Best Sports Team Names Around the World

Best Sports Team Names Around the World

It is always interesting to come up with sports team names, but countries around the world may have different ideas on which mascots are the best for them. When looking at score predictions and making bets on sports, sometimes people just bet on the coolest team name to win. 

Team names are almost as important as whether the team itself is actually good or not. A fun name or mascot creates higher merchandise sales and helps create a tighter bond between the fans that keep them united as a group. 

Team Name Ideas in the United States

  1. Las Vegas Jokers
  2. Alaska Northern Lights
  3. Idaho Potatoes 
  4. North Dakota Pop
  5. New York Astronauts

Las Vegas is one of the sports capitals of the world but does not have many professional teams. The Jokers fits the brand of Vegas and could be a good name for a future professional NFL, NBA, or MLB team.

Alaska may not be a great place for sports, but the Northern Lights would pay homage to what the state is known for and be unique as well. 

Idaho is known for its potatoes, and why not buy into that idea? The Midwest is known for calling soda “pop,” and this would be great for a team in North Dakota. 

Lastly, most astronauts in America have come from the state of New York, and they could definitely have some fantastic jerseys. As the United States may be the country most known for its sports, it is hard to find a team name that does not already exist. 

Team Name Ideas In Asia

  1. Shanghai Giant Pandas
  2. Tokyo Cherry Blossoms
  3. Mumbai Horned Rhinos
  4. South Korea Squid
  5. Thailand Islands

A very fitting name for a team from China, the Giant Pandas. Also, who doesn’t like pandas? 

The Tokyo Cherry Blossoms were chosen because of the beautiful jersey combos that could come about. India is known for a lot, but horned rhinos may be the best cross between cool and intimidating for Mumbai. 

South Korea should take advantage of the popular show that took over the world and choose squid as their mascot. Lastly, Thailand has 1000s of beautiful islands, and it rhymes. Whenever you can rhyme a team name, do it. 

Team Name Ideas in South America

  1. Rio de Janeiro Carnival
  2. Bogota Coffee Beans
  3. Chile Chile
  4. Santo Domingo Lizard Kings
  5. Buenos Aires Sunshine

Rio is one of the most famous cities in South America, and they should treat every game like the Carnival. Colombia makes the best coffee in the world, so they should embrace what they are good at. Chile should name their team Chile. It may not be creative, but it is fun.

Santo Domingo Lizard Kings will be the name of a team from Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are in Ecuador and have some of the craziest lizards in the world. Lastly, Argentina has a sun right and center of their flag, so instead of going for an intimidating name, they should instead go with what fits their country the most. 

Team Name Ideas In Europe

  1. Frankfort Brews
  2. Paris Love Birds
  3. Birmingham Beatles
  4. Athens Philosophers
  5. Rome Shredded Cheese

Germany has excellent beer, and this team name would grant them a lot of loyal adult fans. Paris should buy into the idea that they are a romantic city, but its logo will feature an intimidating bird. 

Athens is known for its history of being very smart, so they should keep this idea with their name as they can call themselves the smartest players in the game. One of the best team names on the list is for Rome, as they have a play on words, and the cheese will be a buff, “shredded” piece of cheese.

Team Name Ideas in Africa

  1. Omdurman Black Mambas
  2. Cairo Mummy Slayers
  3. Algiers Sand Storm
  4. Cape Town Golden Zebras 
  5. Madagascar Zoo Keepers

The Nile River flows through Sudan and features very deadly animals. Black Mamba is one of the most intimidating creatures in the world. 

Egypt should buy into the idea that cartoons always have mummies there and should be the Mummy Slayers. The Sahara runs through Algeria, and the Sand Storm is a unique name with a lot of different jersey and mascot options.

South Africa produces 41% of the world’s gold and has wildlife everywhere. The last team on this list is the Madagascar Zoo Keepers and keep the idea from the hit movie ingrained in a sports team. 

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