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Recently, my sister Bella told me about singing bards. She said that she wants to become a singing bard in the future. But she can’t decide by which name she should introduce herself as a singing bard. So, I have researched it to suggest a few singing bard names. Meantime, I came across a few names like Archie, Crimson, Trident, Gregor Mev. Finally, I liked the name Edmund most and suggested her.

But before you do venture out to know more about bard names you must find out what exactly is a bard name.

You might have questions in your mind about bards. Now, who are these bards? Bards are a group of characters in the game that is known as Dungeons and Dragons.

A bard is a group of standard characters that are playable in the game Dungeons and Dragons.

bard names dnd

The full form of the abbreviation of D&D is dragons and dungeons. The dragon and dungeon is a video game. The bards are found in this game. This D&D game is a role-playing game that has its base in the world of fantasy.

You can read the table below to get an idea about D&D bard names.


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Why Would You Need Bard Names?

You might need bard names for a number of reasons

  • You might be roleplaying
  • You might be creating a game
  • You might be building your bard character

The Most Well-Versed Bard: Bard Names Male

Most of the bards are male in their gender. So, it comes to be very obvious that these bards who are male would be assigned bard name male. Therefore, let us explore the world of male bard names. The male birds are very powerful and well-versed.

Lorarieth MialeeRudi WingIsalda DaoyBard Plug
Iolrath WindflowerAlluin WordsmithUsunaar CalderThermir Copperpot
Ian SparrowLancryn ErmatterThallan JuppSpenser Danaz
Iolas TunebringerHorvyn CrankboosterBiancaKyleigh Sethildrud

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Tricks To Make the Name of the Bards Interesting

You can follow certain tricks to make the name of the bards interesting. They have been listed here for you.

  • The name of the bard must be creative
  • The name of the bard must be innovative
  • The name of the bard must be related to music
  • The name of the bard must be thymic

Bard Names Female

There are many female bards whose scintillating performance makes us go in awe.

These hosts of female bards are dancers, singers, reciters, and several other artists. In a patriarchal society, the contribution of female bards goes unnoticed.

So, it is our duty to uphold the bard names female.

Nedtrix PrettyheadZenmita RumblebellyHarana HumblegrainMathilde Mournspire
Riora RunninggoatJilla TrillHeidrun HeavywillowKirone Covencrag
Wiyola BilberryErazira GlosbandGisela UnaduKironir Obrester
Neddrey BoffinAndrey GreenbottleWilf MournclawGryowar Wisethorn

Have you read the List Of Bard Names Female? Then let us go to the next segment.

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Bard Name Meaning

Any name is completely incomplete without its meaning. A name must have a unique meaning. The name should possess a proper meaning. The meaning of the name must be such that most people can relate to it.

Bard Names

Here is some Bard name meaning.

Archiebold and truly brave
Edmundprosperity and protector
Romeopilgrim to Rome
Oswaldruler or king

Bard Character Ideas

For proper character development, a bard must have a proper name. Giving your bard a proper name is equal to paving the path for the character of the bard to be relatable to the audience and the one who is playing the games.

We have made a list of some best bard character ideas for you. You can have a look at them.

  • The character of the bard must be very powerful
  • The character of the bard must be well versed
  • The character of the bard must be musically strong
  • The character of the bard must be able to weave magic through music
  • The character of the bard must be magical
  • The character of the bard must be enchanting
  • The character of the bard must be exciting
  • The character of the bard and the looks of the bard must be very beautiful if the person in question is a woman bard
  • The character of the bard and the looks of the bard must be very handsome if the person in question is a man

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Bard Nicknames

Besides having a name, every character in the world does possess a nickname. Giving a sort of nickname to your fictional character whose be beneficial in terms of making the fictional character popular and relatable to the audience.

So as we are dealing with bards, we have some bard nicknames for you.


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What Is Bard Short For?

The name of the bard indicates a host of singers and dancers who lure the audience and the enemies with their enchanting and thrilling performance.

In the game Dragons and dungeons, the bards help in the process of building an aura of magic and enchantment upon the enemies.

What Are Bard’s Children’s Names?

Just like any other human species, the fictional character called bards also has children. As a parent, it is the duty of the bards to give their children a proper name.

Bard Names

As they are very well-versed and have a good sense of music the bards can successfully give the name of their children on their own.

BroedyBairdBard King
BrowdyBarettBard Praise
BraydeeBayardoBard King

Human Bard Names D&D

The bards also exist in reality apart from the games of the dragons and dungeons. We have been instrumental in listing some of the names of the bards who have been seen and listened to by the audience in the real world.

Look to the table below to find more information.


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