699+ Best CrossFit Team Names: Pick The Best One!

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Crossfit has gained a lot of fame today. It has become popular and appreciated because it is a nice way to meet people and be part of a community that has like-minded people. 

In various cities, you will find CrossFit teams competing against each other to show off their endurance and strength. Preparing for such competition is tough and so is coming up with a good CrossFit team name. So here we are revealing the best CrossFit team names such as The Brutes, Mass Destruction, The Double Unders, 

The Behemoths, The Hammerheads, The Intimidators, Training To Be A Badass, and The Terminators.

CrossFit Women’s Team Names

Crossfit women today are considered one of the fittest athletes in the world. And when selecting a women’s CrossFit team name, you want to choose something that makes your competitors fear your team. Because your team name is what they are going to hear. So you should take the time to choose a cool team name for your next competition. Here are some options you can consider. 

The Beefcake FactoryWeigh LessProbably Gonna WalkInsomniacs with Running Problems
Unrepentant ThinnersLet it MeltThe Best Slapstick Crossfit TeamNo Extra Cheese
Booty BustersAss ThrustersHere For The Free ShirtFats All Folks
Better NakedWeapons of Mass ReductionWaist RemovalWill WOD For Donuts
Rump YoursIf Only Making Money Was This EasyBurpees And BeersMy So-Called Legs
Run, Run, Go AwayTeam CrossFitIs It Five O’Clock Yet?Tried and Tasted
Chubby No More’sBelly DumpersDorksRun Track Minds
The Popular KidsSkinny Jeans TeamSeven Jerks And A SquirtiLoveMe
Martha Stewart’s Power CleanersLighten UpChalk Dirty To MeToe Jammers
Mom JeansTick DicklersFat DumpsterThe CrossShits
Metabolism ManiacsGet HardDroopy DrawersAggressively Average
Run Like The WindedNo Weigh No WayFueled By HopsNot Larch by March
Scale TippersMuffin AbductorsDude, where’s my gut?Unpacking the Trunk
The IntermediatesHot Bod MakersBelly AcresLet’s Lose the Caboose
Thighsman TrophysOnly Super Cool PeopleSlow BurnGangBag
Gainz For JesusSweaty MedballsThe Thinner WinnersThe Baconators
Out Of ShapeSerial HikersIt’s SlimpossibleAbs By Bacon
SandbaggersSwassThe Sweet Couch PotatoesWorld’s Okayest Runners
We’re Not Gunna Bake ItSwole MatesVoldemortPimp My Stride
Bod SquadOh, Swoley NightThe Fighting CocksThe Team that Shall Not Be Named
Starvin SixStarvin’ MarvinWorst Game Of Tag EverDirty Mudder Funkers
All Pain, No GainSay No to Ticking Health Time BombsFitmen For HireWaist Recycling
Racks And SacksGut BustersThe CheatersWhere’s The Bacon?
Pickles And ProteinTeam SoftwoodDesignated DrinkersLess Talk, More Squat
Spongebob SlowpantsThe Losemore FamBorn LosersRaging Hormones

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Clever Crossfit Team Names

CrossFit Team Names

One needs to be Crossfit competition ready not only physically but also mentally. And for that, you also need a powerful team name. A strong and clever CrossFit team name will always keep the fighting spirit high. So here is a list of our top favorite Crossfit team names.

The Butcher ShopTurbo FitWOD SquadSprint Squad
Team B-LessSteel BeamsThe VanguardsDemolition Team
All Must GoRun 4 FunDead LiftersTemper Temper
SteroidsThe TerminatorsRampageTeam Godspeed
Sons Of GunsGolemThe BrutesThe Behemoths
Gods with Hot BodsLajitfitSpeed RacersPeak Performance
CautionPerfect PostureFit Of FuryHulk Smash
No Rest DaysDiabolicalPrideMeat Carvers
Rough BoyzThe CaptivatorsNo Speed LimitMasters of the Gym
Elite Crossfit TeamImpact VelocityFat FuryRepEaters
The MetahumansFit From The Inside OutWOD WarriorsSaunami
Barbell BossesFirestartersFit AvatarsThe Intimidators
Fire MeansOverachieversP 90 FlexThe Schwarzeneggers
Death DoctorsStallionsMetal CrushersGolden Tickets
OverdriveTeam BaneWake the LionBody Beasts
Till We FaintGunshowMovers And ShakersMountaineers
HustlersOverkillRecord BreakersStud Muffins
Buff And StuffPulsating VeinsBomb SquadGentlemen With Guns
The GladeatersGamer ChangersDetonateBad Attitude
TremorsJust ResultsTribeMountain Men
Your Pace or Mine?Iron ThroneBig Barbell ClubSha Donk!
Rock SolidThe Real ContendersFlexPositive Vibes
Bar BreakersThe JalapeñosFrom Men To MonstersBison
Sole TrainObliterateNo GiveUpGains All Around
The HammerheadsChaos CrewDirty DeadliftersGym Borns

CrossFit Men’s Team Names

A team name can make or break a team. So always choose a CrossFit team name wisely which can keep the team motivated and united till the end. If you are looking for some cool CrossFit team names here are some choices for your squad. After choosing the eight men’s group name, your workout plans might feel more unified. So check out the best ones right here:

Cluster CrewRowing PainsPumba TumbaRe-fused
WODspeedThe MeltawaysBorn to WinWeight Benders
Cirque Du Sore LegsMeltawaysDrop It Like It’s HotFlex Appeal
Flab BustersLean Into ItGood Bye LovehandlesBuck Furpees
Tons of funAmish I Wasn’t RunningDwindling ExpectationsDownsizers
The Gymnastics FourHappy FeetSnatch Me If You CanDrop It Now
Taco Barbells99 Problems But A Bench Aint OneWe Pity The Fool!Waist Watchers
Getting LossBroad Chesters UnitedThe WODfathersAll For WOD And WOD For All
All The WheyBody BuildersTake OffWODopolis
Weight ZeroFriends with WeightliftsBeen There, Done FatSpin Doctors
Running On EmptyThin to WinKeeping Up With The KenyansAt Least
If Trump Can Run, So Can WeNutin’ To ItNo U-TurnSnatchy McLovin
Squat SquadNet LossLost My MineThe Underground Emoz
SmallsvilleWeight WarriorsWaist ShapersIt Figures
Lost BecauseFatraLiar Liar Legs On FireMithoo
TernionIt Only Hurts The First TimeStop, Drop And SquatHola Amigo
Flab ShrinkersThe Athletic TeamSnack AttackNew Dimension
Less Than UAmino DisrespectExcess BaggageTalent Agency
The SlimsonsHolyShootFreeSomeRegima
Little Steps of HopeBlue TeamLosersLost Boys
Slower Than Justin Bieber Doing Long DivisionBeastjuice, Beastjuice, BeastjuiceDeleteousInTestTime
Coast BustersBelly FlatYour LossYippie Kie Yay Heavy Lifters
World CupOne WeighHiInPound Droppers
MeNewFarmasiAnother Night At The BarSweat Lovers
Churchill DownsWOD Save The QueenCreatine So Much FearIgnorance Is Blisters

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Funny Crossfit Team Names

CrossFit Team Names

Making someone laugh in stressful situations becomes 100 times more hilarious. The same goes for funny Crossfit team names that can make everyone laugh including your competitors. So we would like you to read funny CrossFit names that we have picked just for you.

The Squatting DeadSmells Like Team SpiritBelow See LevelPace Cadets
Journey to LoseWalk The WalkCafe InWe Stole Something
Ran From The Law And The Law WonJust Do It… TomorrowBody TonersHeat Hard
Waist AwayWe Lift More Than We MakeWalking Fat BurnersBelly Bailout
What Would WOD Do?Thrashing ThrustersGoing To Need New ClothesPumped Up Kicks
More Than LessLighten UpWe’re Weighting For YouInstalling Muscles, Please Wait
World Wide WeightHungry Hungry HipposCarb BlockersThe Personal Trainers
Natural Born KillersSole PatrolTeam FutureFloopa’s
Hungary HannaWOD Did We Get Into?Weigh To GoNew Direction
McDoNotPower RangersSunny SaunaCell-u-Light
Fillet-busterThe ObstakillersLess Than YesterdayWishful Thinning
Cast-A-WeighsThe WOD-Tang ClanFat Shed-iatorsRuck Funning
Big Bad ApplesFitness ChasersProfit and Weight Loss AccountkiloGrab
Ploum PloumPaleo HuntersThe Over AchieversSnacks Over Meals
BoxersVegMeOh My WODAnonymous
Team McSlimI’m Fast Because I Run With A CapeOh My QuadbIG bUZZ
The SlimsWeigh to GoGarbage MenWOD U!
Sugar 3 (Good for 3 members team)No Less No MoreHealth WarriorsThis Just Thin
Achy Breaky… EverythingCandy CrushBody SculptorsJiggle Giggle
The BreakersKilo ZoomCalorightRun Forrest, Run!
Way LessMore Legs Than A Bucket Of ChickenWhy So Serious?Relay Racers
Holy FitQuiz-goesKiloBiteNetflix And WOD
DietoxMid Leg CrisisThe FlexionsNot A Cent More
Net WeightDie LardLegs MiserableI Thought This Was A Pub Crawl
Kilo GameNothing ExtraGoing the DistanceXBox

Cool CrossFit Team Names

Some CrossFit team names sound pretty serious, while some names make the team look like one of the coolest gangs in the competition. We have got a lot of options for cool CrossFit team names that will definitely boost your team’s confidence. So have a look below and enjoy!

WOD Do U Mean?Slim PancakesNot Dead, We Just Smell Like ItStop, Drop, And Squat
WODs Up?Second to LastWaisting AwayFrench Toast Mafia
NeverBetterPokeWOD GoGo DownThe Slim Pack
RefugeesIndecisive But Not SureSweating SveltesSlimpossible
Rise of the Fit-iansRunning From CommitmentChoose to LoseTwo Peas in a WOD
Soda CrushFat SquadThinner than YouGirls Just Want to Have Run
The Trots30 Hour Team Sobriety ChallengeJunk BunkersRun like the Winded
WOD GodFitness FanaticsSnatch JokesFat Bottom Girls
Shed the LeadDrop It Like It’s SquatGreenTeeMudder of All
Less Than MoreReducersGoing Light82Much
Fatloss BadlossWorst Pace ScenarioTime Wounds All HeelsSlow Burn
Say Choose!Cellulite AssassinsCruisin’ for losin’Shooting Star Syndicate
Weight StrippersWOD Are Those?Flexual Healing2Fit2Quit
5K EverydayCereal KillerAC/DCMisters, Blisters and Soul Sisters
Flat BalloonsShake Weight All-StarsMany LessBringing Up The Rear
Pain KillersKeep Calm And Squat OnSkinny UpThe Sandbaggers
TenderfootsAldousBangGagBuns On The Run
Company Cupcakes Cutting downWODDING CrashersHodorTill Failure
Change Your WeighFlab FightersThe MudstachesCrossfit Collective
Carb LoadersSmartie PantsTemporary PainBooty and the Beast
Between A Walk And A Slow PaceSlim PickensCalvary Air BounceJust two more
Guts to DustSnatchin’ And Dispatchin’Keep Calm and Squat OnSole Train
Everlasting WOD StoppersOut with the OctopusAmish AssasinsCirque de Sore Legs
99 Problems But A Snatch Ain’t OneHi5Fitness RulesZombie Jamboree
FatlooYes We Can-adaBros and BarbellsJust Here for the Bacon

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CrossFit Team Names for Partners

CrossFit Team Names

Partner Crossfit team names are the best. Be it a married couple, schoolmate, work colleague, a best friend, or even some from your CrossFit group. Both you and your partner enjoy doing your WODs together. So give your dynamic duo a team name that nobody will ever forget. We have compiled a list of CrossFit team names for partners right below:

Baby Got TrackDashing DivasMom Jeans and Power CleansLean Queens
Flying Space MonkeysThe Couch Sweet PotatoesCan’t Stop, Won’t StopThin It To Win It
Legs MiserableWe Can Do This in Our SleepFueled by HopsKettlebelles
The Weight ListIt only hurts the first timeBuns and GunsBarbelles
Weights before DatesTeam SpanksMy So Called LegsJuicy Booties
Twister BlistersTrouble UndersWaist ManagementWild Kittens
How I met your MudderHustle and MuscleWe’re here for the free shirtGRL PWR
Will WOD for Donuts2 FIT 2 QUITSmall but MightyShow Me Your Snatch
Salute the GlutesDirty DeadliftersLike Fun only DifferentVictorious Secret
Lean on MeFem FitalesSuns Out, Guns OutF-Bomb Moms
The Flip ForceFlexual HealingThe WOD SquadWODsluts
Pain KillersBuff and StuffAmino DisrespectLifter Sisters
Victorious SecretThe Young and BreathlessThe Scream TeamShe Unit
Broseph StalinCreatine so much FearBeast Mode BabesExtreme Makeover – Booty Edition
Just ResultsBurpees OutbreakVicious and DeliciousSassy by Summer
Some Assembly RequiredBand of MuddersLess Talk’n, More Squat’nDisappearing Dames
Meaty DivasRinse and RepeatRock SolidSkinny Minnies
Clean JerksArms and HammeredAggressively AverageCrouching Girl, Hidden Cucumber
First Rule of Crossfit: Always talk about CrossfitThe Stud MuffinsWOD now, Wine laterLean On Me
Blood, Sweat and BeersThe Squatting DeadLunging NinjaBlack Mambas
Between A Walk and A Hard PlaceStraight outta on-rampSweat JunkiesSister Tribe
Drop It Like A SquatGet Er’ RunPretty PackKeeping Up With The WODashians
Flex AppealJacked In The BoxPeacocksThe Fem Fitales
Gym Class GypsiesOh Kale YeahDangerous DivasBarbell Barbies
Nerd HerdThe CoolShooting Star SyndicateLa Femme

Badass CrossFit Team Names

If your CrossFit teammates have badass then nobody can stop you guys from winning the competition. So the badass CrossFit team needs a legit badass group name too. You can pick one name from below to make your opponent team shiver as soon as your name gets announced.

Lannister Family ReunionStormbornYule-Log-yHo Ho Ho’s
The UnsulliedThe KingslayersRudolph’s Drinking BuddiesJolly Saint Pricks
We’re Number Wun WunLand of the Free and Home of the BraavosThe Mistletoe WonderersThe Stocking Stuffers
ReekThe Direwolf of Wall StreetJingle Ballers The Roasting ChestnutsSanta’s Sweet Cookies
The KingsguardTeam NaughtySolstice StarFightersThe Ho Ho Hoes
The Master of CoinJolly Holly KillersJolly Saint TricksJolly Raunchers
Lord of the AndalsThe Promise KeepersThe Pregnant VirginsVixen’s Pixies
Stark Raving MadThe Mistletoe JockstrapsRudolph’s Red-NosesRetail-Slave Elves
The DothrookiesKwanza KolleaguesMerry QuizmasMulled Wine Militia
Born to Be WildlingChained ReindeerFestivus FreaksPrancer’s Enhancers
Jaqen of All Trades, Maester of NoneWe will deck your halls!Don and the Gay ApparelsThree Kings
Watchers on the WallJolly Saint HicksNaughty ListTinsel Toes
Dark and Full of TerrorsThe Maids A Milkin’Dashing Through the HoesThe Jingle Balls
The Sand SnakesScrooge’s Little HelpersJolly Saint DicksHanukah Haus
The Faith MilitantSantas Little TrottersThe Demented ElvesThe Fruitcakes
Battle of the BastardsHolly JollysCheeses of NazarethBlitzen’s Brazens
Ours is the FurySilent KnightsFestivus For the Rest of UsNOEL!
Frey & Sons Wedding PlannersThe Lil’ Drumma BoyzOperation Yuletree.The Naughty List
The One True KingThe ParumpapapumsRein DearsThe Roaring Chestnuts
Trial by CombatThe Three Wise Men (and Women).The Balls of HollyAngels on Horseback
Ask Me About My Grey WormWinter WonderlandThe Noel-It-AllsDonner’s Honours
The UsurpersThe Wise MenTeam KrampusSugar Plum Fairies
Halfman, Half AmazingThe Ho Ho Hoes.Lil’ Drumma boyzSanta’s Helpers
A Team Has No NameCandy CanesDancer’s LancersThe Jingle Belles
Tywin, Lose, or DrawRed Nose ReindeersSanta’s $8/ Hour HelpersThe Red Nose Reindeers


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Creative CrossFit Team Names

CrossFit Team Names

Creativity is in demand these days. Be it in the art world or while keeping a name. You can win over many hearts with just a meaningful creative CrossFit team name. So choose the best one from the list mentioned below:

Hustlin’ HoneysEstrogen ExpressGirls, ManterruptedBuns And Guns
Raw Nips And Chapped LipsFemale ForceDwindling DivasThe Bit Cheese
Bye Bye Bubble ButtsThe MatriarchyCunning StuntsPassion Pavers
Chalk BlockersBringing Up The RearThe Muddy VirginsDixies Midnight Runners
Crushing BallsChick CliqueThe AmazonsWeights Before Dates
Feisty FemalesHERdGirl PowerWOD Now, Wine Later
Girls Just Want To Have RunLady’s Gun ClubWaist ManagementThe Medusas
Muffin Top StoppersFlexible DivasThe UnicornsSlimalicious Babes
Meno Pause SquatsThe MudderellasSlick ChicksThe She-Hulks
Sole SistersThe SexbombsSweaty CoconutsGurly Girls
Swole SistersIron MaidensMultiple ScorgasmsConcrete Vaginas
Stunner RunnersLike My Rack? You Should See My SnatchThe Femme FatalesSisters Before Misters
Miracle WorkersBeast Mode BabesBaby DollzSkinny-Sized booties
Queen BeesGirl GangWonder WomenFLASH (Fit Ladies Always Stay Healthy)
Training To Be BadassOn The GrindSuper FemThe Blossoms
Lady KillersFembotsFierce VaginasThe Dottirs
Girl BossesFlab-u-lessBabe BunchMaking HERstory
The CougarsLifting LadiesTwo Girls, One World CupWomen Slimpowerment
The Ho Ho HoesSmall But MightyForget Skinny, Be StrongGallop Gang
GoGo GirlsAll About That PaceGet Ovary ItNeander-Gals
Dashing DivasFairly Attractive Running TeamShe DevilsDirt Up My Skirt
Fat Bottom GirlsBreaking BallsMeaty DivasEstrogen > Testosterone
Baby Got TrackThe HBICsThe CowgirlsHodor
Girls On FirePretty ToughSmart BellsGendry’s Never Ending Boat Ride
Salute The GlutesRun Like A GirlBuns On The RunProtector of the Realm

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a good CrossFit team name?

There are various good CrossFit competition team names such as In WOD We Trust, Rowing Pains, Legs Miserable, Jacked In The Box, Hustle and Muscle, Run Like The Winded, Dirty Deadlifters, and Hakuna Masquata.

Q2. Is gym better than CrossFit?

No, it is the opposite. That’s what we feel! Crossfit workouts help a person to build up and tone muscles, burn more calories, improve body shape, and boost endurance. On the other hand, the gym is for those who want to beef up muscle mass and increase strength. 

Q3. What should I name my team?

You can use any innovative names for your teams like The Water Coolers, The Scanners, Boss Mode, Lunch Room Bandits, Never Overtime, We Break for No-one, Desk Champions, or Office Heroes.

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