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The prestigious ICC Awards

Normally, all sports tend to recognize their best performances by giving them some kind of award. Cricket is no exception, and as such, since 2004 the International Cricket Council has been giving the highly prestigious ICC Awards. You can place live sports bets quickly with 1xBet, which also offers the chance to wager on who is most likely to be rewarded with this.

There are plenty of categories of awards given to both male and female players. Also, during their history, the ICC Awards have also seen other recognitions that were later abandoned. As such, it is not really unlikely that in the future some new categories may be introduced. Currently, you can quickly place live sports bets with the 1xBet bookmaker, which allows its members to wager on the best performers of this sport.

Recognizing the best players and teams

The ICC Awards have recognized the best teams but also the best players since their creation. For this reason, it is quite interesting to see who is likely to be rewarded when the next edition of them finally comes. When that happens, it is really a good idea to go to the online bookmaker available online which offers the best wagers on the discipline.

These awards have some interesting categories that reward both male and female players, such as:

  • the Cricketer of the Year;
  • there are also separate awards to recognize the best male and female players in One-Day Internationals, Twenty20 Internationals, and Test matches;
  • and also, the best Twenty20 Internationals and One-Day Internationals teams and players are recognized.

The teams and players who win these prizes can always be wagered through the 1xBet website. But that’s not all, because the umpires may also be rewarded if they show outstanding performances during the matches where they participate. For this reason, there is also the ICC Umpire of the Year award.

Awards that are no longer given

As said before, there are some ICC Awards that have later been dropped from the official list due to different reasons. In addition to cricket, there are websites that can be visited to wager on the best kabaddi events.

For example, there was a Team of the Year award that was given to the squad that performed the best in the three main formats of the sport. Additionally, there was a Captain of the Year recognition that was given to the best captain of either a male or a female squad. For this reason, it is highly likely that other awards may be introduced in the future. When that happens, don’t forget to go to 1xBet and see the available betting possibilities.

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