1099+Unique Chinese Restaurant Name


In India, the restaurant business is very famous. You could make a lot of money if you are interested in entering the restaurant industry. So, this will be helpful to you in many ways if you are ready to open a Chinese restaurant. It is because you will need a perfect and successful name for your restaurant.

We have covered you with a lot of names here in the following article for the Chinese restaurant. If you do not like the names in the article you will get many ideas to make your own restaurant name from this article, too. So, let’s start our journey for the restaurant names here below.

Funny Asian Restaurant Names

No matter where you go in America, from the East to West coasts or even middle America you can sculpt out a beneficial niche in the industry for you are serving high-quality food for your customers. 

So Delicious SpaThe great the RabbitSesame WorldVermillion Hot Pot
The hot duck chinaThe Scratch KitchenThe Mystic HouseWitch’s Foot Inn
Soleil Thai CafeCielo rabbitFilled with DreamsThe good Moon
La Belle ProvinceChinatown Egg HouseCrown Dragon CuisineNew York Bo Ky
The Skinny MongolianRice HouseEast Coast GrilleKokao Garden
True ChinaSzechuan PlumSerenity InnBoulevard Pantry
Favor FlavorsKrazy CuisineHappy Duck ChinoisCup n’ Bowl
Falafel palaceAmelie BarKaleidoscope FishPhoenix Mystic
Wei Wei BaoL’Orchid Of heavenMetro CafeHot Pepper House
Little Rabbit PotHalo EggStaple & FancyZheng’s Mystique
Fairy LaneSoho Asian ExpressLittle SesameFantastic Kitchen
Hundred Feet HeavenDragon Boat BBQHappy Hot DuckLunas Restaurant
Elysium EatersShanghai Egg Co.The View LoungeDon Angie
Changi Lee CafeSugar ParadiseSoho HotpotMystic Hill Garden
Wu Wu AnGinger Beef TastePokepot KingChinese Noodle House
Elixir Chinese FoodRichie’s KitchenPaint My LifeTaste Yuan
Sweet Chix IIHaven the SoulYin And YummyEastern Mystic House
I love your TofuThe Sumptuous BanquetNested TastyMastro’s Steakhouse
Hot Duck PotHomestyle HawaiianTut to the maxNoodle King
Rainbow egg +toastFeast PhoenixSolei ArdenKubble Korean
Bean NelliesKaleidoscope BunsAcclaimed NameBro Restaurant
CJ’s NoodlesChinese MysticInflux NameDesk Restaurant
Congee QueenThe Kensington SesameRestaurantegySpeech Restaurant
The Fantastic FoxSpirit Hill HouseRestaurantocityChopped Chinese
Taste At Mystic HilEternal Sun TempleCommunication NameSuperior Name
Funny Asian Restaurant Names
Funny Asian Restaurant Names
  • Chinesewind
  • Phat Phuc Noodle Bar
  • Mario’s Restaurant
  • Purity Chinese Restaurant
  • Uncle Mao’s Recipe
  • Brass Tacks
  • Great Eastern Restaurant
  • Junior’s Restaurant & Bakery
  • Peking Inn
  • Sottocasa Pizzeria Harlem
  • The Golden Stool
  • Crab Hut
  • Kung Fu Kung Poa
  • City View Restaurant
  • Barefoot Bar & Grill
  • Chuckling Chow Mein
  • Cafe Coyote
  • Schnippers
  • Chewy Balls
  • Townsend
  • Savory South China
  • Opera Cafe
  • Fish Kitchen
  • Mister A’s
  • The Hot Chinese
  • Cat Heads BBQ
  • City Vineyard
  • Chinaadora
  • Los Tacos No. 1
  • Unique Restaurant
  • Spicy Indian Food
  • Market Restaurant and Bar
  • Tower 23 Hotel
  • Lord Stanley
  • Sam’s Chowder House
  • Shuckers Restaurant
  • Orsay Restaurant
  • Chineseology
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • The Ginger Cow
  • Little Owl
  • J. Clarke’s
  • The Chocolate Log
  • Central China Eats
  • The Plaza Food Hall USA
  • Chart House
  • Bean Around the World Coffees
  • Flaming Seafood Asian Kitchen

Authentic Asian Restaurants

We have even categorized some of the best restaurants names in different categories so that you can find it easy for your business. Scroll down to get the best names.

Palate NameDockside RestaurantFeed NameAlluring Name
Bazaar RestaurantSky NameNameprismScrumptious Restaurant
Provider NameLocal NameLocal RestaurantTreehouse Restaurant
Hilltop RestaurantOperator NameLocal ChineseDashing Name
ChinesesioRestaurantsterServed ChineseZest Name
RestaurantdoPitch ChineseGrove RestaurantRestaurantly
Central NameRestauranthutChinesezillaYap Restaurant
Spicy RestaurantCrumb NameFlame RestaurantStake Name
Hot NameInfinity ChineseCitron RestaurantCentral Restaurant
Speak ChineseFresh NameSocial NameBasket Restaurant
Sumo RestaurantAbsolute RestaurantHerbed RestaurantSupport Name
Advantage NameAccent NameLoud ChinesePatch Name
ChinesetasticRestaurantzoidNameonusProvider Chinese
NamelazaLounge NameChineseiumNameocity
Convo RestaurantShout ChineseSmack NameMillenium Restaurant
Spices NameChinesequeCuts RestaurantUptown Name
Desire RestaurantTele RestaurantBinge ChineseWedge Restaurant
Crisp NameIntegrity NameNameopediaHavana Name
Fed NameNameexVelocity ChineseJuicy Name
Feast NameWide NameBinge ChineseInflux Restaurant
Consumer RestaurantSlice NameTraditional NameFestive Chinese
ChineseworksStory ChineseGnaw NameDine Restaurant
Gnaw ChineseChineseporiumHub NameBang Chinese
Fiesta RestaurantLane ChineseFeast NameTransfer Chinese
Reservation RestaurantPatch NameInline NameSensation Name
Authentic Asian Restaurants
Authentic Asian Restaurants
  • The Tibetan Vegan
  • Qing Dynasty
  • A Menu in Taiwan
  • Barge Chinese
  • Eaten in Ningxia
  • The Offal Office
  • Famous Lunch
  • Pinch Kitchen
  • The Aviary
  • Spicy Dragon Noodle
  • King Dumplings
  • Break Fast
  • Petite Boucherie
  • Basket Chinese
  • Chinese Agent
  • EPIC Steak
  • Parallax Restaurant
  • Chinese Epicure
  • Double Knot
  • Cluck Cluck Duck Duck
  • Hungry’s Kitchen & Tap
  • Smoque BBQ
  • Bamboo Dynasty Asian Kitchen
  • Teochew & Hakka
  • Bad Driver Chinese Restaurant
  • Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana
  • Blue Plate
  • Guangdong & Guangxi
  • Emerald Grill
  • Hungry Chow Mein
  • Buenos Aires
  • Top of the Mark

Chinese Food Names

Locating your Chinese restaurant as intellectual has its benefits. You will be able to ask in payment a higher average ticket versus cheap Chinese restaurants. Next, you can catch a more wealthy customer base with more optional spending to buy starter, skillfully made beverages, or alcohol. Catering to the high-end of any market is rarely a bad idea.

Satellite NameDivine NameGrove RestaurantConnections Chinese
Secret RestaurantFeed ChineseEdulis ChineseReservation Chinese
Talk ChineseYummy NameSpeak RestaurantPathfinder Name
Feast RestaurantCave NameSpeech NameGrove Name
Dine NamePush NameSupport ChineseTraditional Restaurant
Integrity NamePathfinder ChineseChow RestaurantSky Name
Midnight ChineseResponse RestaurantLounge RestaurantInteractive Restaurant
Ambrosial RestaurantCapital NameFine RestaurantAdvantage Restaurant
Project RestaurantCollab RestaurantTap ChineseFollow Chinese
Feast NameChow ChineseAroma ChineseYou Chinese
Crumb NameMunchies NamePresto RestaurantBusters Chinese
Infinity RestaurantSpicy NameHive ChineseBaby Name
Masters RestaurantAdvantage NameYou NameFuel Restaurant
Minty NameUptown RestaurantRanch ChineseOperator Restaurant
Me RestaurantBro NameCredit RestaurantDigital Chinese
Lane ChineseSolution NameCellar NameCoordinate Restaurant
Traditional ChineseFine ChineseBloom RestaurantWedge Chinese
Purist NameHot ChineseBoard NameFestive Restaurant
Edulis NameMidnight RestaurantCrumb NameInteractive Chinese
Slice ChineseHeritage RestaurantBoy NameSlice Chinese
Sizzle NameLink RestaurantLucha RestaurantGrid Restaurant
Invision ChineseCentral ChineseGarnish ChinesePurist Name
Interaction RestaurantLucha NameTraditional ChineseBusters Name
Joy NameAbundance ChineseBinge NameDine Restaurant
Integrity RestaurantConnoisseur RestaurantShare NameSupport Name
Chinese Food Names
Chinese Food Names
  • Hefty Wen Buffet
  • Fog Harbor Fish House
  • The King of Chongqing
  • Tasty Dragon Szechuan Grill
  • Harbor City Restaurant
  • The Lion’s Head
  • Homestyle Hawaiian
  • Marina Kitchen
  • Metro Cafe
  • Project Juice
  • The Taste of Ningxia
  • Indian Food
  • The Zen Garden
  • Felice 64
  • Burger Lounge
  • Chinese Foodie
  • Mama’s Fish House
  • The Sumptuous Banquet
  • Buvant.com
  • Me Love Your Tofu
  • Girl & the Goat
  • Filled of Dreams
  • Gringos Locos
  • Sushi Azabu
  • China Baked
  • The Fortunate Cookie
  • Hot & Crusty
  • Trinity Place
  • PM Fish & Steak House
  • Hillstone Co
  • Wax on, Wax off Buffet
  • Balthazar Shop
  • General Tso Chicken Sandwiches
  • Citron Chinese
  • The Vegan Buddhist
  • Clinton St. Baking Company
  • The Signature Room
  • Coaster Saloon

What Is a Good Name For A Chiese Restaurant?

A good Chinese restaurant name conveys the message of food served by that restaurant and also there are lots of common words to be used in the name of the restaurant. Here, in the following article, you will get numerous Chinese restaurant names.

What Is A Restaurant In China?

Many Chinese restaurant names are chosen for their auspiciousness out of the owners’ desire for success. They include words like golden, fortune, luck, and garden. In Mandarin, a garden is a yuan, a homophone for money. Chinese people would understand that it’s a Honk Kong-style restaurant.

What Is One Of The Most Famous Chinese Dishes Called?

Chinese are foodie people. There are many famous Chinese dishes available. Five best-known and traditional Chinese dishes are Peking duck, biang biang noodles, dim sum, xiaolongbao, and Sichuan hot pot.

Indian Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas

Another regularly used border on to name a Chinese restaurant is to center on the star dish. Kung Pao chicken for instance is a famous dish in the United States that you could create the brand around. You have to make sure you are able to click the feature dish out of the park before selecting it as your name.

Fix RestaurantDial NameCornerstone NameInformant Name
Response NameStatus ChineseChat NameSpeech Restaurant
Velocity RestaurantFed NameAlluring NameMidnight Chinese
Tele ChineseConnections ChineseWagon NameHearty Restaurant
Service RestaurantCrossroads ChineseChow ChineseTakeout Name
Spicy ChineseToss NameTele RestaurantTicket Name
Snap RestaurantCrisp ChineseGala NameJoy Chinese
Shout NameDial ChineseCave RestaurantCarte Chinese
Interactive NameUpscale RestaurantFeast RestaurantCall Chinese
Crumb ChineseSizzle NameBasket NameDip Chinese
Cantina NameAladdin RestaurantPart NameClassics Chinese
Nibble ChineseChef ChineseDiced ChineseAudience Chinese
Juicy ChineseBloom RestaurantPathfinder ChineseCapital Name
Talkline RestaurantSmash ChineseStake NameCellar Chinese
Baby RestaurantDude ChineseRelish RestaurantEdulis Restaurant
Integrity NameTalk NameConnect NameFlame Name
Discuss ChineseDevine RestaurantToss ChineseYummy Name
Discuss RestaurantFine NameHelp RestaurantConsumer Restaurant
Lucha ChineseHideaway NameSmoke NameBoard Restaurant
Medium ChineseCom ChineseTalk NameWish Restaurant
Scrumptious RestaurantInfinity ChineseTicket ChineseChopped Chinese
Lighthouse ChineseSafety ChineseCrossroads NameHub Restaurant
Central RestaurantCore RestaurantRanch RestaurantConnoisseur Restaurant
Influx NameCaptain RestaurantStrip RestaurantVerified Restaurant
Story ChineseCuisine RestaurantScrumptious NameAcclaimed Chinese
Indian Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas
Indian Chinese Restaurant Name Ideas
  • 3 Way Restaurant
  • Yuan Dynasty
  • Lost in China Buffet
  • Chez Panisse
  • The Main Course
  • Blackbrick
  • Rooftoop at E11EVEN
  • Snakes & Snails
  • Skillet Counter
  • The Melting Pot
  • Ember Restaurant
  • Green Leaf
  • Yin and Yummy
  • California Shack
  • Gaslamp Fish House
  • Mastro’s Steakhouse
  • Waterfront Restaurant
  • Viral Dim Sum
  • New York Bo Ky
  • Boucherie West Village
  • Bouley at Home
  • The Egg & Us
  • The Cheap Chinese
  • World Famous
  • Loi Estiatorio
  • Spice Symphony
  • The Chinese Chicken Spot
  • Staple & Fancy
  • Cull & Pistol
  • Palomino
  • Hudson Clearwater
  • Fujian Fried Rice
  • The Asian Critic
  • Goosefoot
  • Rockin’ and Ramen
  • Amazin’ Asian Food
  • Carte Chinese
  • Yin and Yang Balance
  • The Skinny Mongolian
  • Rice House
  • Amelie Wine Bar
  • Mini Kabob
  • Rector Street Food Enterprises
  • The View Lounge
  • Wok This Way
  • Don Angie

Chinese Restaurant Name In India

In India, the food industry is in high demand. So, you will find lots of competition in the market for your reference. Also, people like to stay in-tren by keeping an Indo-Chinese name for their restaurant. Stay tuned for more names below.

Interactive ChineseCuisine NameTakeout ChineseConnections Chinese
Lighthouse RestaurantAcclaimed RestaurantSignal NameGnaw Name
Split ChineseZest NameSpeech NameTransfer Restaurant
Snap NameFury NameBash ChineseShout Name
Up NamePush NameFodder NameDesire Name
Crumb NameHideaway ChineseSumo RestaurantFollow Name
Hot ChineseBay NameMunchies NameAdvantage Restaurant
Chef ChineseMidnight ChineseWedge NameLine Chinese
Takeout RestaurantInline RestaurantPlace ChineseFiery Restaurant
Lucha NamePiece NameBite NameFibre Chinese
Connoisseur ChineseMasters NameCornerstone NameStand Restaurant
Interaction RestaurantCarte NameCrisp RestaurantSpices Chinese
Loud ChineseHelpline ChineseLounge RestaurantLucha Restaurant
Takeout NameGalore RestaurantChopped NameInteractive Restaurant
Bite RestaurantSlice ChineseCuts NameDevine Restaurant
Ready NameClassics NameCall NameCrave Chinese
Barons RestaurantBaby ChineseFine RestaurantSupport Chinese
Influence RestaurantCrispy RestaurantHotspot ChineseChop Name
Joyous RestaurantNova NameCave RestaurantCall Restaurant
Line RestaurantInfinity RestaurantFlavor RestaurantHavana Chinese
Integrity ChineseServed ChineseCell RestaurantLinkage Name
Cater NameJoy NameHungry ChineseYap Name
Connect RestaurantStack ChineseMidnight NameMagma Name
Hungry NameInteraction NameCitron ChineseBaby Restaurant
Up NameStand ChineseChow RestaurantRelish Chinese
Chinese Restaurant Name In India
Chinese Restaurant Name In India
  • Asian Crabs
  • Cute Restaurant Names
  • So China
  • Abundance Chinese
  • Sandwich corner
  • Rice Corner
  • The Lost Kitchen
  • Hog Island Oyster Co
  • The Family Dragon
  • Piccola Cucina Estiatorio
  • Passport to Shandong
  • The Road to Tibet
  • Old Town Mexican Cafe
  • Chez Billy Sud
  • Crest Cafe
  • Grand Seafood Oriental Buffet
  • Nolan and His Noodle
  • Super Supper
  • Dine with Chinese
  • Blue Mermaid
  • Organic Oriental
  • The Collective
  • Fancy Restaurant Names
  • Momofuku Ko
  • Gramercy Tavern
  • General’s Zao’s Daughter
  • The Asian Lettuce Wrap
  • MSG: Yeah You Know Me
  • Master Sous Chef
  • Chinesezilla
  • Butty Boys
  • Deluxe Asia
  • Sears Fine Food
  • Yummy Asian Rice Balls.
  • Sweet and Sour Dork
  • Kum Den Bar & Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurant Name In India

These name ideas shows different geographic areas of China. Such a type of name can also help report the style of Chinese food you plan to serve among more advanced patrons. Check out the below names for your list to be broadened.

Discuss NameBrew NameMagma ChineseVelocity Chinese
Advantage NameCornerstone RestaurantChat NameBarons Name
Velocity NameOperator RestaurantCarte ChineseHost Name
Pathfinder RestaurantGnaw RestaurantSpicy ChineseBay Restaurant
Absolute RestaurantDiced RestaurantPiece RestaurantConsumer Chinese
Split ChineseMe ChineseCoordinate NameInvision Chinese
Snap NameSpeak ChineseTalk RestaurantCellar Restaurant
Galore ChineseCapital RestaurantCall ChineseFiesta Chinese
Advantage RestaurantShare ChineseChop RestaurantInflux Chinese
Minty NameBang RestaurantJoy ChineseGusto Restaurant
Fresh NameToss ChineseStrip NameLane Restaurant
Connoisseur RestaurantProvider ChineseTasty RestaurantBazaar Name
Talk NameFlame RestaurantSlice NameCantina Chinese
Coastal RestaurantConfer ChineseRanch RestaurantCantina Name
Place ChineseLine NameMedium RestaurantFiesta Restaurant
Traditional RestaurantFestive ChineseDirect NameCrispy Name
Speech RestaurantOperation NameVelocity RestaurantContact Chinese
Nova NameBarge NameUp NameConsumer Chinese
Service ChineseBasket ChineseSafety NameStrip Name
Baby NameFestive RestaurantGusto RestaurantFeast Name
Smack ChineseDesire RestaurantFantasy RestaurantOperator Chinese
Reach RestaurantHive ChineseScrumptious NameDip Chinese
Board ChineseNova NameUptown RestaurantZest Name
Cellar RestaurantYap NameWrap NameReach Name
Smash RestaurantBaby ChinesePart ChineseInformant Chinese
Best Chinese Restaurant Name In India
Best Chinese Restaurant Name In India
  • Mangolian and Ramen Buffet
  • Golden Burgers
  • Harvest Beat
  • Bleecker Street Pizza
  • Charlie Bird
  • Toro Toro Restaurant
  • Guandong Gourmet
  • Buvant Logo Mockup
  • Stomach Clinic Railways Restaurant
  • Eastern Lemon
  • Metropolitan Grill
  • The Thousand-Layered Cake
  • Captain Chinese
  • Tibetan Treats
  • Eight AM
  • Le Bernardin
  • Fook Hing Restaurant
  • The Asian Pear
  • Lobster Place
  • Heirloom Cafe
  • Dinner Wisdom
  • The Great East Buffet
  • Chinesezen
  • The Pink Door
  • Tartine Manufactory
  • Firefly Restaurant
  • Gray’s Papaya.
  • Dumped by a Dumpling
  • Desi Addicts
  • Water Grill
  • The Sichuan Hotpot
  • The Little Red Cookbook
  • Mad for Chicken
  • Level III Restaurant
  • Plumed Horse
  • Cloak & Petal
  • La Pizza & La Pasta at Eataly Downtown
  • Bankers Hill
  • The Rosebud
  • Rusty Pelican
  • Harbor House Restaurant
  • Geronimo
  • The Poke Co.
  • Ellen’s Stardust Diner
  • Oceana Restaurant
  • Awesome in Taiwan
  • Dante NYC
  • Taiwan Yum Yum

Chinese Restaurant Name Generator

The most favorite and easy way to find out the names for the Chinese restaurant from the name generator on the internet. You may get lots of free names from the internet. This is everyone’s favorite choice. Just one thing we have to plan before we finalised any name from this free generator is that you should check availability.

 You can also mix-match the words ad make your own choice of names from the name generator ideas. This way a huge name list can be created but we urge you to make your list short because you can get confused.

Infinity ChineseLoud NameDashing RestaurantConnoisseur Chinese
Desire ChineseAccent NameAcclaimed NameStory Chinese
Ranch ChineseHerbed ChineseFuel ChineseBite Chinese
Convo NameSignal ChineseCredit NameHideout Chinese
Cell ChineseLane RestaurantTap RestaurantOperator Restaurant
Dashing ChineseEdulis RestaurantAudience NameAmbrosial Restaurant
Hut NameSpices NameSuperior RestaurantWrap Chinese
Hole NameChef RestaurantFiery ChineseForage Chinese
Munchies ChineseBazaar RestaurantUp RestaurantWedge Restaurant
Barge ChineseInstant RestaurantConnections RestaurantSavor Name
Tele NameRanch NameSpeech ChineseStation Restaurant
Divine NameDigital ChineseJoyous NameVerified Restaurant
Talkline RestaurantLighthouse RestaurantCaptain NameStreet Name
Fodder ChineseGrill NameHost ChinesePush Restaurant
Coastal NameContact NameHost RestaurantWhole Name
Savor RestaurantInvision ChineseCuts RestaurantDesk Chinese
Crumb RestaurantPalate NameFeed ChineseDevine Restaurant
Metro RestaurantBro ChineseLord RestaurantSuperior Name
Ready RestaurantLocal NameFantasy ChineseHut Chinese
Barons NameGrid RestaurantDashing ChineseDiscuss Name
Gnaw RestaurantGrub ChineseFiery RestaurantBay Chinese
Desire ChineseCommunication ChineseTalk NameTakeout Restaurant
Forage RestaurantFuel NameWrap NameAlluring Name
Story RestaurantProject RestaurantTele NameCrumb Restaurant
Fiesta RestaurantChef ChineseStation ChineseHive Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant Name Generator
Chinese Restaurant Name Generator
  • Sweet & Savory
  • Chineseocity
  • Golden Greek
  • The Fried Won Ton
  • Patsy’s Italian Restaurant
  • A Salt & Battery
  • Winning Chef
  • Top of the Market
  • Orange and Pig
  • Bang Chinese
  • Yangzi is Delicious
  • Whimsical Won Tons
  • Keens Steakhouse
  • Souper Won Ton
  • The Peanut & the Prawn
  • Dynamite Dim Sum
  • The Junk Yard
  • Mamma Maria
  • Indigo Grill
  • Hard Rock Café
  • The Stinky Tofu Longue
  • Divine lunch
  • Frenchette
  • Fish Cheeks
  • Trattoria Dell’Arte
  • The River Seafood
  • City Dynasty Asian Garden
  • Thai Me Up
  • California Pizza Kitchen
  • Sweet and Sour Spork
  • Pink’s Hot Dogs
  • Royal 35 Steakhouse
  • Nightbird
  • Tasty Dots

Chinese Fast Food Names

Me RestaurantSafety NameCrispy RestaurantHavana Chinese
Ambrosial ChineseSnap RestaurantTakeout ChineseHub Restaurant
Service RestaurantSupport ChineseGrove NameCom Restaurant
Abundance NameFactory RestaurantCater RestaurantInflux Restaurant
Safety RestaurantTalkline RestaurantStrip ChineseCore Chinese
Piece NameAroma NameInquire RestaurantChow Chinese
Garnish ChineseGrove ChineseLion NameDevine Name
Garnish RestaurantHerbed RestaurantBoy ChineseHavana Restaurant
Loud ChineseAudience RestaurantMetro ChineseDirect Chinese
Takeout NameTap NameReach RestaurantStatus Restaurant
Stack ChineseShout RestaurantCarrier NameIncoming Chinese
Sumo NameMe ChineseCore NameConnections Restaurant
Relish ChineseJoyous RestaurantOperator RestaurantLounge Name
Secret NameRanch NameCentral ChineseBoy Name
Service ChineseConnect RestaurantCave RestaurantWrap Restaurant
Piece RestaurantDiced NameFed RestaurantReady Name
Palace NameInline ChineseShout NamePalate Chinese
Metro RestaurantGusto RestaurantCore ChineseInfluence Restaurant
Cuisine NameShare NameFix NameDude Name
Invision RestaurantNouveau ChineseLocal ChinesePitch Restaurant
Central NameTalk RestaurantInfluence ChineseFlame Chinese
Served ChineseBasket NameLion NameIncoming Restaurant
Citron NameChat NameJoyous ChineseInformant Restaurant
Talk RestaurantFiery RestaurantBash ChineseLucha Restaurant
Yummy RestaurantCuts RestaurantCom ChineseLinkage Name
Chinese Fast Food Names
Chinese Fast Food Names
  • Sea Spice
  • The Elusive Emigrant
  • The State Banquet
  • Pisillo Italian Panini
  • Union Square Cafe
  • Cafe Luxembourg
  • Blue Hill
  • Spinasse
  • The Red Door
  • The French Gourmet
  • The NoMad Restaurant
  • Zhenjiang & Zen
  • Lazy Bear
  • The Asian Gastronome
  • The Incredible Cafe
  • I Long for Won Ton
  • El Vez and Burrito Bar
  • Humpty Dumplings
  • The Chef in the Hat
  • Garage Kitchen + Bar
  • Single Shot
  • The Fujian Bite
  • Old Lisbon
  • Vessel Restaurant
  • Sparta Taverna
  • The No Pot Hot Pot
  • China Binge
  • China Grub
  • The Smoking Fish
  • Pita Pan
  • Hot Lunch
  • Rocco’s Cafe
  • Taste Corner
  • Queenstown Public House
  • Basic Kneads Pizza
  • Famous Restaurant Names
  • Flying High Orange Chicken
  • Fortune Dookie
  • The Slanted Door
  • Zoës Kitchen
  • Fishing With Dynamite
  • Island Prime
  • Wen Do We Eat
  • Award Wieners
  • The Mission
  • Blue Collar
  • Pure Thai Cookhouse
  • Cafe Provence
  • Oriental Espresso
  • The Sichuan Basin
  • Wonderful Won Tons
  • Havana Central Times Square
  • The Fishery
  • Cosmopolitan Restaurant
  • A Taste of Hong Kong
  • Party Fowl
  • Fantastic Fried Rice
  • Lox Stock & Bagel
  • Momofuku Noodle Bar
  • Chinese menu options

Restaurant Name Ideas List

Please find the below names to make your list more creative.

Cut NameFiery NameBay NameIntegrity Chinese
Wedge RestaurantGnaw NameOperator RestaurantFantasy Restaurant
Barons RestaurantPush NameMidnight NameTale Restaurant
Carrier NameCrave NameAbundance NameGarnish Name
Scrumptious ChineseInflux NameInformant NameMe Chinese
Local NameDished ChineseAladdin NameInflux Restaurant
Wagon NameHearty NameFlavor NameCantina Chinese
Herbed ChineseHut NameBarge RestaurantStrip Chinese
Hearty ChineseHut ChineseCredit ChineseCave Chinese
Cell NameConnoisseur NameHeritage RestaurantCapital Chinese
Wish NameGusto NameDesk RestaurantOperation Name
Brew RestaurantSky ChineseConnect RestaurantGarnish Chinese
Appetite RestaurantFeast ChineseCut RestaurantAbsolute Chinese
Connect NameNova ChineseAkin ChineseHub Chinese
Fed ChineseDished RestaurantTalk ChineseAlity Chinese
Wedge NameFury ChineseTalk NameAccelerate Chinese
Baked RestaurantBusters RestaurantAgue ChineseHeritage Name
Allure ChinesePush RestaurantWave RestaurantAgents Chinese
Classics ChineseFibre RestaurantAction ChineseAce Chinese
Secret RestaurantCave NameDirect NameLine Chinese
Ready ChineseOperator RestaurantShout NameGrill Chinese
Anywhere ChineseBoy NameYap NameOperator Name
Status ChineseYap RestaurantAll-Star ChinesePatch Name
Ahead ChineseOperator RestaurantFiery NameMillenium Name
Grove ChineseLounge RestaurantAbout ChineseWave Name
Restaurant Name Ideas List
Restaurant Name Ideas List
  • The China King Supper Club
  • Benoit New York
  • Farmhouse Inn Restaurant
  • Dragon Eats
  • Good Luck and Peking Duck
  • The Polo Bar
  • Gansu Gourmet
  • Wok ‘n Roll
  • Manresa
  • Le Parfait
  • Authentic Chinese
  • Spicy Foods
  • Little Star Pizza
  • King and Queen
  • Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar
  • Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs
  • The Spring & Autumn Period
  • Industry Kitchen
  • Carthay Circle Restaurant
  • Spicy Pizza Kitchen
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Jean-Georges
  • Dinner Side
  • Yummy in Yangzi
  • Zero Restaurant
  • Better than Royalty
  • The Clocktower
  • Little Sheep
  • Halls Chophouse
  • Shaker + Spear
  • Lucciola Italian Restaurant
  • Stateside
  • Jiaodong & Jinan
  • Blossom on Columbus
  • The Kitchen
  • The Visiting Monarch
  • Chinese Chicken Wings
  • The Precocious Peacock
  • Zoftig Eatery
  • Quality Italian
  • Asian Royalty


We wish that the above-organized list has served you the best lists of Chinese restaurant names to provide motivation when deciding the right name for your business. You must always remember that never get the name of a business on an impulse as possible customers will have a number of predetermined ideas about what a name imparts. So, all the best for your new venture!

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