDessert Spiral
DessertomaticDessert ElixirDessert ForwardBusiness Immersion
Names PunchBusiness SprinkleBusiness PlanetNamvio
Names SmackBusiness PrincipalNames IntellectDessert Smash
Names ProgressBusinessadilNames BurstBusiness Aladdin
DessertocityNamoontBusiness CuisineDessert Stride
Dessert MethodicalDessert FrenzyDessert PuffsDessert Vision
Names GenBusiness GuiderNames CrispyNames Decide
Business AgentBusiness RoyalDessertnBusiness Drenched
Dessert AcquireBusiness InvestorDessert LocalBusiness Dockside
NamiumDessert LiftNames LuxuryBusiness Flow
NamverseBusinessellaBusiness GonzoNamx
Business ZestDessert IntelNames ChunkBusiness Analytics
Names InvestNames LiftBusiness TaleNames Crimson
Business BuffBusinessexBusiness SweetBusiness Pinnacle
Business SaintsNames PursueDessert GridNames Infamous
Best Dessert Name Ideas
Best Dessert Name Ideas
  • Fresh Desserts
  • Sweet thoughts
  • Wondertales Patisserie
  • Temptations Cakes Shop
  • Original Herbal Shop
  • Chocolate Origin
  • Rich & Good Desserts
  • Jam Jar Desserts
  • Teddylicious Desserts
  • Dessert King
  • Dessert Hut
  • Golden Desserts
  • Dessert Box
  • Sweet Life Desserts
  • Dessert Circle
  • Flakes Desserts
  • Broadway Desserts
  • Sweet Heart Desserts
  • Bubble Waffles
  • Sweet Dreams Desserts
  • The Sweetest Secret
  • Cup To Couture
  • Gimme Some Scoobs!
  • Meltsicles
  • My Scoop Life
  • Scoop-Dee-Boo
  • Native Cake
  • Scoopers & Shakers
  • Tried And True Desserts
  • Green Goodies

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Fancy Dessert Names For business

Naming ideas for your business.

  • Keep it short, simple and easy to utter.
  • Arrange your business name for a long term basis.
  • It should be related to your business.
  • Should be unique, creative and eyeball catchy.

 See our list of fancy dessert names for business.

BusinesssterNames EasyNamnestNames Admire
DessertaholicNames PowerhouseDessert CrunchNames Trend
Business LoungeDessertoryxDessert EdulisDessert Pivot
DessertprismNames WatchtowerNames BeaconBusiness Hilltop
Business PuristBusiness GleeBusiness DreamDessert Candy
Business ConfectionsDessert ImagineDessert ExtremeBusiness Flavor
Names PartDessert RelevantDessert PostNames Mind
Names YokeDessert GuideNames FantasyDessert Hunt
Names PalateNames BuffNames LoopsNames Wonder
Dessert TreehouseDessert ReinventNames ModelDessert Assorted
Business BayBusiness PrinceNames TastyNames Target
Dessert FixDessert PerformanceBusiness TwistBusiness Metric
Names CoatsNames FlowDessert TrendBusiness Overlord
Business ExecutiveDessert TagDessert NetworkBusiness Operate
Business ValueBusiness RoyalBusiness HarvestDessert Rainbow
Names DreamBusiness ArrangeDessert AllyDessert Lure
Names StrategicDessert SenseNames CutsDessert Lift
Business TrimBusiness CentralBusiness SpicesDessert Methodical
Dessert NibbleDessert OmegaDessert SmashDessert Entice
Dessert EndeavorNames AprtNames FrostedDessert Pursuit
Dessert FantasyBusiness WonderDessert SightBusiness Primer
Business FrenzyNames HarvestNames WrapDessert Midnight
Business SmokeBusiness IdentityBusiness ChoppedBusiness Share
Names AnchorNames LoopBusiness VertexNames Gonzo
Business ChowNames WildBusiness YokeBusiness Origin
Fancy Dessert Names For business
Fancy Dessert Names For business
  • Dessert Lab
  • Hey Sugar
  • Pulse Patisserie
  • Dessert Monster
  • Dessert Story
  • Just Desserts
  • Coconut
  • Butterknife Folk
  • Just Delicious
  • Revenge is Sweet
  • The Sweet Occasions
  • Sugar Sweet Desserts
  • Cake Break
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Candy Creations
  • Sweets and Sparkles
  • Sweet lab Desserts
  • Blank Desserts
  • Cakes and Shakes
  • Custom Pastries & Desserts
  • Crave Dessert
  • Sweet Flour Dessert Shop
  • The Dessert Room
  • Treats Dessert Delivery
  • Premium Sweets
  • Fireman Bake Shop
  • Dessert Lady
  • The Secret Ingredient

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Cute Dessert Business Names

Review your surrounding business names for more inspiration. This will make you learn the market strategies.

See all the suggestions below.

Names DevilishDessert SystemNames BreakNames Classics
Dessert DreamerBusiness ShakeDessert MagneticDessert Scrunch
Dessert IndicatorDessert PartnersBusiness HavanaNames Interactive
Business StripDessert ForceBusiness CaptainNames Tag
Business SafetyNames PushDessert ShakeBusiness Pixel
Business SocialDessert ImmersiveNames BargeBusiness Lion
Dessert TreasureBusiness BuffNames CrispyNames Summit
Business SynergyDessert ScrumptiousNames ProgressionNames Harvest
Business TrafficNames DishedDessert TwistDessert Feast
Names ElixirDessert MatchDessert WrapBusiness Service
Business FlakyBusiness HutBusiness HarvestNames Local
Names ActivatorBusiness SlabBusiness YouBusiness Zen
Business ProgressBusiness EdulisBusiness FantasyNames Place
Dessert SmashBusiness MagicNames PitchBusiness Flake
Dessert BazaarDessert SparkDessert DineDessert Association
Dessert TrendDessert MunchDessert SenseBusiness Value
Names DetectNames SeedBusiness SimpleDessert Post
Business BreakBusiness MunchiesBusiness EstateNames Crafts
Business EdenBusiness HerbedNames PointDessert Garnish
Dessert BrillantBusiness HeadwayNames PalateDessert Funnel
Business WonderBusiness ConsultingNames InfamousNames Strive
Business SpireBusiness ImmersionNames SynergistBusiness Hack
Business QualifiedNames UpscaleNames HotspotNames Fuse
Dessert DecadentDessert LoungeDessert TagNames Pleasures
Business SensationDessert SurveyBusiness SunsetNames Consumer
Cute Dessert Business Names
Cute Dessert Business Names
  • The Dessert Spot
  • Sweets and Treats
  • Shakes & Bites
  • Cocoa Tree
  • Sweet Passion
  • Candy Crush Desserts
  • Celebrations Cakes Specialists
  • Moon Delight
  • Desserts city
  • Snow Cones
  • Dessert Shackz
  • Sugar Rush
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Sugar Junction Desserts
  • Juicy Shake Station
  • Cube Desserts
  • Treatz Dessert Parlour
  • The Crispy Candy
  • Bubble waffle
  • Crave Cookies and Cupcakes
  • The Daily Treat
  • Cream Dreams
  • Dessert Wonderland
  • Cookies by Design
  • Cookies Corner
  • Sunshine Dessert Shop
  • Tinys Milk and Cookies
  • The Sweet Shop
  • Night Owl Dessert
  • The Ruffled Cup
  • Cupcakery and Creamery


Funny Dessert Names For Business

See the complete list to find extraordinary names for your dessert business.

Dessert AgentBusiness ArrowBusiness FreshDessert Simple
Dessert AladdinDessert BountyDessert UrgeDessert Traditional
Names MoreDessert CrowdDessert ChopDessert Accent
Dessert BitsBusiness PacificDessert SurveyNames Buff
Business RushDessert AngelDessert AccentDessert Hot
Names DrenchedNames AladdinBusiness ManagedDessert Chase
Dessert EleganceNames AnchorBusiness PassionNames Harvest
Business MagicDessert CurlNames AbundanceBusiness Guide
Names DesireNames TimeBusiness CutNames Scrunch
Dessert FreshNames BitesDessert SummitNames Authority
Names BloomNames UtopiaBusiness MillBusiness Citron
Dessert ClassicsDessert IntellectDessert AdministrateBusiness Advantage
Dessert BuffDessert WonderNames RollNames Pebble
Business TagDessert GuiderDessert PostNames Palate
Names BeaconBusiness LandDessert PinnacleBusiness Crumb
Business MetricsNames ProfessionalDessert CrispBusiness Frosty
Names VelvetNames CrunchDessert FollowDessert Yummy
Names HerbedDessert ReinventDessert VelvetBusiness Safety
Names BountyDessert SurgeBusiness DecideDessert Zip
Names MooNames GroveDessert RazzleBusiness Cream
Business BayBusiness StrategicDessert DevilishNames Quest
Names LoungeDessert CelebrationNames AltitudeBusiness Advocate
Business PerformanceNames FoundNames PivotNames Fantasy
Dessert DoublesNames FlameBusiness SimpleNames Flake
Names AprtBusiness FuryDessert ZenBusiness Doubles
Funny Dessert Names For Business
Funny Dessert Names For Business
  • Sweetness Cam
  • Snaxy Desserts
  • Tasty’S Desserts
  • Treat Yourself
  • PURE Dessert
  • Simply Desserts
  • House of Dessert
  • Main Street Desserts
  • Comfort Dessert
  • Crèmerie Et celle
  • Dessert Is Served
  • The Egg Cottage
  • Erie De Paris
  • Sunset Pastries
  • Sweet-rake
  • Scoop & Savor
  • All Things
  • Made in Heaven Dessert
  • Sid’s Snack Shop
  • Home Of Pastries
  • Flour Cake and Pastry
  • Inspiration Confections
  • Dessert Dangle
  • Sugary Shakes
  • Chocoro Dessert
  • My Flaky Hatter
  • Snack Cheeky
  • Absolute Sweet
  • Your Story Dessert

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Sweet Business Name Ideas

Pro tip:- Use your sweet business name as your username to promote it on different social media platforms.

Business GleeNames SplitNames SaintsNames Chopped
Dessert SynergyDessert SensationBusiness FlavorBusiness Agent
Names HeartyBusiness PieceBusiness AllyNames Harvest
Dessert StriveBusiness HotNames PartnersDessert Twist
Business ProgressBusiness IntellectBusiness SignalDessert Savor
Business CheerNames WedgeNames DesireBusiness Split
Business PursuitDessert DivineBusiness DineDessert Pursuit
Business IntelligenceDessert SunsetNames IndicatorBusiness Zip
Names SponsorDessert AdmireBusiness PrincipalBusiness Anchor
Names SnowNames RainbowNames DriveNames Mainstay
Dessert WholeNames TractionBusiness CaptainDessert Rumble
Business PlaceNames BoulevardBusiness ServedDessert Passage
Dessert OutrightDessert PointBusiness CandyBusiness Lush
Business BackboneNames FrenzyDessert TrendNames Festive
Dessert TastefulBusiness MooDessert WrapDessert Saints
Dessert ThinkBusiness ConsultantNames FuryBusiness Doubles
Dessert CrusadeNames CardinalNames BustersDessert Metrics
Business CrateBusiness CrispDessert NurtureNames Doubles
Dessert InformBusiness CocoDessert ConversionDessert Drips
Names CrusaderBusiness BuffNames ProgressNames Fiesta
Business ProgressionDessert BaronsBusiness AllyBusiness Twilight
Business TrimBusiness BiteBusiness CorporationBusiness Thrive
Names SpireBusiness DesireDessert AprtNames Suite
Names SurpriseNames CherishNames ConnoisseurDessert Altitude
Names LoopDessert BitBusiness WrapNames Gusto
Sweet Business Name Ideas
Sweet Business Name Ideas
  • Jumping Jelly Donuts
  • Sprinkles and Sweets
  • Naturally Delicious
  • Sweet Cheeks Baking
  • Nutty Creations
  • Pearl Dessert Shop
  • Dessert Strategy
  • Intuition Desserts
  • Haven Desserts
  • Virtual Dessert Shop
  • Dessert Shop Cake
  • Zippy Dessert Shop
  • Dolphin Dessert Shop
  • SunRay Desserts
  • Dessert First
  • Revival Dessert Shop
  • Valley Dessert Shop
  • JustRight Desserts
  • South Dessert Shop
  • Cookie Shop
  • Snipe Cookie Shop
  • Dash Cookie Shop
  • Cookie Hands
  • OneDay Cookies
  • Specials Cookie Shop
  • Cobra Cookie Shop
  • PeachTree Cookies
  • Winning Cookie Shop
  • Blackstone Cookies
  • Incredible Cookies
  • Fantasy Cakes
  • Passionate Cake Shop
  • Brand Cakes
  • Greatest Cake Shop
  • EastCoast Cake Shop
  • Elegant Cakes
  • Excellence Cake Shop
  • Freestyle Cake Shop
  • Escape Cake Shop

You can also use the help of name generators like:-

  • Namelix
  • Novanym
  • Squad Help

Feel free to use any of the above names.


Before finalizing any name for your cute sweet business, always do a cross-check around your locality. The last stuff on your list would be to end up with already existing names for your business.

If you loved this, then don’t forget to share it with your budding entrepreneur friends.

Hit our comment box with your favorite name picked from our list, we would also be glad to know your creative side.

Read our other articles for more business name ideas and many more.

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